Saturday, January 28, 2006

Thank You JY

…for spending the evening to celebrate my birthday. So this year, I had a pre-brithday celebration with my family, birthday celebration with the neighbour with braces, and post celebration with the plump girl with small eyes. Yes. That is the description I gave to my colleague, Irfan, of JY. Anyway, I only managed to take pictures on the post celebrations. And here they are:

MY BIRTHDAY CAKE...the second one dat is...courtesy of my beloved JY!!!

Showing off the cake to the world.

We took turns to do it.

Ways of eating THE CAKE:
1. Indulgence


3.Lick the finger procedure

4.Fork in the Mouth


BTW, this is Irfan. he is now my colleague. He was my classmate when we were in Swiss Cottage Sec Sch back then...

Friday, January 27, 2006

Thank You

First of all, thanks for the endless Birthday SMS-es. Brithday celebration was simple. Solemn, a little religious but sweet. At least I still have both parents staying by my side. Yup. You see. When you are 24 and your parents are in the 40-ish age grp, you are kinda learn to more thankful and appreciative of the time given to you to spend birthdays with your parents still.

After the usual cutting of cake, mum asked me out for dinner at Al-Ameen. Dad was too tired. So it’s just me and mum at Al Ameen. And I had a feat there! Yup. The thing was mum promised to eat the muratabak pizza with me. But after having her tom yam and rice, she bailed out on me, leaving me to finish the murtabak to myself. Could barely move myself off the seat after that! Bleah. But it was a great prequel to my birthday. Hehehe.

On the 26th, there was a change of plans. Yes. I wwasn’t surprise anyway. Not the first time to be stood up. So I called a few; Dean, Adi and Faizal. Thank goodness, a neighbour with braces was free. Nyeh heh. Another dinner. WeeEEeee!!!

Alright. Got to go to the gym tomorrow. A MUST.

p.s: Dang! Un realiable source. See ah. Now must apologise. To Shah: sori for the wrong accusation. To JY, I’ll kill you!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

An open discussion

...with Rahman, and jiayuan.


Your heart beat almost stop
You look around
You feel weak
Breathless. Voiceless.
Desperation to speak.
Standing up straight took a toll on your back
You just need to bend down
But you just want to stand straight
Your inside crumbling
Your outside a strong front
Breathless, you need to breathe
But you forgot how
In exhasperation
A tear in sight
…a moment of wekness. You move on.

Brutal Honesty?

Here is the thing. I am confused. Yes. Like seriously. The other time, when I was bitching in my blog, someone tagged me saying that I should do it on face to face. So I did just that during a particular meeting, and someone was offended. So then what do you expect me to do? Just keep it shut? Or would you prefer that I bitch it to a senior and hopefully that particular senior would not tell anyone else?


Let me just try to be more direct this time and explain the situation.


I thought I did this the other time. Now have to do this again. Sianz.


When I blogged here. In this blog. Most of the times, it will be a passing comment. Did you see me harbouring any other follow up entries on that particular bitching entry? I bet not. It was supposed to be this one time "tell- it- all" entry and that is it.

I asked Salleh today if he felt offended by what I blog. He explained the situation to me and we are kewl with it.

During this particular meeting, there is this one particular person who kinda said something along the line of “At first I was not committed. I felt like QUITTING. IT WAS ONLY WHEN I WAS PLACED IN THE COMMITTEE, THAT I FELT COMMITTED.” And this person was saying it with that fucked up face of hers, which I personally felt was quite arrogant of her lah. If I was her, I would try to practice a little humility, considering that the position that she got was just by default anyway. So I just threw a response to the floor: “IT is quite worrying that someone will only feel committed when given the title.”

So my DEAREST SHAHEEN, that comment was not directed to you. I hope that clear the air between us.

To Shah, thanks for the little comment you left. I would appreciate if you could just leave your name though, instead of just putting it as anonymous. At least then, I could get back to you on what you might find disturbing on my blog. And if I were you, I would wanna find out if my fellow committee members are really happy with my working style. And I might wanna try to REALLY KEEP THE PROBLEMS WITHIN THE COMMITTEE AND NOT LET IT LEAK OUT. Let’s just say a certain someone in the new committee is not happy with your working style. Winks. DISCLAIMER: this is not bitching. This is just informing. K. No hard feelings.

I hope this really clears out the air. No more grudges. No more hard feelings k. And consider this is my “human way of telling the other party” considering that you guys do read my blog ah. So no secrets yeah. No back biting hypocrisy too.

