Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The story of Adi and the hairdresser

It all began 26th November 2006. Boy A saw Adi at Choa Chu Kang MRT. This was the start of the fairy tale like love. They both looked at each other in the eye. They got attracted to one another, but didn’t say a word. Boy A tailed Adi to Choa Chu Kang LRT. Still there was no exchange of words. Then Adi decided to leave and just take bus 300., Boy A still tailed around. In the bus, Adi decided to be the first one to strike a conversation.

Adi: Hi.
Boy A: Hi.
Adi: So where do you live?
Boy A: Choa Chu Kang.
Adi: Oh. So you’re on the way home now?
Boy A: Yes. You Singaporean?
Adi: Yes. You?
Boy A: I Malaysian
Adi: So where are you alighting?
Boy A: Near avenue 5.
Adi: So you live there?
Boy A: Yes.

At the bus stop at avenue 5…

Adi: Do you want to exchange number?
Boy A: Okay.
Adi: ########
Boy A: Your name?
Adi: Adi
Boy A: Hadi?
Adi: A-D-I. Eh. How come you never alight at your bus stop?
Boy A: It’s okay. I can alight when the bus turn later.

That night marks the first night that the exchanges of SMS-es began… There were thousands of messages but only 335 messages were saved… And here they are:

  1. Cute people.who?
  2. Y u say me?just now have another people send msg to u but u dont know the people?
  3. No people send to u right.i not cute.y u want to know me?
  4. Ya.i ask u y u want talk to me.what r u doing now
  5. Ya.y u want to know me?u so busy ar?now i disturb u ar.
  6. No.i read newspaper .nothing to do.so boring!
  7. Can .what time?
  8. I call u first.because i scare got ot.u know my working place ar.u want go there ar
  9. U want meet where?u so interesting to me y?
  10. I dont know so i ask u lah.i dont know the bus stop.
  11. Cant cox i just finish work i also want to close my shop and check the money.
  12. Can.but cant so early.u dont want to see me ar?
  13. U can go to ******* mrt to waiting me ar?then we can go together?
  14. Nine o clock.u waiting mrt there no need go to outside.u can waiting me or not
  15. i english not good .but i know what u say it about food.
  16. U want to sleep.goodnite. Dont miss me so much
  17. No need miss me.i will go to your dream.we also meet tmrow.
  18. Wat time working? I attracted u ar?
  19. U know wat i means ar.(attract)
  20. No i want to know ma.yesterday u dream me ar?
  21. I want know the reason.but u never tell me.never mind i just ask.
  22. Haha.y u ask me about this.how i answer u.wat answer u want
  23. Are u malay?
  24. No.if i dont know how to say something i can speak in malay ma.can ar cox my english so bad.
  25. I just like myself.and...
  26. Dont know.u want listen i say u ar?
  27. Working lah.talk at tonight.i not answer u yet.it is not my answer.u no need so happy.
  28. Dont know.i just want to follow.maybe u attract me
  29. U handsome right.y u so free.nothing to do
  30. But u so cute ma.
  31. No.i like
  32. I like myself.u dont like ar?
  33. Y u like me??how u like.we are boy
  34. I like u who talk to u?but i know u like me
  35. With my fren.yesterday u see me first then i feel something wrong then i follow.y cant
  36. I still remember my face ar.
  37. No customer very boring.u busy ar.
  38. No need.u do ur work lah.
  39. 12.y.u want come to cut ar?
