Wednesday, August 31, 2005

First Signs

…are up. Nights after nights. Premonitions after premonitions. It all ends up the saem. DEATH. I bet you will not need to try very hard to forget. Death removes everything The first sign is already out. Cold body. Am waiting for the 40th day…

Kinky part 2

Okay. I bet you remembered that on Sunday I was wearing my SAJC shorts. Today, I found my long lost Calvin Klein boxer. Yes. It was very precious to me actually. Up to date, it was my most expensive undie. Nyeh heh! Therefore I only wear it on special occasions and whenever I am feeling kinky.

I wore it today though, because of a special occasion. Me and my long lost boxer reunited. That calls for a celebration man! Therefore, I wore the boxer.

It also reminded me of a very special memory… talking about memory *clears throat*. “memory, Memory
All alone in the moonlight
I can smile at the old days
It was beautiful then
I remember the time I knew what happiness was
Let the memory live again
I must wait for the sunrise
I must think of a new life
And I mustn't give in
When the dawn comes tonight will be a memory too
And the new day will begin
Burnt out ends of smokey days
The stale cold smell of morning
The streetlamp dies
Another night is over
Another day is dawning
Touch me
It's so easy to leave me
All alone with the memory
Of my day in the sun
If you touch me you'll understand what happiness is
Look a new day has begun
All alone in the moonlight
I can smile at the old days
It was beautiful then
I remember the time I knew what happiness was
Let the memory live again”

Nyeh heh… Did I tell you that me and Salleh were singing this song from the Phantom of the Opera… “Think of me…Think of me fondly. Before you say gooooood byeeeee”…

Harlie’s only comment “Adi…. Bleh mati seh!!”

My only response: Kwang Kwang Kwang

p.s: I was confused. I seek understanding. I was told that in doubt asked. But apparently, your attitude... I’m just disappointed. Everytime I thought we could talk things out, you just threw everything aside and say that your ways are right... So much for “if you have problems, come and share it with me”.

Monday, August 29, 2005


That was the feeling I had last Sunday. Wait. Let me think. *Raised an eyebrow*. Yup. I was working last Sunday. And guess what? I found my short short from my SAJC days. Yes. During my batch, the SAJC PE shorts were super short! And it has this satin feeling to it, like very soft soft and nice when it rubs against your skin, especially the you know where.

Okay. So the past few days, I have not been folding the laundry back into the wardrobe and ends up not having nay underwear to go to work on Sunday. Therefore on Sunday, for the first time in like a year or so ( I guess) I wore that super short shorts to work. It feels weird at first, but as it progresses, or rather as the hours pass by, it kinda feels good and erotic at the same time. This is especially so when I squat and stand up from squatting. I must have done lotsa squatting and standing up on that day… *winks*

Anyway, there are times when it is just so hard to keep up a straight face when you are feeling what I am feeling then. Harlie dropped by to return me the DVD she borrowed. She asked why I looked stress. Well, Harlie. I am not feeling stressed. Just trying hard to keep a straight face. Kwang Kwang Kwang.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


...That is what i am feeling right now. Almost close to 5 hours in the Avid Editing suite. Deadline for DocPro: Next week Wednesday, at 1500hrs. I am sooo gonna die!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I gave up

I tried. And I tried. But...sigh..i still can't work the flash animation out. This sucks!

Getting in touch with MY Readers

Yes. I know. It has been weeks since I had been on hiatus. Just like debates. *looks at Kimmy* okie okie! I’ll come down for debates session soon. Like real soon. Next week maybe. * gives the sheepish looks*.

Actually a lot has been happening. And without u knowing it, I have been using the blog to bitch abt certain individualz. Itz a real shame dat u missed it. Cos wen this blog was reactivated, I kinda deleted some of the posts. Can’t believe that I am that nice! *looks around* I am nice NOW okie….

So the Ides of March went pass. It was a great success I tell u. Some seniors went up to me and say that they are proud of me. All I could say to them was that I was blessed with some dedicated workers and casts and crews. The success of Ides of March hinges on these people!

A conversation I had the night I slept over at Adik Maman’s house. ( no $$ to go home mah).

Adik: Abang. Thank You.
Adi: Thank me for?
Adik: For approving Ides of March back then. Even though you were sceptical, you still took the risk and showed support for the production.
Adi: Hei. And I am glad I did that.