P.s: To that someone who is bitching about your friend behind his back to a particular senior, you might wanna try to be more transparent and tell him your problem with him. It is only human to tell him about it, rather than to talk behind his back to a particular senior.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

The next best THING to ZHNG my car

Yes. I have decided to invite Lian Jia Yuan from to co-host this talk show with me. The jokes may be dry and the voice quality may be bad, but hey, we all have to start somewhere. Better to venture out and fail rather than be the pearl that stay in an oyster saying "We are not ready for something big."

Just me

I received a feedback from my previous entry. Apparently, someone was unhappy with my bitching. “ Stop bitching la k…come face to face” was the person’s feedback. Yes. It must have sound very brave and all, you know, the person confronting me in my own blog. But here is the ironic twist, the person who appears to be all macho is after all a coward. Instead of putting his name in the feedback, he chose to be anonymous. Sigh. Another coward!

I have also realised how nowadays, people would appreciate some lies rather than brutal truth. Frankness is very much despised. That is really sad.

On a brighter note, went to some publishing seminar with Harlie. It has been ages since we travelled on a bus together; just the two of us. The last time we did that was during the interpoly, where we enjoyed each other’s company from CCK all the way to Tampnes on bus 67 for an hour plus plus plus journey. Nyeh heh. The ride, as you would have expected, was a crazy one. Filed with laughter and side commentary. Nyeh heh.

P.s: Now we each have our own travelling buddies: Harlie and Rashad. Adi and Bei. *winks*.

The followings are the results of boredom!!!

The bus was crawling. And so we thought a little role playing wouldn't hurt...

Yes. This should give you an idea of the consequences of sleeping in the bus, infront of someone with a camera! Nyeh heh!

Our photo subject woke up for a while and fell asleep again in different position.

Boredom could lead to vanity!!

Harlina letting out some steam; The bus was literally crawling. Yes. she is VERY PISSED!

Envy at its Best-ard

This is what Envy would make one do:

My only commemt to this is: SIGH....

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

And the show went on…

Andrew: I stopped attending Church after I turned fourteen.

The senior graduated, I had my crushes on the people that come and go in my school life. Like the ang moh Literature teacher, the cute junior which I helped to coach for rugby, the singer from Sugar Ray, and many many more.

But I haven’t told a single one of them about my feelings, simply because I was still guarded by the Christian teachings. Why? The only place I could be myself was on the Net. People like myself, seeking for some company. Yeah, at home I’m stuck in front of the computer, talking to these people daily on the Net. Many of them has asked me out.

And so the show went on. We had quite a high viewer- ship for Hide It… Though not as high as September Production 2004. But still high nonetheless.

It has been quite some times since I have blogged. I am really trying to practice some self restrain. Restraining myself from biatching, that is.

But then again, wat is self indulgence, right. so let me juz start of with just a little biatching. Two bitching entries that is… Ok fine. Self restrain myself to just bitch about one thing today.

Some people hor, never waste much time hor trying to be a big fuck. Wah lau. This is what he said okay. “I got cert, I can teach script writing”. He also said “I can direct also”. And in my mind was like, Harlow. What r u trying to do? And u also want to talk about how unglam the title Program co-ordinator was. I dun hear you suggesting a better alternative

And you ah. I guess you just shut you gap if you have nothing better to say. Complain about low audience- ship and this and that. It would really be a pleasure for me to see how you work. You have so called come out with this title which you say is more glamorous. Does the work quality measure up to the glamorous title? We wait and see hor…

For the final bitching hor, let me just ask you this one question: Do you leave your house key to strangers whom you just met for two days? I guess not. But somehow, someone did. I feel like slapping her. See-rai-years-ly!

p.s: It always looks nicer on paper. Wait till you act upon it….

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hide it…

What? I say what? I say Hide It. Yes. If you have great passion towards PLU friendly plays, you would wanna drop by Ngee Ann Polytechnic this Saturday, 14th January 2006, at 7pm, Lecture Theatre 26. Tickets are sold at $5 each.

Hmmm…Let me see… The play basically evolves around teenage love between 4 friends. She loves him, the other she also loves him but he don’t love them, so what’s going to happen? Be sure to catch all the DRAMA this Saturday, 14th January 2006, 7pm at LT 26. I repeat: Tickets are $5 each and can be obtained from me @ 91080597.

Did I mention that the play was written by a rising star in TheatreWorks: Lian Jiayuan. Yup. This will also be her directorial debut!! So do come down alright. IT is at Lt 26, this Saturday, 14th January 2006 at 7pm.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Something Big?