  40. Y .so short .but now nice ma
  41. Ya.but i not remember.i see tonight
  42. No .830ma.i waiting u ****** mrt can ar
  43. Ok!see u (there).u so tired.tomorrow if want meet just let me know.goodnite
  44. No lah just sleep u tired.tomorrow call u ok
  45. U want see me ar?1030 at chao chu kang mrt ar
  46. Can lah.uWant give u lah.
  47. Give u see me lah.u want wat?
  48. U miss ar?u busy ar
  49. Just a bit no need to c me everyday lah.u working i dont want disturb
  50. I just kiddinglah.tonight u go to gym right
  51. Know wat.
  52. Today u tired ar.yesterday sleep late.
  53. Cox we meet late ma.
  54. U so happy ar when c me.i also not tired.but myeyes so small
  55. Y so happy! U like my eyes i give u tonight.
  56. So u give me holdlah cox i can see anything.
  57. Wat is hug?
  58. Is carry me ar.
  59. I dont want.u gym already.got smell
  60. See howfirstlah.y want carry me???
  61. Cox i cant c.not u want to hug
  62. Isaid cox i blind then u carry me.is not u want to carry me right
  63. Y shine?i so fat not nice.yesterday i think u dont want
  64. I just know u two day u like me already ar?so fast !tonight u meet me u shy ma?
  65. I know.u think me shy or not
  66. Ya.i also shy.but better than u
  67. I dont know.u also ma.y
  68. U dont want ask melah. How i answer
  69. Then u nothing to say la.not busy mie?i so boring.no customer
  70. Who is the crazy singer.sing the crazy song.i tak boleh tahan
  71. So terrible ar.y your sound like this.i give my fren heard already.so laughing
  72. I takut a.tonight we meet same place ar.i in my house waiting u cox no go anywhere.
  73. Y u so free.no visitor ar.here also no many customer.tonight i give u heard ur song cox i kept
  74. Goodnite.u sleeplah cox tired and 2moro work late.i cant sleep.
  75. Ya .can not mie.u no miss me ar
  76. Canloh.just now y u kiss me
  77. I also touch ur leg .can ar.how u feel when i touch
  78. U want to die ar .curi kiss i.but feel ok loh
  79. Cox curi kiss melah.u said don mind i touch u .i think u so happy cox u shy
  80. Ok lah .next time cant too shy.u sleep lah.i dont want disturb u.meet u next time.miss u
  81. Morning.miss u
  82. Cant see u many days.i will miss u.i off days nothing to do.now u go to working place ar
  83. I cant control ma.u attract me already.wat can i do.ok loh dont miss u loh miss another
  84. I come back already.u busy ar.tonight u finish work u give me msg.u eat dinner ar.
  85. U so tired tonight cox work late.i miss u.u not bc mie?dont forget dinner.
  86. I dont know tat y i find.some one stole my heart already.u know who ar
  87. Ya loh.i think the bad guyIs u. Ok lah i give u to keep butU must sayang can ar
  88. Dont lying me.today i got wet cox rainning now a bit sakit then also miss u cant see u tonight.
  89. No i dont want u tired. Now late already.u just let me miss loh.cant meet but u come my dreamland to kiss me.
  90. Eat already.today u tired ar?2morow wat time to work?u thinking of me ar.
  91. Y the time very long.how long u want i together with u?u dont want married mie
  92. Can loh .u stole my heart already wat can i do. But u dont want married mie?i like me cox now
  93. we r fresh ma.
  94. Y marry me.i ask u?u want marry me ar wat u do for me.
  95. Ok lah .i marry u lah cox i love u too.u also always in my heart.when we marry
  96. Morning!miss u.tonight u finish work give me msg!DONT FoRGOT!
  97. Now ok already .cox yesterday receive ur msg ma!i happy ma!
  98. Ya .but still waitting u.i very miss u
  99. Bila?now ar
  100. Good nite.i will always miss u.
  101. Morning!sorry ,yesterday i want see u then u sleep very late u must tired.
  102. Now u go working place ar?how about yesterday night?how u feel.
  103. Ya.y u know.i think i not nice .
  104. Ok lah.i also like u.tonight u after work also to sleep cox u sleep late few days .u must rest well2.
  105. No.working place there eat.u not shy again.i also feel good yesterday
  106. Ok lah .like that.now we close already ma so no need to shy.
  107. No.me memang like this.oklah we talk next time.miss u
  108. Today i never eat but now i go to buy.not many customer lah
  109. See how first.
  110. Good mie?u like ar .next time i give u loh.
  111. Wat is many many.
  112. See how lah.i also experience .do it with many people already
  113. I cakap u not me!
  114. Dont tipu i ,u experience .now u not shy again
  115. U sleep lah.talk 2morrow.goodoite
  116. Morning!Yesterday sleep well ar?now feel tired ar
  117. Who???tired must sleep well ma.
  118. But i worry u tired cox work late ma. Oklah tonight i give u see melah.
  119. After u gym u can wash ur face first ar!
  120. Not very busy.y u so free ar
  121. Dear goodnite.i miss u!
  122. I love u also.
  123. I miss u.i boring then i miss u
  124. I dont want eat.
  125. Fat ma.nanti u dont like
  126. 2morow i off.
