Monday, July 31, 2006

My Work, Featuring Sara

Alter: Bro, I think we have procrastinated enough with the talk about your job.

Adi: Oh yes. Sorry man. Have been busy. As you all have known, I am now working in Sentosa.

Alter: How much is the pay?

Adi: It’s a secret but I guess I am quite financially stable

Alter: Cool pay, and I guess cool job too.

Adi: Yes. Amin to that! I am really glad that I took it up in the first place. Cos I remember that when I first wanted to apply for this job, I had some difficulties

Alter: Difficulties? Like?

Adi: Okay, first of all the auditions were opened somewhere in January. At that point of time, I was still busy with thenogoodgenesisproduction, and final year projects, assignments and exams and tests and I was also busy preparing to be Faizal’s best man. Apart from that, I just broke up with my EX, and that point of time I was really trying to work things out lah. Also at that time, I did mention about the job to him, and he was strongly against the idea of me taking it up cos he said I already have my video ezy job and he don’t see why I should take up a second job. But somewhere in March, we had our final-break-up-with-no-return, and after my last exam paper, I kinda convinced the people at Sentosa to let me sit for an audition and now I am an interactive actor there.

AlteR: I see.

Adi: And the cool part is that I sat for the audition with two other applicants. One of them happens to be my former camp mate, Shaiful and the other is the former Dr Einstein in Kids Central! And from what I heard, the batch before the three of us, have to go through like intensive trainings and three auditions before they were accepted. There were like 36 applicants, and only 5 were accepted. For the batch after the three of us, they had to go through two auditions and only 8 out of 10 applicants are accepted. It seems that only the three of us have to go through just one audition, AND ALL THREE of us were accepted!

AlteR: And I heard that you recently roped in your friend, Sara?

Adi: Oh yes. And as I promised, here are some photos of Sara in baju melayu. He is HOT!

Adi: Oh by the way, that guy in the last picture is Firdaus. He is this guy who won in a Malay acting competition or something, called Juara back in 2000.

Alter: Wow! That is something eh?

Adi: Yeah. Infact, everyone who is working there, have lots of experience on acting and they have acted in numerous projects and they are sooo good and…

AlteR: And?

Adi: And I am just a small time actor. I mean, I have never really got involved in big productions outside of school. I have never won any drama competition. And I have never worked with big drama companies. So yes. I feel so small there. And that was what I meant by the term “SMALL TIME ACTOR”. I don’t know why some people took offence to that, cos I definitely don’t mean to be offensive to anyone. Bleah! But then again, I apologise if I have offended anyone directly or indirectly.

Alter: Your work requires you to interact with tourists and local visitors, right?

Adi: Yes.

Alter: So have you encountered any difficulties with anyone before?

Adi: Yes. There have been quite a few. Let me list some of them language barrier. Sometimes, the tourists don’t understand English, and they will tend to ignore you or give you the face when you talk to them or explain to them about the life in kampong in English.There are some who like to stand as close as possible to you when they take picture lah. I don’t mind if they don’t smell, but there are some whose breaths could have killed a rat a thousand times over!
there have been times when there are guyz (who are obviously not str8) asked for my numbers. And it is really hard to resist temptations and not give them my number cos they are so freaking cute and most of the times…have great bods!

Alter: (laughs). Bro, I also heard that you have recently took up an offer for a school show.

Adi: Oh. That was supposed to be a one off thing…to help cover for one of their actors cos he was not able to make it for one of the show. I do hope, though that they will call me again.

AlteR: Apart from that, what else have you been up to?

Adi: I have completed a shoot for the National Museum. I have also completed a shoot where they re-did sort of a music video for Bohemian Rhapsody, a commissioned project by the NAC. And yes, I was asked to be an elf at a private party. It was really a kewl party, where 90% of the patrons are not str8. So there are times when you see two guyz locking themselves up for like an hour or so, which I don’t think I will need to speculate lah as to what they were doing in the room. (Smiles). And it’s just too bad that I don’t drink cos the patrons for the party are all chee chee people. They attended the party bringing like chee chee wines and stuffs. And I tasted crambulae (is that how you spell it?) for the first time. It is this French custard lah. And I LOOOVE it! Have I told you about the shoot I did for National Tourism Board?

AlteR: I think you did.

Adi: So yeah lah. And if everything goes smoothly, I would have fully paid the loan I took up to buy my old laptop by next year. Maybe, even get myself a driving licence. I don’t know. That is still in the planning. Not confirmed yet. I mean anything could happen, but I really do hope that by the end of this year, I would have saved enough to take up driving courses. Insya-allah.

Alter: I guess that is my cue to say…

Adi: Wait!

AlteR: What?

Adi: I just wanna wish the happy birthday to JY, Tasha and Noodle! Okay. Now you can sign out.

Alter: This is Alter signing out.

Adi: Ciaoz!

Friday, July 21, 2006

The update after a long period

The film reel rolls. The following scene is played on the screen:

Beckham: … and when I was about to leave the company, all the people say they are gonna miss me.

Adi: Really? (in my mind) I bet they are lying. I bet they are glad that you are leaving!

Beckham: And then they say there is not going to be another Beckham.

Adi: (smiles but insidiously thinking) Oh god. Now I know what you have in common with the real Beckham. You people are so full of yourselves!

Beckham: But too bad the management sucks. So I leave loh. And I bet the company cannot survive without me. Cos I am the most hardworking one there loh.

Adi: Really? (in my mind) I am sure the company will be doing just fine even without you. Mitch Albom said so!

Beckham: And the people in my company are so going to miss me loh. They say there is not going to be another Beckham.

Adi: I see. (diligently nodding as if I am agreeing to his every statement, while insidiously thinking) Did you just repeat yourself?

Beckham: And so I switched over to Cisco. And then I went for their interview hor, wearing my old security uniform lah. It looks formal.

Adi: (in my mind) Oh fuck. Didn’t you talk about this like half an hour ago?

Beckham: You look sleepy.

Adi: I am? Yes. I am. Probably because of the lightings here. Or maybe I just need to walk out of here, considering that we have sat here for more than half an hour. Or maybe I just need fresh air. (in my mind) or maybe I just need you to stop talking for a while.

Beckham: Let’s go to a nearby park…

Back in the studio…

Alter: When was this?

Adi: About a few weeks ago. A few days after my grand dad passed away. Oh. Let me describe to you the setting for that particular snippet. It has been almost half an hour, but I am already fidgeting. It felt like an eternity in hell, even though we are both sitting in an air-conditioned-serving-highclasscoffee- Starbucks Store.

Alter: Wait. Let me first ask you about your grand dad. How has it been, I mean for you and your whole family?

Adi: The whole family is fine. We are mostly not really close to him. Like I say in my previous letter to the reader, the reason I cried is not because I felt like I was going to miss him. It more of how much longer do I have with my parents, now that they are next line liaoz. And the thought of losing them without even knowing it till the last minute. The whole idea of death chancing upon them during the time when I am not around by heir side. I don’t know. It was just so overwhelming. When I imagine all that, I just get overwhelmed with sadness. Every time, I keep asking myself, what if, after losing them, I suddenly realise that I still have things to say to them?

Alter: don’t they have postmen there? Or, why not convert to that religion where you can send off things to your parents in hell/ heaven?

Adi: That is so not funny, Alter.

Alter: Then you can write a letter and burn it to them.

Adi: Alter, jokes about religion is not farnie. You have to respect other religion, no?

Alter: Yes. Anyway, let’s move on. So how do you get to know Beckham?

Adi: You mean Beckham-from- hell-person?

Alter: Yes.

Adi: Okay. I have like this Fridae profile…

Alter: You have Fridae profile?

Adi: Yes I do. My previous ex forbids me from having one, him being all insecure and stuffs. So since now that I am single, I thought why not create one for myself. By the way, the address is: . SO, if you have a fridae account too, do drop me a mail or send me a heart yeah!

Alter: Okay. Coming back to this Beckham…

Adi: oh yes. He messaged me on Fridae. And I stupidly gave him my phone number. And he kept pestering me to go out. So we finally met. And yes. The snippet up there is taken from the meeting. The one and only. Oh yes. Farah met him. Or rather, I met Farah at City Hall, and then we talked and then Farah got to meet him. And Farah asked what his name is. And I cannot remember his name.

Alter: Oh. What happened then?

Adi: So I told him to intro himself to Farah. Then he refused. But in the end, I miraculously managed to recall his name. And I intro him as Beckham to Farah. God knows if that is his real name. And if you think the snippet is bad, you should have been there bro.

Alter: Why?

Adi: Okay. After Starbucks, we went out for a walk. He suggested that we go to fort Canning park. And I was like okay. Bear in mind that I met him after I went for an interview for a position as a freelance graphic/web designer. So I have a heavy laptop in one hand and a big portfolio in the other. And he suggested we walk. And he didn’t even offer to help carry my stuffs. What an arse right? And then when we are finally there, he brought me to this quiet dark place and he tried to plant a kiss on my lips.

Alter: Then what did you do?

Adi: Due to my reflexes, my hands just pushed his face. Yes. His face was is my whole palm and I pushed him away. And I said to him that that is fucking rude! And I walked off to the bus stop waiting for my 190, while he was walking along side with me telling me that I should give his kissing a try cos he is very romantic and all. And the most unbelievable thing happens at the bus stop. He asked if we are going to meet again. Somehow, this just pushes me over the limit. I mean, the whole evening, I tried to be nice to him, but this arse just don’t get it. So I told him that that was going to be our last meeting. And then he went on to say “Aiyah, I should have kissed you longer, and then maybe you would be able to see how romantic I am” and he went on and on. So I just stopped him halfway and this is what I said to him, in exact, word for word “Dude. There is never going to be us. There is never going to be a relationship between you and me. I find you obnoxious. When you kiss me, I don’t feel a thing. I don’t feel no spark no warmth no love. I don’t feel a thing. I feel like kissing that wall. You are the biggest turn off I have ever met.” And with that I took 190, leaving him and his stupid blank face.

Alter: I assume he didn’t expect such brutal honesty from you?

Adi: I guess so. And then he messaged me a good nite message. My only response is: Fuck Off!

Alter: Wow! Talk about brutal honesty!

Adi: yupz. Talking about brutal honesty, I gave the director I was previously involved with a piece of my mind. Okay. Maybe not really that bad lah. But I did talk to him about a few stuffs lah. Of which I can only remember saying the following things:

1. When I join the production, I was hoping to learn how it is like to be in a professional theatre industry. But so far, this company has been far from being professional. A lot of things are done last minutes. A lot of things are confirmed or change at the last minutes. And it is frustrating cos people like, we have WORK.

2. And I definitely do not appreciate the fact that you are accentuating the speculations of me having a relationship with a fellow cast mate with your stupid remarks. You, as a director should have remedied the situation. But you did the opposite.

Yes. But as expected, instead of graciously accepting the remarks, he tries to justify why things work out that way. I am so sick of it. And I am glad that it is over now!

Alter: Oh yes. Now that un-mentionable production is over, what have you been up to lately?

Adi: Oh. I went for this audition for a short project called the “Bohemian Rhapsody”. They called me up for a second audition that went on last Sunday. When I reached there, the whole setting was very daunting lah. The supreme court and the rooms and then when I reached there, the director told me to have the make up artist do my make up and get me into my costumes. And I was like, isn’t this an audition. And then they told me that I was accepted as one of the casts liao, and that they are now doing the real shoot. (smiles) but when I saw the rest of the casts, I was relieved, cos Beep was there. And Shai was there. And then we were going into this long chorus of “hei I know u” and yeah. I feel relaxed after that.

Alter: What role did you play?

Adi: This boy who is a defendant in court and he was about to be charged for murder.

Alter: Apart from this, I also heard that you were an extra for a commercial for Singapore tourism Board.

Adi: yes. It was a 3 hour shoot, and the pay is good. Though I am not allowed to disclose it openly on a public domain. Anyway, the shoot was done by this company where there a lot of Thai people. And the thing I admired about the people working in both this project and the Bohemian Rhapsody project is that they all started shoot early in the morning and yet they are bursting with so much positive energy and that really motivates you as an actor. Cos on the day I had the shoot for the STB commercial, I had a long day. In the , morning I was working in Sentosa, and then in the evening, I had the Snow White Show in Pasir Ris, and then after which I had to rush down to Woodlands CC for the debrief for the show, and then rush back to Connaught Bridge for the shoot. I was tired, but seeing those energetic people I pushed myself to be as chirpy and cheerful as they are. Yes. It was long and tiring day for everyone, but everybody is cool headed and PROFESSIONAL and no words of vulgarity were spewed out during both the productions for the STB commercial and Bohemian Rhapsody. I just imagined if this was done by other less professional people I have worked with, I guess, things wouldn’t have got done. And of course, I would have not gotten a great pay to add in the salt to the whole misery!

Alter: Oh boy. You sound busy.

Adi: Yes. Oh let me tell you a bit about my family now.

Alter: okay. Go ahead.

Adi: Okay. Last week I had this big tiff with my mum.

Alter: What is new?

Adi: No. this time it is different. You know how when my mum speaks I always just keep quiet and not be bothered by whatever she said right. She can go on and on and I will just ignore her. But this time I cannot take it, so when she sms-ed me about my intolerable temper, I just responded with 10 sms-es. And why 10? Cos I cannot squeeze in all the things I wanted to say to her all this while into anything less than 10 messages. That same night I came home very late cos I met with JY and Tasha to lament about the issues, and I was so sure that I was going to move out of the house cos I cannot take the attitude from my mum anymore. I even had my bags packed. But on Friday we had this heart to heart talk. Okay. Wait. It is more of a showdown. Yes. We were shouting at each other form one corner of the hall to the other. As we shout, I guess we both listen to one another. And I thought there are a lot of issues that she brought up which are sensible and… She is right about a lot of issues lah. Especially the thing about Rahman. She refers to him as Rahim, cos she didn’t really remember his name. Good for her. Not worth wasting your brain cell to remember his name. So after the showdown, we decided to quiet down and digest what has been exchanged across the hall. I went to my room. And ten minutes later I went to the kitchen and asked her if she wants anything for breakfast. She said she didn’t have appetite. And I told her that I am going to Mc Donald’s and I can get her favourite hotcakes meal for her. And she said okay. So we had breakfast together, and this time slowly running over the things we are not happy with one another. And now, I am trying to change my ways to accommodate her. Likewise for her part. Like for example, she complained that I am rarely at home. So now, every Thursday and Tuesday, I made sure I go straight home after work so as to spend time with her.

Alter: Good.

Adi: yes. I am such an arse lah most of the time. But I am trying to change that. *crosses finger* Let’s hope I will continue this strive to be a better person. Yeah! Anyway, I have also written to this organisation lah. To teach drama workshop for free to needy students. We are still in the discussion process. But hopefully things do work out, so that I can do my part for the community.

Alter: Bro. I think we have over run the time limit.

Adi: We did. Okay. This is Adi. Ciaoz

Alter: Alter signing out.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Word of the Day: FUCK

Alter: Guess what? Yes. Keep guessing. If you have guessed that Adi is back, then you’re definitely partially correct!

Adi: Thanks bro for the partially grand and partially enthusiastic intro.

Alter: So what made you come back here, I mean despite your busy schedule?

Adi: Shouldn’t the word be in spite instead of despite?

Alter: Er-herm. I think I am the one who aspires to be a reporter and thus explaining the reason why I should be the one, without a doubt, who has a better grasp of English.

Adi: Whatever. Speak to my armpit. (raising left hand to reveal a bush in the underarm area)

Alter: Ugh! Don’t you shave?

Adi: I do. Even down there. But due to my hectic schedule nowadays I barely have time to shave even my facial hair.

Alter: Did you have time for shower?

Adi: Why?

Alter: You smell weird.

Adi: Really meh? (smells under armpit). No smell what. Anyway, back to the question as to why I came back: I feel the need to bitch!

Alter: So who shall be the casualty or should I say casualties?

Adi: It is more of an event or rather a production I am currently undergoing.

Alter: Snow White and the Seven dwarves?

Adi: Yes! I have so wanted to do this for the longest time, but part of me wanna try to cool myself down for fear that my bitching might, you know, hurt the bonds between casts and affect the team dynamics. But it has really come to a point whereby I just can no longer stand it and thus the need to bitch!

Alter: Well. The floor is yours. Tell us about it!

Adi: Let me start off with the days during the rehearsals. Prior to that, I did tell him that the job I am holding is very flexible. However, I need him to alert me of rehearsals two weeks in advance so that I can do the necessary change in my schedule. However, the director always informs us of rehearsals at the last minute expecting the actors to attend the last minute rehearsals. And when there is this one time I cannot make it for rehearsals, he SMS-ed me saying “we are one week away from production and we are running short of time”. This was the message I received on 8th June 2006, with regards to two last minute rehearsals slatted for 10 and 11 June 2006. I attended rehearsal on 9th June 2006, which is one day after I received the whole sms shit about not having enough time and crap, and guess what?

Alter: What?

Adi: The director shows no sense of urgency AT ALL. On that day, one week before production, he roped in a member of PSF to do sound for the production, who has no idea of what was going on in the play. He in turn, as the director, suddenly become so fucking blur and not knowing what narration should come after which song after which action. He has no idea AT ALL! In the end, a fellow cast member had to run through the sequences of the whole fucking play! Yes. A cast member instead of the fucking director!

Alter: I think you might want to try and censor some of your words. For all you know, we might be having a minor reading this.

Adi: Aiyah. Children nowadays are not that innocent lah!

Alter: And you are aware that some of Wayang Warehouse people are reading this, no?

Adi: Bro. You’re not supposed to mention the name of the company.

Alter: Oh come on. Everyone knew the company’s name. it is all over in Arts Community. Wayang Warehouse presents Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

Adi: That is quite true actually.

Alter: Plus, you’re not really saying anything that is untrue. All these actually do happen. And on top of that, 5 out of 5 professional actors you have spoken to didn’t really have anything nice to say about this Dennis Tan.

Adi: BRO!

Alter: What?

Adi: No name calling! Remember?! Bleah! Anyway, before this, he has also promised us professional sound crew. But in the end, he got Max from PSF to do sound for us. And believe it or not, the SM for the production also doubles up as the actor. And here I was thinking that only PSF would do such a thing! Last weekend, the show at Sentosa was a nightmare! There was no backstage at all at the performance area. So even when we went off stage, the children still saw us! And we had to wait in the blazing hot sun before our individual turns to go on stage in our respective scenes. Plus, we have to walk like 500m to the toilet to change into our costumes! By the time we DO appear on stage, there was even any trace of make up on our faces, or at least me this is the case.

Alter: It is that bad?

Adi: Yes. This has got to be my most unglam production to date. No air-con. Everything is done like outdoor. Oh have you seen my outfit?! It was ridiculous! It didn’t even look like a prince outfit lah! And what I find to be most unprofessional of the director is that, when he has a problem with a particular cast, he didn’t really talk to the person directly, instead he chose to bitch behind the person’s back to another cast member, creating animosity between them. And I was like what the fuck ah! I mean as actors, we need to have that chemistry and bond and here you are, wrecking everything for them.

Alter: Oh, not only unprofessional, but bitchy as well. Bad combo!

Adi: And I really find every fucking rehearsal a dread. Cos I end up waiting around, having my time wasted and my butt expanded. On top of that every fucking rehearsal, his only comment to me was “Oh. Aidil. The way you carry the princess is more stable now.” I mean like how the fuck is that gonna help me improve?! And for god’s sake, when you’re the fucking director, the least you can do is to get the casts’ names right! Do you know that he keeps calling me AIDIL even though I kept telling him my name as Adi.

Alter: But I am sure you have learnt something out of this, right?

Adi: Yes. According to a fellow colleague, never do anything for free. That is one. And the other thing is don’t work with Wayang Warehouse ever in the future!

Alter: I am sure there are some good things also, no?

Adi: Yes. I guess I learnt humility. To appreciate the air-con provided in the performing area. (laughs). I’m serious about that. I will never take air-con for granted again.

Alter: (laughs).

Adi: Oh by the way, I would like to wish all the fathers out there a belated Happy Father’s Day.

Alter: Did you celebrate it?

Adi: Yes. I rushed off after the first performance at West Coast to meet my dad, mum and my youngest brother to have dinner on my treat. Actually the dinner treat is not to only celebrate Father’s Day, but it was also to celebrate my father’s birthday. I intended to bring them to town, but my mum insisted on having dinner in the neighbourhood area. She said no point spending money at places where my father will not know what to eat. Yes. My dad doesn’t eat meat, as in beef, mutton or chicken. He only eats fish. So my mum suggested this place in Jurong West Blk 463. Seafood and all.

Alter: So how much did you spent that night?

Adi: Aiyah, don’t ask lah. I shy to say.

Alter: Over $50?

Adi: Close to $100 actually. Just the four of us. Too bad I didn’t have any picture to show for that day as my camera went flat.

Alter: So for your dad’s birthday, you only treat him out?

Adi: Okay. His birthday actually fell on the same day as my graduation day. And yes. Both my parents attended my graduation ceremony. Though they never really say it out, I guess they are proud that I have graduated from school, like FINALLY, after three rocky years. So I guess, that alone. The sight of me going up there, among the other 150 students graduating from Mass Communication to collect my little diploma, I guess that alone is one of the biggest gifts I could ever give my dad.

Alter: Especially so since your brother, who got into poly in the same year as you have to retain back in school for another year, due to poor performances.

Adi: Bro. You’re not supposed to say that!

Alter: Slip of the tongue. I’m so sorry.

Adi: Sorry? You could have been sued or sacked from your position or something if this is a professional running tabloid or papers or some well known publication bro!

Alter: You mean this is not a professional publication?

Adi: I don’t think so

Alter: Shame on you then. Do you know since its revival two months ago, has garnered a readership of 1000 plus. People from different walk of life came to read.

Adi: Talking about different walk of life ah bro, I still have no idea who this AJAI guy is. He just came, leave a tag and left. Not even a descent self intro lah. So AJAI, if you are reading this, please intro yourself in the tag board yeah! And Yes. I also want to show you guys out there, the pictures from my brother’s birthday celebration. I got him this ice cream cake from Swensen’s. I still could remember. It was Friday. After rehearsal at WOODLANDS community club, I dashed down to Causeway Point to get the cake and I dashed down to the MRT, trying to get home as fast as I could. And then, there was this guy, quite cute, who looked 20-ish, who approached me in the middle of WOODLANDS MRT. He intro himself as Jo and it was then that I discovered that he is actually 30 plus. Then it struck me that this is the same guy that Nitya, a friend of Jiayuan, has been talking about. Living in Teck Whye, gay, and cute. We talked, but I found him to be the type who beats around the bush., I mean come on. If you want sex, just say you want sex and that you need to be fucked real bad. I mean don’t like beat around the bush and ask me where I live and what I do for a living and stuffs like that. So we reached Chua Chu Kang MRT, and I said CIAO to him and rushed home with the ice cream cake in my hand, and of course what follow is a sleuth of photo-taking session:

the cake in the box

The cake outside the box

Experimenting with the dry ice that comes with the cake.

the birthday boy himself

Alter: So, your June is not that bleak after all?

Adi: I guess so. I guess it is kinda balance. Not all that bad, and not all that good either. But the money that came in from my job is definitely good. Just hope it will get better with time. (smile)

Alter: Ameen to that.

Adi: Yupz. Anyway, just a little update of what to come for
First of all, greatest apology to my readers. I know I have promised to talk about my work at Sentosa, but till now, I have yet to go with that. I am sorry for the delay, but trust me, the delay is all worth it, especially if you are a friend of Saravannan, a former member of PSF, and now I guess alumni of the club.

Alter: and why is that?

Adi: Have you seen Sara in SARONG AND SONGKOK AND BAJU MELAYU? Well, you will get to see it here on! Yes. This will come in the next entry. Promise!

Alter: What else can our readers expect?

Adi: I will also e talking how I am severing all ties with this friend of mine whom I have known for 8 years, and whom I have discovered despite all these years, still have feelings for me.

Alter: Adam, you mean?

Adi: no name mentioning yet. But it will soon be told here. Plus we will have a special entry on 20 things that doesn’t matter to ADI.

Alter: So that is all we have for you now.

Adi: Bro wait. For those of you who have yet to watch Scary Movie 4, go watch it! But before that, you might wanna catch the following movies first, War of the World, The Grudge/ Ju- On, Dark Water and Brokeback Mountain, so as to get a better understanding of the movie. (wink)

Alter: Is that all?

Adi: Plus, do vote for Nurul or what we Mass Comm people know her as NOODLE in Singapore Idol. She is a BOMB! And with that, this is Adi, signing out!

Alter: this is Alter, and we shall end today’s read with a sleuth of Adi’s picture during his graduation. I seriously think he needs dieting. And with that, CIAOZ!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Transmission Disrupted

Dear readers,

This is Adi. I have to disrupt the programme for today to pay respect to my late paternal grandfather whom had passed away today, July 2, 2006. I can’t really confirm the time. In fact I can’t confirm anything. My aunt called my mum and told her the barest necessity. And my mum called me and informed me of the barest necessity, “Di, today after your performance, don’t go anyway. Your granddad just passed away, and we are going over to Tampines tonight.” But that didn’t happen cos some ambulance attendance has taken him to the hospital and kept him there for a while. There have been speculations that he might need to go through autopsy… god knows for what.

Anyway, I have to admit, that I am anything but close to him. Yes. You could blame on the distance of our houses. Or you can blame it on the current family situation. I don’t have any fond memories of him. That much I can say, even though last time, he used to live in Taman Jurong and I lived in Bukit Batok and that I visited him almost everyday of the week. This was back then. About 18 years ago. But still try hard as I might, I can’t find any fond memories of him.

The weird thing is that when my mum informed me of his death, my eyes just turned into geyser. Okay, maybe not that extreme. But yes. I cried. And five minutes later, I was still crying. I guess I cried not because I felt like I am going to miss him, but it is more like I don know. It just dawns on me that both my maternal grandparents passed away liao. Then now, it is my paternal grandfather. I mean soon it is going to be my parents’ turn. And I don’t think I am ready for that to happen yet. Maybe I am never gonna be ready for that. Even though there times when I wish I could just kill them.But then again, that was meant to be metaphoric; yeah I don’t really mean it.

Anyhow, I guess all I wanted to say to my grandfather is... “Thank You”. Because of him, I am blessed with one of the most responsible father anyone could ever have. Despite my failures in life (there are countless…really!), he never once gave up on me. At the age of close to 50, he never once complained of still having to provide a roof on my head. Thanks Dad!

Last but not least, if you have a minute, do say a line of prayer dedicating it to my granddad. If you have 5 minutes, maybe you can dedicate him a verse. If you have more time, maybe you can dedicate a whole passage of prayers to him. Yes. That will be very much appreciated. Thank you. Ciaoz.

Yours Always,