Thanks Audrey, Adik, Wan and Dayanna for those encouraging words. I dried a lot that day. Cos your words meant so much to me. All this while I thought I did a sucky job. But you guyz convinced me wrong. Thank You!

And thank you to Fadhil and JY for giving me the opportunity to be up here, even though some of your comm members were not approving of it. Even when I told you that I am not the right candidate, you still thrust the responsibility to me, and I hope till now, I have not disappointed you both. And once again thank you for the trust!

Okay. Here it is as usual from other productions, my honorary list of thank yous. I shall attempt to thank everyone, including the soldiers (pls forgive me if I forgot to mention your names, cos unlike previous productions, this one has lotsa names)

So here it goes..*drum rolls*

Shaiful- Thank you for sharing your ideas and your script with PSF. Thank you for taking care of the casts when I am not able to. PSF will be losing one of itz greatest assets come this March 2006….

Leonard: My co-production manager. It was one hell of a ride. Lotsa issues but somehow we managed to put is aside and work towards common goal. I dun know if I should say that it has been a pleasure working with u, but I guess, we learnt a lot from this. And I hope it has been beneficial for u as it has been for me.

Joy Wong- Thank you so so much. I dun think I could ever repay you for what you have done for us. From vocal coach to being a mother to the casts and crew for the Ides of March. Joy seriously, I owe u big time!! Btw, is there any chance u can coach my vocal? Nyeh heh. Shhh…dun tell anyone…. I shy…

Bang Wenfu- It is just really too bad that I din get a chance to work really closely with you. But ur work radiates magical aura. Wait. You are the MAGIC!

Wong Chee Wai- IF Wenfu is magic, you are a god sent MIRACLE. Yes. Never would have thought we could have done the Ides of March, if not for you and your magical touches. No amount of cash could ever convey how thankful I am towards whatever that you have done for PSF. Thought it might not have that pleasurable for u, I do hope that we will see you more often in the near future. We have lots to learn from you!!

Wan- Despite all the stress and anger and all the negative thing u had to go through, you still pull it off in the end. Love u Wan!! Just hope to see you in a different role in the next production, say acting?

Saravanan- My Hide It comrade! Despite saying no to helping out in Ides of March, you still came down to help. Thanks man! Remember to book music room hor! Nyeh heh! Am looking to re-doin Hide It with ya buddy!!

Zulkifli Yusof_ The lights person. Too bad. Din get a chance to talk to you. Thanks for ur help!

Skye- Thanks for you contributions for posters after posters! Coming up…December production. Better think of a new design hor!

Audrey Teo- Even though you are stressed, you are relentless in contributing to PSF. Thanks A LOT. And guess what? I din forget to thank you this time!!!

Harlie- Thanks for being the extra hands and working harder than I did for Ides of March. If your parents need any confirmation to ur whereabouts, ask them not to shy shy to call me k. Wahahaha. Cik! Harlie is in skul! Really! Doin Ides of March…Props and costumes! Wahahaha! And thanks for those shoulders for me to cry on. Rashad is one lucky bugger! Nyeh heh!

Rashad- Yes. The malay is improving. And so is the singing..more expressive. Thanks for being the cast and the crew at the same time. Thanks for not shying away from the tonnes of work. Thanks for the xtra hard work u did during the 4 days, from the pre- production to post production! You rock! PSF will be dull without ur zaniness around!

Aishah- The ever multi talented girl! Thanks for sharing your talents with us. Thanks for ur dedication even through the post production process of cleaning up. Am really hoping to work with u in other productions in the near future…tu pun kalau you agree? Nyeh heh!

Taufiq and Khamal- The power duo who always spread laughter around on set and off set. Thanks for the lameness. It help to chest away the stress. And Taufiq, will you agree to be the new teacher in lameness??

Sam Salleh- My inspiration to working hard. My drive to achieve more than what I imagined possible. Salleh…u went against all odds. And I am very proud to have you as a member of the club. Maucks!

Danielle- When I think of you, I always remember one thing u said to me: “I din’t know you are the president. Why don’t you speak more.” Well. Now that you have gone through the whole 4 months with PSF. Wouldn’t you agree that less means more? Hee hee. Anyway, hope you will get out of the post production blues as exams are nearing. I want you not to only excel in Ideas of March. I want you to excel in ur studies too. Graduate. Then go kick some butts in the theatre industries!