  127. No.today wat time u finish work.
  128. Dont know le!
  129. Miss lah.y .u scare me bored already ar.
  130. Dear .i waiting u.u reach here cal me
  131. I love u DEAR.good9.
  132. Dear .just now wat i said is just kidding .dont angry.
  133. DEAR morning.i very miss u.y u know me just kidding.
  134. I no work today.but my face also cant feel tegas when i tegas.but i love u.
  135. U want (mati) ar .i told u already .but u forgot.y u suka i.i want know
  136. Ya.no reason y suka.
  137. If u no see me how. First time u see me wat feel
  138. Y nervous .i not same meh.my face ganjil ar.
  139. I remember u see me then i feel ganjil cox u see me lama.y u go to lrt there.on the bus u recormend u to me also
  140. Y want talk to me.u like me on first sight ar
  141. Really.i attracted u ar.i feel happy.
  142. Can not meh.no reason.u also no give me the reason.
  143. U not busy meh.i at homevery boring.tonight dont want meet ar
  144. My fren not back yet.i must waiting .but now i read book and learn English
  145. My fren back already.we talk tonight.miss u
  146. Now i also going back to sg.u finish call me.miss u
  147. Now i take bath.
  148. Good 9.i also want to sleep cox today tired.
  149. Morning my dear.today cant meet.i miss u
  150. Dear u busy ar.no customer here.
  151. No but now have customer
  152. Habis cut.now u finish work.
  153. Now u where.i finish work 830.but i want meet my fren 10 in bisan.u tak selesa ar.
  154. Up to u lah.if u i balik first.cox i also want wait my fren long time.i say dont want meet then u sakit.
  155. Dear u remember to eat medicine . Usleep early lah .good 9
  156. I tak angry but i worried ma cox u tak answer and no give me msg.good 9
  157. Dear morning . U feel well or not .now i going to buy my breakfast .miss u
  158. Sorry cox late reply u.i go to jo hor.i also miss u.
  159. 2morow i finish work i msg u ok.love u
  160. Ya.cox tired.u also tired.
  161. Goodnite.dear .miss u so much
  162. Morning also dear.tonight wat time finish work
  163. Just busy.but now not .y
  164. Tell me now.i so free
  165. Wat something important
  166. That i know .tonight u want meet.i finish work eight
  167. Where r u
  168. Dear goodnite.
  169. Sorry.cox late reply .today wat time finish work.
  170. Ok.i dont want disturb u.
  171. I just finish work.y cant call u
  172. Just eat dinner.now want shower
  173. Now i want shower.talk later
  174. I finish shower
  175. Y i angry u???
  176. No lah.u busy ma.i also cant meet u everyday.cox i busy so i cant reply u.
  177. Wat u means
  178. Same lah.y u today ask me this question.u dont want together again ar
  179. Its ok .i not very stingy.u must work hard ma.cox u want buy ur house
  180. See how. U very miss me mie?
  181. Have.y .u scare me notLike u again ar
  182. I know.i angry u
  183. I said i angry u .not u angry me
  184. Cox u dont know me.u salah faham i.u think i the stingy one.
  185. Now u know lah.u sleep lah.late already.i dont want disturb u to sleep
  186. Hi dear.morning.i never angry u.
  187. Y i want to angry u? U tak salah to me ma.
  188. Who say u curi my hati.u sendiri cakap saja.
  189. Sorry.just now busy.today wat time u finish work.
  190. Tonight busy ar.want meet
  191. Morning.u still love me mie
  192. Tak lah.just ask .
  193. Nothing.just ask only.dont think too many
  194. Love.y u ask me
  195. Lama tak c u .u no miss me ar
  196. After work i free.y .i miss but i know u busy so i dont want disturb u.