Yes. It is big. It is an Idea. I was like thinking: Hey, they have brails for those who can’t see, so I was thinking one day, why not put a recorded voice of my blog entry to make it friendlier for those who are visually challenged. ( is that the correct term?)

And guess wat? It is a cool thing, cos now, instead of reading me, you hear me. You can then really tell if I am feeling well or if I am feeling crappy. Plus, you know how words can be very misleading… some intonation with the voice could really help to avoid grave misunderstandings.

So there you have it… a BIG IDEA. To help those who are visually challenged and to avoid grave misunderstanding. It can also help those who are just god damn lazy to read. Bleah!

p.s: the sound clips attached will be only of the latest updates. The older archived ones will be removed to make it economical in temrs of space. So be sure to drop by regularly, so as not to miss the sound clips for the respective posts yeah!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Clinton's sex games

Found this on the web. You should really check it out! Funny shit!

SEX GAME (click here)


Mei: Andrew!

Andrew: Oh, hey Mei.

Mei: Going for class?

Andrew: Nah beh woman! You ask too many questions lah!!

Mei: “Nah beh”? Heh, don’t understand. Well it doesn’t matter. Anyway, I’ve got something for you. (Hands over the picture)

Andrew: (Looks at the picture) Oh my god… You’re damn good at photoshop eh? (himbotically)Look. No more pimples!

Mei: Heh. Well I thought the way … aiyah..its just not… not very nice lah.

Andrew: No no… it is wonderful! Thanks, shall keep this in a safe place. (tucks the picture in the underwear he’s wearing) This way, no one will dare to touch it.

Mei: Well… I think I’ve got to go now!

Mei starts walking off. Andrew stands.

Andrew: Eh… well Mei, just wait. Look … (Shows her his left nipple)

Mei: Oh my god.

Andrew: How is it?

Mei: It is… it’s beautiful.

Andrew: Oh good. Irene thought otherwise.

Mei: But I like it. Simple, but sweet. (Smiles) Thanks, Andrew.

Andrew: It was my pleasure!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Have you ever

…made to feel so useless before? I don’t know. Somehow I just hate the phrases like “Never mind” or “Forget it”. Maybe it is just me. I felt that these phrases have underlying meanings such as: “You’re so hopeless and therefore no point in you trying. You might as well forget it.” It could also mean: Stop trying, cos you will never get it!

Yes. I just hate these phrases. I hate the person saying it more. I hate people who puts others down by making them feel so useless and a total failure. You should have asked bei how pissed I was when his tutor just asked him to give up. Although, she did it in a nicer tone instead of “Never mind ah” or “forget it”, I still feel that she is cruel nonetheless. The cruelty lies in not giving a person a chance to try. A chance to re-try. A chance to strive and hopefully by doing it differently, like massaging in different strokes, the person can just succeed. Instead of saying discouraging words like “never mind ah” or “forget it”, it would be more useful for you to guide the person through what you are looking for. By saying those discouraging words, you not only not solve the problem, you make the person feel like shit.

So to you, I hope you get the hints here. You have already felt how it is to be as useless, you won’t want others to have to go through that too, no?

Monday, January 02, 2006

New life, New faces, yada yada

Yes. it’s new year. I am sure many of us would have new resolutions by now. Well not for me. Cos like Harlina would have put it, I still have some unsettled resolutions made from 5 yrs ago.

I have however, new birthday wishes. Yes. If you have read Bei’s blog, you would have known by now that my birthday is coming. Record this on your little notepads and organisers hor: 26th Jan 1982. yes. by 26th of this month, I would be 20 years old. *look at bei: Shhhhhh!!!

Here are some of my birthday wishes:

1. Mariah Carey’s platinum album.

2. New laptop, or at least a new screen.

3. New shoes. Yes. My size is 9 for caterpillars or 8.5 for most sports shoes: nike, converse, Reebok.

4. A new wallet from wallet shop..hehehe… muz have class hor!!!

5. Calvin Klein boxer. My black pair is getting weary..hehehe..

6. Kinky G-strings

7. Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. I’ll prolly need to run like 30 rounds around the track to lose off the fats from the ice cream.

8. Some vouchers from GNC. I missed all the work out supplements from the store.

9. Vouchers at some spa for me to use for their waxing sevices.

10. Just so that I don’t pressurise you from being broke, I do accept birthday cards. Birthday sms-es also ok ah, though I would have preferred cards, hand drawn hor…

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Talk about COSPLAY-in

While I was reading through and ANALysing (hehe) MR Brown’s blog, I came across this cool clip from this address. You should really check it out: