Monday, May 29, 2006

The Great Thursday and Mr X

Adi: Wah lau… tired sia!!!

Alter: I guess that answers my question to “how is your weekend”?

Adi: It has been great. Actually it has been a great week altogether!

Alter: Why leh?

Adi: Okay. I especially like my Thursday.

Alter: Thursday? Thrust-day u mean?

Adi: Thursday lah. Aiyoh. Typo mah!

Alter: (laughs) So tell us. What did you do on Thursday?

Adi: It started in the morning. I went to have breakfast with my secondary school mates at our old secondary school; Swiss Cottage Secondary School! It was kewl. We just realized that this year would be our 11th year together! Anyway, before we continue, let’s just take some time to look at the pictures taken there.

and that is Uncle Charlie and his wife. He was the only stall vendor who had stayed since our secondary school days!

Alter: Wow! Interesting…

Adi: This was followed with work. Work has been great. But, as slotted in the schedule, the talk about my work will only come in two weeks time. Then shall I talk about my work and try to get pictures of it if possible.

Alter: What do you work as again?

Adi: Small time actor at Sentosa, receiving about 60 flashes flashing at me. Yes. Is definitely a cam whoring session on a daily basis? The only thing is, I usually don’t get a copy of the pictures taken of me.

Alter: Thank god. I can only imagine what will happen if you grab a hold of those pictures. The blog will probably be flooded with them.

Adi: No lah. Anyway, moving on, after work, I rushed down to Cinneileisure Orchard. Is that how you say it?

Alter: No idea man.

Adi: Yes. And guess what?

Alter: What?

Adi: Okay. Actually I planned this dinner like way in advance. Cos first of all, I wanted to thank Edwina for being the best secretary anyone could ever have. She is like this workaholic secretary and a very very caring friend., always trying her best to do both! I also wanted to thank Jiayuan for being there for me during the big break up. She has also helped me through the most difficult time lah. When my laptop crashed, she offered a lot of help; i.e. to register for both NUS and NTU. She has been helping me A LOT! And also I wanted to thank Tasha also for being a great friend too.

Alter: I heard you invited Joyce too?

Adi: Yes. Cos she is great to have. I mean she livens up atmosphere anytime man. She is great lah. Always making me laugh even through depressions!

Alter: How about Salleh?

Adi: Oh he invited himself. On that day, he called me up to ask if it is okay that he joined the dinner. And I told him can, but have to pay himself lah. But in the end, I decided to treat him as well lah. Cos back then in school, he always asks me out to Galileo. When I say no money, he will treat me. So I thought it is only sweet if I sort of treat him back.

Alter: Where did you go bro? As in where did you treat your friends to?

Adi: Okay. Wait. So after work I rushed down to Cinnei, and managed to grab tickets to X-men 3, two tickets to be exact. Then I went to Maestro Bistro in the second level. That was where I treated them.

Alter: Very classy eh?

Adi: Yeah. I thought it is a decent way to say thank you to the above mentioned people. And thank god, they enjoyed it! Wait, before we continue, let me just quote from some satisfied friends’ blogs;

“had enjoyed myself with Adi. thanks for the dinner dude.. Even though I haven't thank him for it yet”- Edwina

“Dinner was at Maestro Bistro - 2nd Floor @ Cineileisure
(the first nice cafe with a very small kitchen... "but you can find an elephant's head in it")

I've always found interests in this cafe due to its sinful display of gourmet ice cream. Finally, I got the chance to sit on their nice plastic chairs and sample their dishes, thanks to the guy in red aka Adi (Mahadi).”- Tasha.

And here are some of the pictures from that:

Alter: Why is your hand like strategically placed at the you know where?

Adi: Where?

Alter: oh never mind. How much was the total treat for the let me see, six of you?

Adi: It’s confidential. But let me just give a hint; it was more than $100. (smiles)

Alter: you earned so much this month?

Adi: Not really lah. I mean how much can a small time actor like me, who have not broken into the theatre industry, earn right? But I thought since I have a little bit extra this month, why not treat these friends of mine to something descent.

Alter: How did you get to know about this place?

Adi: Oh. Actually Mr. X treated me to this place a week before that Thursday lah.

Alter: Mr. X eh?

Adi: yes. Actually I talked about him before.

Alter: Yeah. But not in full detail. Wait let me see. I saw something in Tasha’s blog. Let me quote her;

“Met Adi's "ehem-ehem" for the first time too.”- Tasha

Adi: (laughs) Okay okay. Let me tell you more about Mr. X

Alter: Why you call him Mr. X? Why not call by his proper name?

Adi: Cos he is super shy lah. And he don’t want him to quote his name in my blog

Alter: He reads your blog meh?

Adi: yupz

Alter: okay. Yes. Tell us more about Mr. X.

Adi: Okay. I have been going out with Mr. X for the past 4 weeks or so lah. And I AM SO PAMPERED by him.

Alter: Like how?

Adi: Okay. First time we officially went out as a date, he asked me where I feel like eating. His treat. Then I asked him to make the decision. Then he was like “I can eat anything. It is you who might have issues on halal food and allergic to seafood problem”. So I told him, “It has been quite some times since I had Thai food”. And he was like “where can we get that?” and I was like “Thai Express?” and he was like “where exactly?” and I was like “Esplanade”. He picked me up at Harbour Front at 8pm, I think eve of Labour Day and after dinner, he asks if I have to go home early. And I said “not really” and then he asked me go watch movie with him. And we ended up watching Mission Impossible 3. It is a great movie! Action packed through out, up to the point that if you were to leave the movie half way to go relieve yourself in the toilet, you will not know what happened in the movie when you come back. Anyway, this is the only picture I managed to take from dinner at Thai Express. This is what is left of the Glutonious rice with mango and coconut milk

Alter: I heard he also sent you home after that?

