Thursday, January 04, 2007

Dear Readers,
This is another letter to start off the year. It is not going to be one of those long letters. Just a short one, to show to my readers that I am trying real hard to keep this blog going, despite the busy schedule, what with work, dates, and outings with colleagues who strangely now keep asking me to go out clubbing with them, after that one night I agreed to go Hard Rock with them.

I also have an invitation from someone (not my dear), to go to MOS. He told me that if I agree, I would not have to worry about my cab fare home and my cover charge cos those he can cover. It was an attractive offer, but I had to turn it down, for dear’s sake of course!

I was caught in the rain today. But that was not the main point. The main point is, it made me count my blessing all these years. Because of the heavy rain, I have decided to take the cab. Upon reaching the destination, I wanted to pay by NETS but the uncle say machine spoilt. Then I only have $3 with me. So I told him to drive me to the nearest ATM lah so that I can draw out some money to pay him. But he says it is alright, even though paying him $3 would mean that I short- change him by over $3 plus plus. So now, I just wanna say thank you to that uncle, whom I have once again forgotten to ask for his name! Bleah!

And that wasn’t the first time I got so called free rides home. There have been quite a few occasions whereby I had to walk home, from either Bukit Timah or Bukit Batok (don’t ask me why, cos I don’t feel like going there anymore, as again that was not the main point). As I walked there, will be times, I will cry. Cos I am already so exhausted from the day’s activities, and then I had to walk home in the wee hours (around 3 plus in the morning) from either Bukit Timah or Bukit Batok, after which, upon reaching home, I had to continue with my assignments. The next day I usually have classes starting as early as 9am. Therefore I will always remember to thank god when a cab driver offered to send me home FOC. I would thank god for His blessings despite me sinning frequently and doing the forbidden stuffs… And I am glad that his blessings still keep coming my way!

To Harlie, I read your blog. Honestly, I also missed our nightly nights at Al-Ameen. I missed those days when we debated together, having Beep as our mascot. And not to mention how you have always stuck by my side during those difficult times… referring to the September period, where we were all stressed with the September production and heavy loads of school work. Thinking about it, we have gone through pretty much many hard times together, this reads the Kid’s magazine project, the Bioethical project, the September production crap, where I keep snapping at people around me… and I was such a monkster! But you stuck by me through it all. And guess what? I finally found out who was the real guilty party (or should I say parties?) who spread that malicious rumours in KL. I guess it was a slip of the tongue for this one particular person lah. Cos at that time we were sort of reminiscing the past together, and she suddenly (I guess it was by accident on her part) blurted out stuffs which I didn’t even know. Sigh. How could we miss out the person as the prime suspect?
Just a clue for you…it is the monster in the following picture:

Anyway, I have always enjoyed your company, as a plutonic (hur hur… I know, I know, it supposed to be platonic) friend. It has been three years now, our friendship that is… and I hope we will have more years together yeah! This is a tribute to you…or rather us!

Confession: I think we didn’t look our best on that day!

you told me that your friend thought this was our nikah picture… hur hur

One of those days!

Arts camp… the event that has brought us closer together!

Our first picture together! I was still wearing my, according to you, Harry Potter spectacle. Look at how much we have grown since then!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Now imagine this. Someone asked you out to a club, which is more of a spa than a club (god knows why they have the word club in their corporate name). You decided to go out with the person, who told you that he will be waiting inside the place. Upon reaching THE place, you decided to gingerly push open the door which was cleverly camouflaged as part of the wall. You went in. it was quiet. Two receptionists (Do they have like a more macho word for the position if it happens that the position were taken up by two guys at the counter?).

You: Hi. This is my first time here. How do I go about it?
R1 (the bitchy one): Where do you come from?
You: Singapore?
R1: Can I have your ID?
You: (takes out NS Smart card)
R1: Wow! Your card really cha la’.
You: It has gone through thick and thin with me.
R1: Have you been to any clubs or spas like ours?
You: No
R1: Do you club?
You: No.
R1: Sorry. But membership for our club is full. I will give you a call when there is opening to our membership.
You: (stunned)

R2 must have heard the conversation and put down the phone to come to your rescue. R2 pulled you to a corner and privately asked you of your orientation. You said you’re BI and that you swing both ways, Then he asked how you got to know about the place. And you mentioned to him that a friend talked about it once. He asked for the name. Strangely you could not remember the friend’s name. But somehow the word John came into mind. You told the person that your friend’s name is Johnathan but you just could not remember his full name, and asked if there is a problem here. He said NO and that he just wants to ensure that you will be comfortable being in the CLUB. He hands you a registration form. You accepted it and filled in all the necessary information, after which you paid $10 membership fee for a year, and $10 for entry fee, and you were given your locker keys. Upon entering many eyes were on you. You felt uncomfortable with all the staring as you looked for your locker. You then stripped down to nothing and used the towel in your locker to wrap yourself around from the waist below. You went into the sauna. You were groped and licked. You panicked for a while after realising how crowded the sauna was. You quickly went out of the sauna despite some maniacs trying to pull you around. You went out of the sauna unscathed, though.

You decided to go into the room which was so-called guarded by this MAT. He stopped you from going into the room. And Once again you had to explain to him that this is your first time and asked what is it that is required before you were granted access to the room. He said it was an underwear night and that all that is required of me is that I wear an undergear instead of a towel around my waist. You made your way to the locker once again to wear your underwear. You felt a little suaku (out of place).
You approached the room again. This time without the MAT having to stop you again.
Inside the room, you reckoned that this is the room that is described as THE DARK ROOM, AKA, THE MAZE. So you went around in the dark. Occasionally you bummed into the mirror. Thank god, no one saw those occasions. There were occasions where you were groped. But you didn’t mind that at all. As you walked around, you were approached by this cute guy.

You went into a room with the guy and through his accent, you asked if he is malay, even though he didn’ look malay at all. He said he is half malay. Then you started kissing and the foreplay process started. Before you knew it, he was putting a condom over your dick. But somehow the sex didn’t happen cos you had to stop everything halfway. He was cool with it. Then you guys talked and laughed over silly jokes and kiss each other and cuddled up. Even though the music was loud and there were moaning coming from all four corners of the walls, you felt blissful in his arms, and having him in your arms was just as blissful.

Then it was time to say goodbye. You left the place. And then you realised that you have done the stupidest mistake: to forget to ask for his number. And now here you are typing this entry feeling sorry for yourself. The guy who made you feel blissful in a sleazy place. The guy whom you had so much in common with. The guy whom you are able to read like an open book. The guy who you talked with like as if you both had known each other for ages. The guy who you realise you are having a crush on. And the only thing you now have is his name. You know he lives in Pasir Ris, but not sure where exactly. Now there is no way to contact him. You took a deep breath and sigh…

But secretly you are thankful that you didn’t have his numbers. Cos you know that he will only distract you from YOUR DEAR. Right now, you know that only one person matters to your heart., and that is your DEAR. Your friends, Fadhil, Jiayuan and gang, and even the Sentosa colleagues are very approving of him in terms of look. That is a good sign. Now if only there is a way to intro him to them in person. That might take some time, cos as you know it, YOUR DEAR is very shy. (God knows what made him stalk you around CCK LRT). Just so that everyone around you is clear: You are not attached yet. So the rendezvous at the CLUB is forgivable. And yes, you do hope that the relationship will get more serious as time passes, you don’t want to rush it. And now you feel like you rambled enough to start the new year with. And then you decided to pull you blanket over and sleep, cos tomorrow will be a long day.