Dhaniah- Hmmm… Didn’t really get to know you that well. But to tell u the truth, I am one of ur fan. And wen u sang up there, iw as so totally moved by ur performance. Thanks for sharing ur talents with us!

Clara- Have always enjoyed working with u. Since from newswriting to featurewriting when u r the sub editor and I am the editor, and now me the production manager and u r the cast. Am hoping to have lot more opportunity of collaboration. * looks at Francis* It is purely work k. Hee hee!

Suelastria- like you, I have also been wanting to sing on stage. The difference is that you have the courage to voice it out. Your courage, I admire. Your heart, I admire more. Always there when you are needed. Thank you so much! Keep following your dreams k!

Shaheen- Though it was a very last minute arrangement, you had no qualm in taking the challenge. Thank you so much! *hugs* Am hoping to see you in a bigger role next time, no? *winks*

Kai Ying- Kinky. Thank you for the jokes and the smiles you spread everyday. Thank you for the effort you took in coming from NUH all the way to skul. Thank you!

Tammi- Hello Tammi!!! You rock big time!!! Thanks first of all for the effort in trying to make me have a straight hair! Waha! Thanks for the eye liner. I have so much to thank you for…that I don’t know where to start. Waha!

Zana- It’s a shame that we only talk more often towards the end of Ides of March. Ugh! Cos you are really funny!! Am gonna miss all ur funni-ness. Just like Danielle, I hope you get over the post production blues soon, and do well for ur exams. And then kick some ass in the theatre industry!

Yihan- The man of the show. Waha. Hope all the advices I have given so far have been useful for ur newswriting. Am hoping to work with u on other productions dude!

Josiah- Dude. Thanks for agreeing to act for us at the last minute. Hope you have enjoyed it and will not shy away in future productions!!

Kai Quan- thanks for ur hard work and dedication…an asset to be treasured!

Amar- Thanks for your patience and your dedications. Hope to see you in future productions also!

Tabby- From being a cast, to vocal coach to a mother to a crew in helping getting the props ready. To being a caring friend who always ask if I am feeling alright. Tabby… All I can say is thank u. Cos even a million dollar couldn’t repay u for wat u have done for the club. Am greatly indebted to u. Hope things will work out fine for u…

Jiayuan- I know it is frustrating to be doing all the shit work for the club even after you graduate. I really appreciate what you have done for the club and I hope I have made you proud with the Ides of March and I also hope that whatever objectives you seniors have set for the club has been achieved. I really can’t repay for what yopu have done for the club. It is just too mucht o even start calculating and putting it in this limited space I call blog. But rest assure of one thing, the rise of this club is not possible if not for you and Dhil. If not for the both of u, drama enthusiasts like me would not know where to express ourselves in NP. Thank you both so much! Muacks! Let’s hope for more success for the club k!

Okay. They say, save the best for last. Right now, I have two special person to thank.

Eddy- Though on the board, they only say that you are my secretary, I say you have been more than just that. A caring friend who is always there when I need her shoulder to cry on, and when I need her hugs, she will always be there. A dedicated person in the club. Gosh. I felt so blessed that I have u in my board of comm members. The next incoming comm members have no idea what they are missing out this coming March 2006!

Adik Rahman- Thank you so much! You kept saying that I am your pillar for me to lean on. Little did you know that you have been the pillar I have always leaned on for the past 11 months since I got to know you. Thank you so much for ur dedication and ur LOVE. And of course your shoulder!!! Yes. The shoulders I always rest my head on to cry. Thank You!

p.s: You cast and crew of Ides of March have always been my pride. The cast… you gave so much that it totally drove me to work harder for the production. And just so that you know, it really hurts to see you guyz cried during that day with the HUGE FIGHT. It hurts so much that I broke down in front of Tabby. Sorry you had to witness that Tabby!! Am gonna miss you guyz so badly.

p.s: Adik Maman…thanks for comforting me during the night of Ides of March when I was having post production blues and was like crying my eyes out.

p.s: Audrey..those words you said, moved me so much that I broke down in front of the crowd. None the less, thank you. I shall store what u said in a special compartment in my brain. Nyeh heh

p.s: Cast and Crew of Ides of March, do come down to clubhouse onb Thursday at 6. Got some important stuff to settle!!