Adi: yes. Gone are the days when I have to take night rider home after late night movies. (smiles)

Alter: Tell us about your second date then?

Adi: I already did the previous time, remember? The treat to Secret Recipe, then after that we went to watch Poseidon. Yes. Another action packed movie, combined with a stellar cast. You know that girl who played as Jennifer Garner’s sister in Alias.

Alter: Oh yes. But I can’t really remember her name. Season 4 right?

Adi: Yesh. And that girl from Phantom of the Opera.

Alter: Oh. Cannot remember her name either. Anyway, how about the third date?

Adi: Third date we went to eat at Maestro bistro, which was followed by the movie Over the Hedge. Really funny show. You grown ups should really go watch it! So yes. I have been spoilt for the past 4 weeks. Every time also he picks me up from work. Then he treats me dinner. He brings me to movies. Then he sends me home.

Alter: You like Mr. X?

Adi: Yes. I do. I think he is very gentlemanly and very caring. there is this one time i was not feeling very well, and he volunteered to drive me to the doctor. but of course if you know me, i hate going to the doctors. so i told him don't need loh cos i don't like going to the doctor.

And he, on his part, has openly and straightforwardly declares his affection for me. Then he also kind of hinted that we should get into relationship. He was looking at my ring, you know the one I got for myself during my attachment to my previous X and he was like “I think I would get you a new ring to replace that one. Then you can wear it on the other finger instead you middle finger”.

Alter: Oh. Then how was your response?

Adi: Okay. That is the thing. He has been mentioning that for a few times, then on that Thursday night, I kind of hinted back to him that I am not ready for relationship.

Alter: Oh no. what did you say?

Adi: I told him lah. That this year, I want to give myself a break. Cos before this, I did tell him about how my plans to backpack has been postponed for quite some times. And then I was telling him lah, that for this year, I don’t plan to do anything serious. Like other years, I keep telling myself, that my plan to relax and take it slow and go backpacking can all wait, after I complete this and that. During JC, I told myself, probably after A level. Then after A level have to go NS. So I told myself, probably after NS then I go and do what I enjoy. Then after NS, have to go Poly. So I told myself maybe after Poly, I would really go and do what I enjoy.

Alter: and let me guess, after that, you decided to go and find a job. And then you’re going to tell yourself, probably after you quit or retire from that job, then you really go and do what you enjoy?

Adi: nope. This time I have decided to procrastinate that plan anymore. I am right now, in fact, doing what I enjoy. That is acting. And I am getting paid at the same time. (smile). Small time acting that is.

Alter: Yes. Haven’t broken into industry yet right?

Adi: Yes. I consider breaking into the industry would be this stage whereby you no longer need to go for auditions to appear in a play or movie. Instead people seek you out. Just like one of my colleagues at Sentosa. She is GEREK!!!

Alter: Bro. Deviation bro.

Adi: Oh yes. Where were we?

Alter: MR X.

Adi: yeah. Anyway, yes I hinted to him that I don’t want to do anything serious; i.e. relationship lah. And then he suddenly like went quiet leh. Never SMS me anymore. Then I messaged him good morning also never reply. The thing is I did tell him that even if we don’t get into a relationship, we can still be friends. But he said that it is difficult to remain as just friends with someone you like, cos there will be a point where you no longer know where is the line or difference between friendship and relationship. So do you think he is avoiding me liaoz, just because I am not ready for a relationship?

Alter: Nah. I think you’re thinking too much about it. Take it easy. Maybe he didn’t reply or messaged you lately cos he is overseas?

Adi: That might be the case. He did mention that he is going overseas, but I cannot remember when.

Alter: There you go.

Adi: So MR X, if you are reading this, do drop me a message k... I don’t know say something, like are we kewl or something. You know to tell me about us, our status at the moment. K?

Alter: Okay. Bro! Look at the time.

Adi: Why?

Alter: It is 12 plus liaoz. Didn’t you promise someone that you would call?

Adi: oh yes. Okay. This is Adi signing out.

Alter: Wait bro. Aren’t you going to tell us about this person whom you promised to call?

Adi: Next entry can?

Alter: Okay. Can. That is all for now. Alter signing out!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Adi: Bro. I just realized that we are way behind schedule for

Alter: I realize that too. Shouldn’t we have at least covered 10 different areas by 21st May 2006?

Adi: Yeah. But we are both busy people. Work, friends, dates and etc, hard to keep on record lah.

Alter: Keep on track you mean?

Adi: yes. That is what I am trying to say.

Alter: How about we try to collapse two topics into one for today. Then we will try to cover as much as we can as fast as we can before end of May 2006.

Adi: Sounds like a plan.

Alter: Okay. So let’s get starting

Adi: But before that, as usual, let’s get some house cleaning done first. If you remember from our last entry, I threw this question to Harlie. I asked her to verify if she was the one who spread the rumors of me and my X back when we were in KL.

Alter: And what was her answer?

Adi: If you look at the tag board, her answer is no. by the way, I trust her. So far only one finger is pointing in her direction. But there seem to be more fingers pointing at someone who stayed in Singapore during our KL trip the last time. And according to some trusted sources, this particular someone made a long distance call from Singapore to talk about it. And at the end of it all, she end her call with this little note “You didn’t hear it from me.”

Alter: What a bitch?!

Adi: How you know it’s a bitch?

Alter: you told me of a suspect earlier.

Adi: I did?

Alter: Yes. You did. Now, let’s not waste anymore time and get back to the topic. Or should I say topics?

Adi: Let’s talk about “the untimely proposals and the rejected kiss” and “the girl vs. the hooray hooray gang”.

Alter: Oh yes. That girl

Adi: Hold it there bro. Let’s not mention her name.

