Monday, August 28, 2006

28th August

First letter by my laptop

Dear reader,
I am quite upset. I have just found the following letters written by my own laptop. I shall now published one of his letters written hours before his leap of death from my locker. I will publish more of the letters in the blog soon.

Dear Adi,
By the time you found this, it would have probably been too late. I would have probably smashed into thousands of smatterings. The leap of faith they call it. Or kamikaze is what the Japanese uses; a term of endearment in their country. But rest assure that my purpose or intention is very different from theirs. The truth be told, I am sick of it all. I am sick of you.

For the past three years, or two years plus- plus almost to three years, I have been of service to you. I have been misused, abused and mistreated and ill treated. Three years or what you call it two years plus- plus almost to three years I have been producing documents after documents, almost without any breaks. Three years or what you call it two years plus- plus almost to three years, I have followed you almost everywhere you go, even to the toilets (in school that is). Yet there was no thank you. You don’t even take proper care of me. Every time you put me in that dark bag of yours. I bumped to different types of hard objects. I am scratched and chipped at the sides. My adaptor was overloaded. My DVD drive is screwed because my sides are always hit against some unidentified-hard-objects! My battery is punctured and I am feeling fatigue all the time without my adaptor!

Like all those sufferings are not enough, I have to endure you nightly pornographic materials from Nurse Nicole to Doctor D! I am always made to feel dirty almost every night as you upload porn onto my monitor. I even have to endure the sight of you jerking off to these god forbidden materials!

Like that is not bad enough, I have to also endure your god-given vainity! Oh my god. The thousands and thousands of pictures of you, You and YOU! Almost every angle of your face is covered. Side ways, longitudinal, horizontal, you name it, you have it… the picture angles that is. To top of all that, you have an equally vain boyfriend. I am so totally diguted by the numerous pictures the both of you have! It makes me sick! All so lovey- dovey, what the malay say, lebih indah khabar dari rupa! Ugh!

Okay. Enough lamenting. Now is the time for me to kick start my plan. When you open you locker, I would jump off the locker and land on the floor all broken into different parts. And that will be the end. Zilch! Goodbye to you! And goodbye to these painful memories. Goodbye to this fucked up life!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Third letters usent

Dear readers,
ME and Alter are still going through the script for our next episode of our show. In the mean time, I have written two whatever-you-wanna-call-it-be-it-a-poem-or-structured-ramblings-thing-y for your entertainment. So please do be patient, and keep you spirits high always. Chiaoz!

First written thing-y:

Stop with your little
“I MISS you”
“I LOVE you”
“I DREAM of you”
Cos it is starting to wear off
Revealing nothing but lies.
You could have called
Or sms-ed or sent me an email.
For GOD’s sake, there is MSN.
But instead you just choose to only say what you say best
Only when we met… Accidentally
Or when you are feeling lonely
Needing some company
Calling me up sounding all needy.
I’ve been down this road a couple of times
I know where this turn is gonna take me to
Don’t take me for a fool
Just because I choose to believe your cheap words
Just know that with every words spoken
I see your true self
It takes one to know the other
It takes one to bring down the other…

Second written thingy:

I just laugh this time around
Your excuses of confusion ain’t
Buying you my time ain’t
No more cos I ain’t
Gonna be wasting myself on you.
I have played this game way before you do
So why don’t you stay alert
And maybe you can pick up some new tricks
That you can play on another.

Are you feeling lonely tonight?
Do you need me to keep you company?
Do you need my comforting words?
Or do you just feel like calling me up?
If you are still as confused as you are,
I don’t see what you’re still doing here
I no longer have time for you now
So do yourself a favour
And just walk away.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Another Letter Unsent

Dear Readers,
I have read a few articles which features me. I shall quote them and share it with you:

went to work today after so so many new ppl...tink i throw my own face again..coz i see light in back of i tot it mux be someone i know inside n i went
in givin a very loud n enthu n long 'hello!'. n i realise in e room was no one i know..all new colleagues..ahaha..n they look at me blankly..mux be tinkin tt i mux be some gundo...haiz..nvm..anyway was shock by adi..haha..can't believe he can be so me carry laptop n pull down e rope 4 me..n he gt gd massaging skills..haha..but still feel lik chopping him..everytime i see him..he'll sure try to hunt guys 4 me coz he say i very poor bf..KAO..ok la..i know i'll be left on e shelf la..but no choice wat..cannot force ppl to wan me wat..bleah!!!!
” - From my sister, Cindy, 27th july 2006.

I must admit, when I saw Adi last night I was shocked to see a diamond stud on his left ear. And I kept trying-not-to-stare-but-failing. I can imagine Adi laughing out loud while reading this. But why was I so disturbed? I think it has to do with me seeing Adi as a big-brother figure, and all along I've felt that he's a conservative kind of guy (okay, so not-so-conservative now huh, diamond stud and all), and I feel that a diamond stud on his left ear is very un-Adi.”- From Harlie.

I have also added a few new links. If you’re the type who likes to read intellectual stuffs, I suggest you click on Desmond Wee. If you are looking for something g wittingly funny, click on tinkertailor.

P.S: Do back read some of the posts as there are some posts which are only available recently BUT dated quite a while ago.

Sincerely (though some may argue otherwise)

Monday, August 07, 2006

Letter Unsent

Dear readers,
As a former Mass Communication student who had teachings on PR before, I have decided to put it to practice. Recently, there have been some bad air which goes against the content was published in the earlier dates. Therefore, I have decided to write this letter as part of my PR effort in damage control. The letter is long and may be confusing at times, but trust me, “those who persevere with unwavering faith will succeed” (this is taken from one of the script I acted in).

Actor ( k t r) is a theatrical performer. There used to be Actor and Actress to define gender. However, due to the recent attempts to bring equality and avoid any form of sexual discrimination, the word actor is now applied to both.

Slut (sl t) is A woman considered sexually promiscuous or a woman prostitute or a woman who sleeps around with other men. However, in order to bring equality and avoid any form of sexual discrimination, the word slut should be applicable to both genders.

Slut is too strong a word. Therefore I should restrain myself from using it.

Manipulate is to influence or manage shrewdly or deviously.

All definitions provided by

By this time, you would have probably started to scratch your head due to the randomness of this letter. It doesn’t even sound like a PR letter, does it? Well, in actual fact, it is, cos I said so.

I attended a play, a double bill to be exact- National Language Class/ Utama: Every name in History is I. In the discussion at the end of it, an audience pointed out that it is impossible for a person to re-tell the whole history as it is as this will be too time consuming and too long winded.

For example, say I saw Audrey in Orchard Road. She was wearing a black tight top and a tight black mini skirt and high heel boots with crepe all the way to her knees. Her hair is long and is tinted. She was wearing Gucci sunglasses and carrying an LV on her wrist. Then I met Harlina and told her I saw Audrey. Of course I wouldn’t go to Harlie and say “I saw Audrey in Orchard Road. She was wearing a black tight top and a tight black mini skirt and high heel boots with crepe all the way to her knees. Her hair is long and is tinted. She was wearing Gucci sunglasses and carrying an LV on her wrist.” One reason is because I have short term memory. I wouldn’t be able to remember what she wore by then. Secondly, I only see the importance in telling Harlie that I saw Audrey in Orchard Road.

This is what we call the auto summary skill. We are born with it. We naturally emphasize what is, in our perception, important and leave out the rest of the details which we deem as unimportant. That is why most intellectual people will read news from different sources to confer the information that was reported. Cos even though news is supposed to be neutral, sometimes, the reporters tend to omit certain details, which they thought are unimportant, rendering the news to be biased at times.

I shall quote Paul Rae, director and writer, “When you re-tell a story, the story might change in its entirety. You might subconsciously omitted details which are essentials…”

When writing this blog, I meant to present my perception, what is in my view is important. There is no intention to manipulate anyone. I believe my readers have god given eyes, ears and brains to see, listen and think for themselves and therefore will not be easily dissuaded by what was written here.

It is probably my fault for not providing my readers with any form of conferrals, thus rendering my writings biased and seemingly manipulative. I shall not repeat this mistake again, and thus I shall now present you with the first conferral. This is the blog which will tell you the other side of the story written here. I have also made the links available under the title conferral.

I find that it is despicable when someone brings in a dead relative into an argument/ quarrel/ disagreement. It is more so, when this piece of information is told in confidence. Of course, if I were to be, I shall quote, “the type who pays an eye for an eye”, I would have quoted on the stories his mother told me- stories of how his father beats his mother up and then runs to his grandmother for protection. The grandmother, in turn, spoils his father by blaming everything on his mother.

I could have also quoted of how he said that he didn’t want to get married for fear of following his father’s footstep- get married and impregnate a teen and then go fuck around with Batam women. The irony is he ended up sleeping with a married man who is expecting a child. At the end of the day, instead of following his father’s footstep, he has decided to follow the footstep of those S**** from Batam.

I could have said all that and quoted all those mentioned above BUT I should not. And I would not. Cos I believe I still love this person and I still have a soft spot for him. The last thing I wanna do is to hurt his feelings or see him cry again. I shall pray that he finds happiness and be blessed with love always.
To end this letter, I shall just give you some updates which I have not been able to post up here:
1. I’ve tried epilating my beard and oh-my-god! It hurts like hell! I was crying when I did this.
2. Had a couple of er-herm sessions, or should I say consultations with a doctor-to-be. But stupidly I popped the question and now doctor disappeared liaoz.
3. Alex is somewhere. I don’t know where. Faded liaoz.
4. Am seeing a dancer. In 6 months, had been seeing from an Engineer to a doctor- to- be and now a dancer aspiring to be a nurse. Colourful eh?
5. My phone crashed. Am still trying to salvage the contacts though.
6. Latest commercial shoot was for National Health Board. Do look out for it aightz!

Plug out the light and take your ride to that destined place.

Sincerely (though some may argue otherwise)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Thing w/ Yahn

Alter: Hey bro..

Adi: Yeah?

Alter: I realise something.

Adi: What?

Alter: Why are you being so nice to Yahn?

Adi: Huh? What you mean?

Alter: Just look at your tagboard. That bitch is obviously being mean. And yet you just gave him a nice reply.

Adi: Aiyah. If you know him hor, you also can’t help but to sympathise with him. I mean he is very the unfortunate one loh. But before we delve any further, let me just make a few disclaimers here:

1. I have nothing against Yahn. In fact, I think he is a kewl dude.
2. After he left the tag, I was compelled to go and check his blog. And I found that he has a radio blogs full of PCD’s songs. I have gone to his blog on a daily basis since then.
3. I would also like to apologise to Yahn for giving him the cold shoulder through our sms “conversation” recently.

Alter: Why is he unfortunate?

Adi: Cos if you notice hor, this Yahn is very much a loner. He doesn’t really have friends. And his father has just passed away, or so he says.

Alter: Oh. I also noticed that he is not really, how should I put this…

Adi: Yes. He is not really that… uhh.. Good looking I supposed.

Alter: yes. That is the word I was about to use. I mean just look at this picture he puts up…

Adi: Oh no bro. we should not put up his pictures here. I mean. Yes. We should really heed the government’s advice and be nice to the less fortunate people. You know this include those people who don’t look good.

Alter: But have you seen the pictures he posted on his Fridae account? He looks…

Adi: okay bro. we shouldn’t really insult him about his looks. I mean it is god given. There is nothing much he can do to it you know…

AlteR: I guess what I am trying to say is that, if you already look butt ugly, there is no need to accentuate…

Adi: I believe the more appropriate word is “aggravate” as opposed to “accentuate”.

Alter: (laughs)

Adi: Bro, that is a fact fort he matter kinda thing. A run by the mill.

Alter: I get what you mean. It shouldn’t be or it is not meant to be funny right?

Adi: Yes! Please we should at least try to like you know, be nice to him.

Alter: Alright.

Adi: Anyway, I already know the reasons why he dropped by my blog. In fact I am gonna do the list.

Alter: Do the list?

Drum rolls…

Adi: The 5 most likely reasons why Yahn dropped by

1. He discovers that has quite a rating. So he decides to steal some of the readers here to read his monotonous, otherwise non-happening blog.

2. He just wants to make his presence felt, so me and my friends will know that he is still alive and not dead by the roadside.

3. He wants us to reminisce those days where he still aspires to be an architecture as opposed to being an architect.

4. He wants to show us that he is living in a free country. So he ahs the rights to drop by any blog he feels like it, and leaving behind comments as and when he wishes.

5. He is just trying to be fridae friendly, if you know what I mean.

Alter: Thinking about it, I find it to be quite true. I mean, you can always leave behind your comment on the tag, without leaving behind the address to your blog, yet Yahn never fails to not leave his blog address behind. It is like as if, he wants people to go click over the link and go read his blog.

Adi: I can guarantee you that he will soon blog about me. It is so his style one. He will first leave a comment on my tagboard, together with the address of his blog. And he will keep on tagging till I write about him. And then when I write about him, he will respond in his blog. And then he will leave a tag saying “hei, I wrote or respond to your blog”. That is soooo him. Sooo unoriginal. Soooo the predictable.

Alter: I heard he also wrote in to arts community looking for writers to co-write a play with him or something?

Adi: I don’t think he can make it lah. I mean so unoriginal and so uncreative. Oh my god, I just realised something.

AlteR: What?

Adi: here I am preaching to you to be nice to Yahn, and yet I am like pointing out all his bad points.

Alter: but that is a good thing. By doing so, at least you give him an inside on what he has to improve. That is doing good to the less fortunate.

Adi: Okay. But anyway, to help him further, I have decided to sort of promote his blog lah. Yes. Readers of, do drop by Yahn’s blog. I do drop by his blog nowadays, cos it has this cool song by Nelly- Maneater and PCD- Buttons. Rashad, if you are reading this, you should drop by Yahn’s blog. Got PCD leh! Oh by the way PCD is PussyCatDolls.

Alter: I have dropped by the blog too, and therefore I see the importance of giving the readers some precautions so as to avoid them being disappointed at the end of the day. So here are the pointers you should take note when dropping by Yahn’s blog:

1. Do drop by his blog with an open mind and heart- don’t constrict yourself with unnecessarily high standards of writing.
2. You should not read the blog when you are feeling stress, cos his blog is anything but a stress buster.
3. Don’t expect anything cheam like “…transcends the chronological order of being.”

Adi: You mean deep stuffs like Kundera?

AlteR: Yes.

Adi: Aiyah. That is not that important I guess, cos one of the reasons most people read blogs is to be entertained. And let me tell you, Yahn’s blog is very entertaining. And with that, this is Adi, signing out.

AlteR: Peace out!

Adi: Did you just say peace out?

Alter: YES!

Adi: (smiles)