Alter: Oh okay. I heard that she messaged you on MSN recently.

Adi: Yes. The usual thing lah. How I am? Am I attached liaoz?

Alter: The usual i-wanna-make-conversation-with-you-kinda-dialogue eh??

Adi: Yes. Some sort lah.

Alter: And then?

Adi: She told me about her latest developments and guess what?

Alter: What?

Adi: She said she just went to the beach with her friends a couple of days ago. And I was like saying “but I thought you were not into those kind of hooray hooray activities and that you rather spend your time doing community work?”

Alter: And then what did she reply?

Adi: She was like “I just decided to spend some time with my friends”

Alter: Maybe she is trying to change to kinda seem more attractive to you?

Adi: (laughs) Why would she wanna do that?

Alter: Cos you didn’t give her any reason to NOT like you?

Adi: (laughs)

Alter: I just realized we didn’t intro her properly to our readers. So they might not be able to catch on what is going on. So would you like to have the honor of introducing her?

Adi: Okay. I got to know this girl

Alter: Whose name should not be mentioned

Adi: Yes. Anyway, she dropped by my blog about close to year ago.

Alter: I think it has been more than a year bro.

Adi: Really? I can’t really remember. Anyway, she left her blog address. Then we chatted on MSN for quite some times. Somewhere in February, my friend, Mastura held a birthday party for her one year old son. And I was only able to come down for the party late. So I thought I might feel weird and bored if I were to travel alone all the way to Punggol area and then it would also be quite weird if I arrive and I am the only person left there with Mastura and her husband. SO I thought I would just ask someone to accompany me. And I don’t know, somehow she came to mind. I thought that would be kewl, cos on one hand I would finally get to see her in person and I would have someone to accompany me to the birthday celebrations. It is like killing two birds with one stone.

Alter: Bro. If she were to see this, she might just feel hurt

Adi: Why?

Alter: you are comparing her to a bird?

Adi: It is figurative speech. I’m sure she is smart enough to figure that out.

Alter: She is a science student, not arts.

Adi: So?

Alter: They are squarish

Adi: Bro. Let’s not deviate here. I am sure she will know that it is meant as a figurative speech.

Alter: Okay. Let’s move on then. Was just trying to be this new age sensitive guy

Adi: (laughs) Anyway, I didn’t mean it as a date.

Alter: But she thought it was a date?

Adi: Yes. And a few days after that she messaged me asking me out for movie or something. Oh yeah. But before that, when I met her during that birthday thingy, we talked. And during the conversation she said something like she “don’t really like her friends. They are the Hooray hooray kind. They like to spend time hanging around coffee shops and by the beach. For me, I prefer to spend time doing community work.”

Alter: Whoa!

Adi: My sentiments exactly. So I am like in her hooray hooray gang. I spent time with friends over at coffee shops and by the beach to chill and catch up and stay in touch with them. And I feel that there is nothing wrong with that. But somehow, she termed this kind of people as the hooray hooray gang like as if they are like beneath her or something. And when I asked her if she was planning to work part time, she told me that she don’t see the need to. And she lived in a landed property. And I guess she is rich. But don’t get me wrong. She is on average an okay person. Very intellectual. In terms of look, she looks okay. But she just don’t seem to strike me as a person for me.

Alter: As in a girlfriend material to you?

Adi: Err… What I was trying to say is that she is not really my type lah. As a friend I guess that would be kewl…but not anything more than that.

Alter: you speak like as if she has the hots for you.

Adi: I think she does. Cos when she kept asking me out, I decided to ask her if she has any feelings for me. And in her own words, she replied “you don’t give me any reason not to like you”

Alter: Whoa!

Adi: yes. And when I tried to explain to her of the fact that I just broke up with my EX and stuffs, guess what was her response?

Alter: Beats me bro.

Adi: This is exactly what she said, “Dude, let’s get honest here k? I think we’re both playing it safe. So let’s just keep to that k?” And I was like “I Am not trying to play safe. I just don’t have that kind of feelings for you”

Alter: (laughs)

Adi: That is not funny lor. Anyway, like you said, she messaged me a couple of days ago, and I guess she has just visited my blog and she was like “How self indulgent can you get?”

Alter: I’d say VERY

Adi: (laughs) Anyway, I have just decided to up that self indulgence a level higher by posting 10 unpublished photos of mine in 2005/ 2006.

Alter: Unpublished? Meaning?

Adi: no one have seen it. It has not been shown to the public before. And here they are:











Adi: How about that for self indulgence?

Alter: (laughs) By the way bro. Just to make it clear. Are you turning straight now or what?

Adi: I think I am pretty much bi. Till I am able to find someone to settle down with, gets married to and have kids with, I think I will just stay bi.

Alter: Okay. And I have also heard that someone kinda made a move on you?

Adi: you mean Hafez?

Alter: Bro. You are not supposed to mention his name.

Adi: But must make it clear mah. I mean a lot of people makes moves on me. So must make sure we are clear who we are speaking about.

Alter: Fine. But if you get sued, I am not getting dragged into court. Especially since I heard this Hafez guy is working in a law firm.

Adi: yes. He is. Just make sure we are speaking the truth loh, then he can’t really sue us what. Besides there are so many Hafez(s) around. Anyway, I got to know him about a couple of years back. At that time, he had a girlfriend, or so he claims. Then we kinda got closer after I broke up with my EX. Cos he also lost his GF to leukemia. So we kinda like two lost person motivating each other to live on. But he apparently thought I had feelings for him.

Alter: How you know?

Adi: Cos he was extremely sweet to me lor. Pick me up from work. Then if I say I haven’t eaten dinner, he will come with food still piping hot from Mc Donald’s. So I asked him why he is being so sweet to me.

Alter: And then?

Adi: He said he likes me. And I told him that I can’t really like him cos I have always seen him as a friend, and our recent losses kinda just draw us closer. And besides I have just got off from a bad relationship and thus am not interested to jump into any form of relationship at the moment. And he got all worked up and offensive. And then he sort of disappeared.

Alter: Disappeared?

Adi: Yes. Usually every morning he would have messaged me a good morning or something. But he stopped all that. He didn’t sms me. And then two weeks later he suddenly reappeared claiming that he ahs been busy and that he just got back to Singapore.

Alter: So he left without even telling you that he was going overseas?

Adi: Yes. Precisely. So I thought this is all just some bullshit. So I asked him if the outing on 1st April still on. And he said yes. But then three days before April, he messaged me asking if it would be okay if he were to kiss me and after that we still stay as close friend. And I was like “if it is a peck on the cheeks, I don’t mind” And then he just went silent. He didn’t even reply to any of my messages. So on 1st April, I decided to watch Singapore Gaga with Joyce and Jiayuan instead. After which we met John who shares with us his rendezvous at some clubs. (laughs)

Alter: Whoa. This Hafez guy is really...

Adi: I don’t know man. Just because of am kiss, he decided to just disappear. I thought that is just so…

Alter: Unmanly?

Adi: Oh apparently, he did message me a few weeks ago and he was like all offensive and he said something “go and live on the memories of you and your playboy EX” And I was like “hello?? I am so over that episode”

Alter: what a loser

Adi: yeah. All this because I rejected his so called kiss. Ugh!

Alter: Alright bro. I think that is it. We have so overshot our allocated space.

Adi: oh yes. Just a reminder to readers, stay tuned cos we will be having a special guest soon.

Alter: Yes. I am so looking forward to that. Till then, this is Alter

Adi: And Adi signing out!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006












Alter: Bro. What’s up with the picture of you and your EX?

Adi: It’s the 17th. We are supposed to commemorate the relationship by talking about it remember? It is in the schedule.

Alter: Oh yeah.

Adi: and it is probably the last time I look back at the relationship.

Alter: but what if your EX saw something in the entry that is distasteful to him?

Adi: Why would he still be reading my blog? He claimed to everyone that he has moved on.

Alter: Okay. So that shall be our topic for today…

Adi: But before that, let me just get some admin stuff off first. First of all, I would like to remind everyone who dropped by this blog, please feel free to use the tagboard. And drop anything you are not pleased with, or happy about or anything lah… Nest is the special mention.

AlteR: Special mention?

Adi: Yes. I would like to mention here that I am so glad that I have avid readers like Ms Harlina Samat and Joyce Arriyola. Since I ran the trailer of a possible revival of, these two persons have never stopped encouraging and motivating me to write. Thanks for the support guyz! I really appreciate it.

Alter: Shall we go to today’s topic now?

Adi: You know what bro?

Alter: What?

Adi: It has been barely two entries since we revived, and yet I have received a threat in the form of an SMS.

Alter: Woah! That is fast.

Adi: I got a question for you bro.

AlteR: Shoot!

Adi: What kind of a sister uses threats?

Alter: A B-I-T-C-H?

Adi: The thing is, all this while, she has been like saying things like..eerr… I have always seen you like a brother and yada yada. And then out of the blue, I received a poisoned sms from her sia.

AlteR: What did she say?

Adi: Somewhere along the line “ I never have a problem with you, so better don’t create one now. Better not ruffle up my feather”. And she went off saying “This is not a threat. A threat would be more public”.

Alter: Oh my god! What a thing to say! If I were you, I would just say fuck off bitch!

Adi: Nah. I just choose to ignore it. I still see her as a friend though.

AlteR: What?! Are you stupid or something?

Adi: I guess, I am just forgiving.

Alter: Sigh.anyway, where should we began with regards to today’s topic?

Adi: Erm…

AlteR: Oh yes. How did it all happen?

Adi: It’s a long story actually. Shal I began from September 2004?

Alter: Alright shoot.

Adi: On September 2004, He came to PSF session for the first time. And according to him, that is when I first caught his eyes, and he has been trying to get my attention since then. Then if I am not wrong on the 20th September 2004, he chatted with me for the first time on MSN. We talked and then we continued talking on the phone after that and he kinda revealed his feelings for me for the first time over the phone.

Alter: What exactly did he say?

Adi: He used a line from the script of a play I was acting in. And being the slow person I am, I didn’t get his hints at first, till he finally say the words “Adi, I like you.” Then there was a momentary silent. And then I tried to explain to him that I don’t have feelings for him and all that. But he was very persistent, so in the end, he said “ if you can’t be my man, then can I at least make you my abang (older brother)?” and I said okay.

Alter: And then?

Adi: And then we got closer till somewhere around end of November w ehad a fall out. Cos I was feeling uncomfortable with the rumours flying around and how people are talking about our unusual closeness. So I asked him to stop calling me abang and stuffs. And he cannot accept that fact. And we had a fall out. And then he got attached to another guy.

Alter: He got attached. Then when did you come into the picture again??

Adi: Wait lah. Patient a bit can?

Alter: Okay okay. So what happened next?

Adi:After we had the fall out, he emailed me in December. Then we kinda try to work things out lah. He treated me out to Thai express at esplanade on my birthday. Then in March, he broke up with his boyfriend. And on that fateful day he broke up, I was supposed to go over to his place to teach him Econs for his exams. So instead of teaching him, I ended up consoling him lor. That is when we got really really close again.

Alter: Uh-huh… then?

Adi: We had this drama camp. Then he lost his laptop. So when I spend the night over at his place, consoling him. Wait ah. Okay. On the 14th April, I slept over his house and cosoling him right. On the 11th to 14th April was the drama camp. Then on the 15th April, we went over to his mum’s place over at toa payoh to pick up his lost wallet. Someone found it and returned it there. Anyway, on the way back, we passed this hawker center at Adam Road. And we were going through some of the bad memories we had there, including the one last time we went there before we had the fall out.

Alter: And then?

Adi: And then we started singing songs which have the word “Kenangan” in it. And he started singing “Kenangan bersama mu kasih….” And I just cried. I don’t know. The song just somehow made me cry. And after that my heart just melted for him. And on 17th April I proposed to him in his bedroom. We cried and hugged and we were both somehow so happy. And on the 19th April, I decided to propose to him properly lah. I mean proposing inside his bedroom, like so not romantic like that lah. So on the 19th April, I asked him to come with me to the highest part of Ngee Ann Polytechnic, which is basically FMS block, 9th level, and I porposed to him, “ Under these stars, the moon and witnessed by the thousands of city lights, I would like to ask you one more time. Would you be my man?” And once again, he said yes.

Alter: Wow. Then how did you guys break up?

Adi: We broke up on 26th January 2006.Okay. This is the story from my point of view. Prior to the whole break up incident, I think both of us see it coming liaoz. Cos before this, I quarreled with him about snoring. Yes. Two weeks before the big break happen, he woke me up one day saying that I was snoring and it kept him up from sleep. And I was like “before we got together, you said you liked the way I snored. It reminds you that I am sleeping next to you keeping you company and making you feel safe. Now you are complaining about it, saying otherwise?” And then I went on saying, “what’s next? Will it come to point whereby now you said you like my chubbiness, and three months down the road, you would say I am too fat for your likings?!”

Alter: Then what happened? Cos he did mention something about 5 minutes or sumthing?

Adi: Okay. So on that day, I was over at his place. On the 25th that is. I was tired cos it was towards end of semester liaoz. So lots of burning midnight oil. So while I was waiting for him to shower to go out of the house, I feel asleep. After he finished shower, he was making a fuss about me falling asleep. And he said “if I don’t have to spend time trying to wake you up, I would have saved 5 minutes” And this time I really cannot take it lah. Cos I really don’t see why we can wait on each other in the past, and then suddenly now, just because of five minutes, you want to make a big fuss liaoz. So I put on a long face after we got out of the house. And I just take my time to walk to the mrt station with him. And he was like “ Bei, why are you trying to slow me down?” And I was like hello! I never asked me to walk at my pace. You can jolly well walk as fast as you can. And at that time, I really felt like shouting at him liaoz. But instead, I held myself back, and I just walked away.

Alter: did you call or something that night?

Adi: nope

AlteR: You got big ego ah?

Adi: Yeah. I have to admit tha tit is partly my fault lah. Too big of an ego. Anyway, the next day he called me to blast at me for not calling or replying to his message. And he did this while I was having my radio lesson. After blasting at me, he hang up on me. He then messaged me saying “You can go home and celebrate your birthday with you family today.” And it totally wreck my heart ah. He just canceled on our plan to celebrate my birthday just because of a small quarrel. So I messaged him back saying “ I will enjoy my time with my family today, tomorrow, next week, next month and maybe forever. You can go ahead and enjoy your time with god knows who”

AlteR: So technically, aren’t you the one who initiated the break up, and that if anyone were to be dumped, it was him who was being dumped?

Adi: That is what my friends said too. But since he already told everyone that he was the one who dumped me, and that a lot of people congratulated him for dumping me on my birthday, I thought okay loh… I just go along with the whole idea that he was the one who dumped me on my birthday loh. Anyway, who dump who, it is of the least importance to me now.

Alter: I heard that you also proposed for a reconciliation twice?

Adi: Yes. But I got blasted at and ridiculed at in the end. Yes. He actually laughed at my face when I proposed backt o him. Then on the 12th March 2006, at around 0430hrs, I realized that there is only so much that I can accept and I walked away from him for the final time. I have not met him since then.

Alter: A fairty tale love gone awry eh? Okay, just a few questions. Wat made you so called fall in love with him?

Adi: God knows. I have no idea what actually made me love him.

Alter: Do you still love him or are you over him liaoz?

Adi: I still love him, but I guess that love this time isn’t enough to make me feel compelled to get back into a relationship with him.

Alter: Okay. What are some of the sweetest things you remember about him?

Adi: Erm… When I was in KL, he actually lied to his mother, went against his while family, used up his savings just so that he can celebrate his birthday with me. I have to say, despite his flaws, despite the numerous break ups

Alter: how many break ups did you guyz have before?

Adi: 17, inclusive of this last break up.

Alter: 17 break ups in 9 mths? That is a lot man.

Adi: yeah. But somehow, we always patch up after break up. But I guess this was our last straw. Anyway, he is one of the sweetest other half a person can have. There have been times when I am not well, he would take the initiative to actually cook for me barley with honey and buy me panadols if I have headaches in the middle of walking along Orchard Rd, buy me Eno when I have stomach upsets.

AlteR: Are you about to cry bro?

Adi: not yet. Did I tell you his Creative earphones snapped when he was busy rushing to get me Eno for my stomach upset.

Alter: Wow. He sort of sacrificed his ear phones for you. So what actually made you guyz break up?

Adi: According to him, it is my bad anger management. I agree tot hat. But I feel that the real reason for our break up is expectations. Cos both our expectations differes and changes from the moment we got attached till now. And it seems like I am a bit too slow to meet his requirements or expectations. And that causes a lot of unhappiness between us. That is why we broke up in the end.

AlteR: What a tragedy. Are you sad?

Adi: Pretty much. But like I say. This is probably the last time I am going to look back at the relationship and the photos. I have deleted most of them. I probably delete off the rest today.

AlteR: I heard you deleted off his number oredi?

Adi: Yes. But it still emblazoned in my mind. Even after erasing it from my phone, I cannot erase it from my mind. Sometimes, I just wished I had that machine kate winslet uses in the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind… sigh

AlteR: Okay lah bro. While you mend your broken heart, I shall just end our show for the day. This is Alter, signing out.

Adi: Oh wait. Just a last note to Harlie. Accroding to Audrey, you were the one who was spreading stuffs about me and Rahman back in KL. can you please verify that by leaving a note on the tag board, saying whether that is true or not. Thanks. Alright. that is it now. Ciaoz!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Story So Far…

Alter: Oi!!

Adi: What?

Alter: Wah Lau! You ah!

Adi: What? What?

Alter: how to function like this? Come one time then disappear don’t know where. Then now appear again. Then disappear again. How to get high ratings?

Adi: Aiyah. Sorry bro... Been busy! Just had my reservist.

Alter: How long?

Adi: Two days…

SFX: Kwang kwang kwang

Alter: How was it?

Adi: Two days. First day IPPT. You know something?

Alter: Don’t know.

Adi: Yeah lah. I am telling you now. Last week, JY asked me out for dinner with Sara and Salleh. But I rejected her cos I said I need to train up and I cannot do pull ups and that I think I might just fail for IPPT and come back for corrective trainings. GASP!

Alter: uh-huh

Adi: But thank goodness, I not only passed. I got silver!

Alter: Woah! Congrats man!

Adi: yes. As of last Tuesday, I did 9 pull ups

Alter: 9 pull ups!!!

SFX: Clap clap clap

Adi: And to celebrate, I had chicken bolognaise, with Oreo milkshake and a slice of moist chocolate cake. This was followed by chocolate chip frappucino at Starbucks.

Alter: where did you have you meal again?

Adi: Oh. I had the meal at Secret Recipe.

Alter: Woah!!! So Chee chee!!

Adi: got someone treat mah…

Alter: Who?

Adi: I can’t really tell his name cos he wants things to be discreet

Alter: Discreet?

Adi: Yeah. And I know how it feels to have someone disrespecting your decision to be discreet.

Alter: how it feels?

Adi: I don’t know. Somewhere between hurt and lost and you know… SAD.

Alter: Okay. Let’s get back to today’s intended topic.

Adi: Ah yes. This is something we have promised our diligent readers.

Alter: Yes. An update about you and your er-herm.

Adi: Okay. Here is the deal. At first, I thought of making this a full scale bitching session kinda thing. But someone has just reminded me that in a relationship, even if it has gone sour, things inside of the relationships should not be dug out and be flaunted in public. It is just like washing dirty laundry. It has no end to the bitching. First you bitch and then he bitch and then you bitch back and he did the same. When one to end game sia.

Alter: Uh-huh. So?

Adi: So I decided to cut it short with minimal bitching, if there is any. Even if there is, I guess it is more unintentional than otherwise.

Alter: okay. Let’s get to the first question. I heard lah. From some reliable sources that you are ganging up or rather rallying people against…

Adi: My EX?

Alter: oh yes…

Adi: yeah. Better not mention his names anymore. Let’s try to be more subtle and more... should I say gentlemanly?

Alter: (laughs)

Adi: Hei. Come on.

Alter: Okay okay. Continue.

Adi: Here is the thing I don’t understand. Why would I rally people against him?

Alter: I don’t know. You ask me?

Adi: The thing is, right now, I barely have time to even meet my friends. I work literally everyday, even through public holiday.

Alter: I don’t know lah. Someone says hor, he suspects that you are rallying people against him. And thus hor he removed this group of people, the people he termed as people in the common circle, from his friendster list.

Adi: What?

Alter: don’t know lah. This is what I heard from that reliable source lah. That the person was removed along with some other persons.

Adi: I don’t know bro. Ever since he removed me from friendster about three months ago, I have stopped going into his profile and read his blogs. I have no idea about his latest update or if he is still alive. And with regards to people rallying against him, I mean come on loh. He has been having people rallying against him even before the elections for the new presidency takes place.

Alter: how you know that?

Adi: Not important. And according to someone ah, it is all his so called “best friend’s” did. Yes. His so called best friend, or should I say EX best friend pulled a few strings together against him during the election., Of course, the outcome of the election wouldn’t be a surprise to these group of people lah.

Alter: Woah! So dirty one ah?

Adi: And just for the record, I have quit RTS because I felt it was getting too political.

Alter: Political? Is the club earning millions?

Adi: Precisely my point. The club is not earning anything. It was built for friends to recite and appreciate poetry together. So I don’t understand why some individual would have to go to great extend to assume power within the club. But that one is bearable. The one which is unbearable is how some people are trying to fan the fire. Yes. We have broken up, but you don’t really have to add fuel to the fire you know.

Alter: Adi. Why are you defending him?

Adi: I am not. It is just that… (Sigh). You know what I realize? No matter what, I just can’t bring myself to hate him.

Alter: You are just soft hearted lah!

Adi: Yeah. I guess. So yes. To that same person. Stop fanning the fire liao! No matter what you do, I still will not be able to hate him. In fact, you know what?

Alter: What?

Adi: I wouldn’t be surprise if that same person suddenly got together with my EX like the last time, and rekindle their BEST FRIENDS’ moments! Anyway, if you were to go back to my archives dated January 4th, 2005, you will find the following story;
“Truth be told, I was awed or rather admired the way Shaiful did a play about a love quadrangle. It is complicated, but somehow everything did come to an end, although it ended morbidly, but still it ended. So, here I am trying to do the same feat as Shaiful. The story goes like this….
1. there are friends. I suck at names, so for the moment I shall just call them a,b,c,d. Everyone thought B and D has something going on between them ah. But things never really work out between them.

2. then came along E

3. A laid eyes on E the first time A saw E

4. But E fell for B

5. B has no romantic attachments towards E

6. A then set up a devilish plan to plant animosity between B and E.

7. Plan succeed. B and E has a fall- out.

8. A then got together with E. B was shocked. After all the bitchings, backstabbings and raves, how could A like miraculously fell for E? Then B concluded that A has already had initial attachments to E and that A is trying to just push B out of the picture.

9. A feeling unsecured, tried to rub friction between B and E, with the hope that there will be more sparks between them, so that the bridge between them will be burnt once and for all.

10. D just drift away. C just sat on the fence, watching, observing, keeping quiet.

11. I had a writer’s block, and can’t think of an ending. The easy way out is to have somebody commit suicide. But I don’t want any morbidity in the script. Anyone can help? Ask JY for her opinion. And she told me that I should write it in the perspective of C, since C is the quiet observer. So naturally C knows the most. Waha. Thanx JY. I should think abt it. I think love quadrangle is just too complicated for me. Kudos to Shaiful man, for managing to pull it off…
I also plan to have B come back for E or something, and snatching away E from A. ugh. Too complicated. Need sleep.”

Alter: Woah! That is one hell of a complicated story.

Adi: yes. Only the ones close at heart will understand what is going on in the story. Trust me. Curiosity will make one work really hard in understanding what is going on behind the story. Anyway, I have come up with a way of continuing the story. And here is how it goes;

1. E decided that E cannot live without B by E’s side.

2. E wrote an email to B. E and B got back together. E even gave B a treat at Thai Express.

3. A did a foolish mistake of slashinh. E decided to ditch A from being E’s best friend.

4. B and E then got together on 17.4.2005

5. B and E broke up in January 2006.

6. D got attached liao.

7. C was in the middle of the whole thing. A lot of people confide in C. C also blurted out a lot of things which brings forth light to the situation. Some bridges were burnt for good. The end.
How was that for a story?

Alter: not bad. Very the drama mama. Can compete with days of our lives. Just one question. Did you have anything to do with the deteriorating relationship between A and E?

Adi: nope. E did it on E’s accord after understanding the meaning behind the story.

Alter: I see. Okay bro. As usual, we are running out of time. So just to summarize, did you have anything to do with the fact that there are people rallying against your EX now.

Adi: nope I don’t. In fact, I think everyone has their own sets of eyes, ears, mouth and brain. That can hear, see and think for themselves before they speak off their opinions. Furthermore, I think my EX brought all this upon himself lah. A lot of people are unhappy with him because he promised so many people that he will give them the money and documents from the last productions, but ill now, no story. So now everyone angry loh. Cos he lies to them and he wastes their time and efforts. So he only has himself to blame if everyone were to rally up against him. And now they think that he actually embezzles the money/ funds and that is why he is avoiding everyone in the so called, common circle.

Alter: So you have no part to play in this?

Adi: Nope. Me just busy with work darling! Busy with work…

Alter: Aright! That is all for now. This is Alter, signing out!!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

It’s Back!

Alter: Hallo! Long time no see!

Adi: Oh my god!

Alter: What?

Adi: It has been such a long time. I almost did not recognize this place anymore.

Alter: Yeah. It has been three freaking months. Where the f*** have you been?

Adi: Still here. In Singapore that is. It is just that I was having a lot going through my life. A lot of uncertainty. A lot of questions were running in my head. And actually I was planning to come back in April. You know after things kinda settled down, and that I have gotten my result slip from Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Alter: And how was the result?

Adi: I am now… (smiling) officially a graduate of Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Mass Communication.

Alter: You said you were planning to make a come back in April. But now is May. So what happened?

Adi: I guess there were more complications and more uncertainty. And partly because I didn’t have a laptop in April and that typing a blog entry on my Pentium 2 desktop almost killed me, literally.

Alter: What happened?

Adi: It hung on me for like several gazillion times. Ugh! Apart from that, I was quite busy with work.

Alter: Oh… Work?

Adi: Yes. Okay. Before we continue with today’s program, let us alert the readers on what is to come. The followings are some of the headings of the kind of content that will be published from now till 21st May 2006. And here they are:

1. Opening my other side- an update on my so called romance with my *er-herm* ex.

2. 17th April 2005- Yes. This is the part which probably will take most of the space till 21st May 2006.

3. The Conversion- don’t ask what this is about. I will tell when the time comes.

4. Advice from the male nurse- Yes. Some of advice from the male nurse, Mr Zhang.

5. The untimely proposal and the rejected kiss

6. The Cha cha moves.

7. the difference between the East and the West.

8. The girl VS the hooray hooray gang!

Alter: So there you go.

Adi: Yes. For the next (use fingers to count). Errr… 18 days, we will be talking about the topics as mentioned above. Of course, there might be new stuffs slated here and there when necessary. You know. The creative industry. So unpredictable.

Alter: yes. But what is confirmed right now, as I’ve heard, is that you are an actor in Sentosa.

Adi: Yes. But I am just a SMALL TIME actor. Haven’t yet broken into the industry yet.

Alter: Broken into the industry? An interesting phrase to use. I thought I read it off from somewhere before. But cannot remember where.

Adi: Anyway, it is a great job. I am paid to do what I like. And best of all, I have the opportunity to meet people from all over the places.

Alter: Australians?

Adi: Met liaoz

Alter: Mongolians?

Adi: Met liaoz. And surprisingly, they have big eyes.

Alter: Mauritius people?

Adi: Met liaoz. They look very Malay actually.

Alter: Greeland-ers?

Adi: Yes. In fact, I have even shook hands with the king of Cambodia!

Alter: What is his name?

Adi: I cannot remember. He is single, and used to be a dance instructor. And so many of us were speculating in the back of house that he might be. You know.

Alter: Oh. Okay. Interesting.

Adi: I will try to get some pictures from there and show you soon.

Alter: And you said something about getting pay. How much do they pay you?

Adi: I guess all I can say is that it is enough to cover my day to day expenses, including transport. You see, my concession has just ended last April, and I have been paying adult fares ever since. And I am glad that my pay as a SMALL TIME ACTOR is enough to cover that. On top of that, my pay has also allowed me to have daily lunch at Sentosa, of which every Tuesday and Saturday, will be Subway day for me. On every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I will also be spending on gym and milk.

Alter: On an average, how much do you spend every week?

Adi: I think about $60. To some people, this sum might look measly, but to me, I guess because of my upbringing, I felt that it is quite luxurious liaoz.

Alter: What do you mean by upbringing?

Adi: You know. My parents have always taught me on being spend thrift. On hardships. Things like if you earn very little, then spend little too. And I am glad to have practiced that. At least, I know, that even in difficult situations, I will not resort to EMBEZZLING FUNDS from any organizations.

Alter: But technically you did.

Adi: When?

Alter: That time. You know when your EX spends $300 on you. I believe that money was supposed to be paid to Makan House.

Adi: Oh That. Okay. Let me try to explain. At that time, the school transferred $500 to my account to be passed to Makan House. Since my ex was the one with the contact to the person from the Makan House, I passed the money to him. Unknowingly to me, he had spent $350 of it, and when the owner was chasing after the money, he had problems giving the money back to the owner.

At that same time, my laptop screen got smashed. And I didn’t have the money to have it repair. SO I put on my nick asking for kind souls to help me get a new screen.

Alter: That is very err… Smart!

Adi: Yes. And my friend, Tammy, came forward saying that she can help fund $150 for the cost of repairing my laptop screen. But instead of taking up her offer, I told her ‘it’s okay. I think Rahman needs the money more than I do.’

Alter: Bro! You are not supposed to mention names here.

Adi: Oh my god. Yes. I am so sorry. Then how?

Alter: Never mind. Just continue our story. We’ll think of a remedy to that later.

Adi: Oh yes. So Tammy went to talk to Rahman. And then she messaged me saying ‘I think I wasn’t supposed to know that Rahman is short of cash. He was pissed that I know that’. And a minute later, Rahman, aka my EX messaged me, or rather blasting at me for telling so-called the whole world about him needing cash. Of course, I didn’t tell anyone of the fact he needed the cash to repay Makan House. Yes. The money that has been paid by the school did not reach to Makan House, cos he used the money. And you know what? First he blasted at me for telling Tammy of the fact that he needed help financially. Next he blamed his short of cash on me. He claimed that he used the $350 buying me lunch.

Alter: Woah! What did you have? Shark fin soup?

Adi: I’ll get to that part in a while. The thing is, he made so much noise of the fact that I got help for him. Needless to say, he took the $150 from Tammy. My lunch? Here is the thing to note. For lunch in school, I always have $2.50 meal, at max $3, inclusive of a soya bean drink.

And another thing to note is that he spent the $350 in three weeks! So I was calculating back and forth and back and forth, I still could not comprehend how my lunch could have accumulated up to $350 within three weeks? Even right now, like I say, my expenditure is like $60 per week, and that is inclusive of both dinner and lunch and gym fees and milk. Take that and multiply by 5 weeks, then would you get close to $350.

And it did not stop there. He did not just blame me for making him owe Makan House $500. He demanded that I helped him to pay back makan house. So I had to pay $150, Tammy helped to pay $150, Yihan helped to pay $50.

Alter: That is only $350

Adi:I told you he spent only $350 of the $500. so the other $150 was still in his bank account.

Alter: So you paid $150 for it.

Adi: Yes. But it is okay lah. Now I am earning more than enough for me to buy my own lunch and not depending on others.

Alter: Not even your parents?

Adi: Here is the thing. I have not had any form of pocket money from my dad for the past 2 months. He did try to give me money for transportation but I rejected it. I asked him to keep it for himself. And I rarely eat at home nowadays. But I guess I am still dependant on them for the utilities, and the shelter and most importantly, LOVE.

Alter: You know what? I think we did the 3 major mistakes in the entertainment world. First, you jump episode.

Adi: What?

Alter: You are not supposed to reveal the name of your EX till much later. Like that no surprise already.

Adi: Oops.

Alter: And you mentioned about your EX being a Him. You are not supposed to disclose it till the episode on conversions.

Adi: Double oops?

Alter: And we have so over run. So if you want to find out more about Adi, why he disappeared for three friggin months and now suddenly reappearing again, or what he has been doing in those months of silence, do tune in to . till then….

Adi: Eh wait bro. You think I can make some dedications.

Alter: Make it fast!

Adi: Okay. To my EX, I believe you still owe me the Beauty Shop DVD. It has been four months now. I don’t know your motive in keeping that DVD. It is cool, if the DVD actually belongs to me. But it belongs to Video Ezy. Maybe it is your motive to get me into trouble with my current company. Maybe you were hoping that I will come back to you begging for the DVD.

It is okay. I have decided to pay for the DVD. You can keep it with you now, for as long as you want. You see, after earning from Sentosa, I have some extra money and I have therefore decided to donate some to your well being. The power of being a small time actor.....

Alter: Okay that is a …

Adi: wait. One more. To Tasha. A promise delivered!!

Alter: wat promise?

Adi: Aiyah. The other day she was askin when will my blog be back up. And then shes asks if it will be back up before she leaves for Langkawi on Friday. And I kinda promised her that something will be up before Friday. So here ti is.

AlteR: Oh by the way Tasha, best of luck.

Adi: Yes. Hope you win many many rounds there. With Min and Loke. Yes. Good luck to both of them too.

Alter: and that is a WRAP!