  197. Want.after i finish work.u waiting me.
  198. I also love u.goodnite.c u in my dream.
  199. Morning dear.
  200. Not many.but rainy
  201. Dear i miss u.
  202. No.rainy ma.cant lah.i just told u i miss u.
  203. But i cant save picture.cox u write miss .i dont want let my fren know
  204. Morning dear.today we meet ar
  205. U finish work ar
  206. Ya.y.now u go where
  207. I also no .everyday raining u ada selsema tak
  208. Goodnite.ok i waiting for u.
  209. Morning.raining very lazy to go to work.
  212. DEAR,U BC AR?
  214. YA.CANT MEET.
  223. GO clemeti eat.i never go there
  228. NO,SO FREE
    I get back my phone.but some record delete already.
  233. Happy.but i must want buy another one cox this got problem.
  234. I dont know.i think want open line more better.
  235. Go where
  236. Bila.i discuss with my fren.
  237. Ok.u treat me so good.i love u
  238. Why ?we can together for long time meh
  239. But u dont want find girlfren ar?
  240. No.but i afraid i ganggu u.
  241. I also happy.u treat megood.i lagi takut
  242. Nanti kita very hard to lepas.but like now it ok.dont talk about this again
  243. Watch tv.y u dont want sleep
  244. Ok.i dont want disturb u.i will msg u 2morow.
  245. Ok.sat u finish work early.i finish at eight
  246. C how first.2morow wat time finish.i miss your kiss
  247. Ok.i want sleep.u also dont too late to sleep.goodnite
  248. Dont want lah.u sleep lah.dont want wake upearly.sunday u finish work late ,u will tired.
  249. I dont want u so tired.i also miss u but we can meet another day.dontBe naughty
  250. Can.but sunday u just sleep.
  251. I also want sleep.good nite.i love u .i miss u
  252. ( ).'". )( o ) (,,) ):( ),) i'll stAy heRé iN yOur "Inbox" & i'll wAit uNtiL 1/1/07 so i'll bE tHé FirSt to wiSh u Happy New Year.
  253. Dear,today u want find me after work
  254. Ok.never mind.happy new year.
  255. Ya.now i sleeping.miss u
  256. Dear,selamat hari haji raya.
  257. I also boring.but my boss here.i cant sms
  258. Ok.i will call u.miss u a lot
  259. Dear good nite.miss u
  260. Dear,now i go to sleep.good nite.today i feel happy.
  261. Good nite.i miss u.y u treat me so good i feel scare.
  262. I takut u too love me.nanti susah mau pisah.
  263. No .i just takut nanti sakit hati.i not the best for u.i know.i also love u.
  264. I not the best lah.i just think.i think u can find the best one.
  265. Love lah.y?i not worry myself but i just worry about u.
  266. I know.oklah dont want send again .good nite.love u
  267. Morning dear!
  268. Dear i miss u.
  269. Good nite dear.i miss u!
  270. Can.how i give?u finish work already
  271. Muacks...for u.
  272. Morning dear.miss u
  273. Dear good nite.2morrow i wake up early cox want to jogging cox too fat.
  274. Want eat dinner?eat kfc u want?
  275. We meet at the lot 1.i treat u.if i o.t i will tell u early.muacks...
  276. Dear,now ur place rainning heavy ar?no many people.
  277. Here also boring.i also miss u.
  278. Dear,good nite.i miss u!
  279. Dear ,be carefull.good nite
  280. Morning.today u tired cox yesterday sleep late
  281. Good Night Zzzzz
  282. I finish shower .wat u doing now.got miss me
  283. U shower first .later msg me.
  284. Ya.2morrow no work.clear holiday.u don want sleep ar
  285. U can tower dry ma.i sleep late cox no work 2morrow.
  286. Watch tv.cant see u ma.
  287. U go gym ar?
  288. I also.u go to sleep.now late already.good nite
  289. Can.muack.......s
  290. Its ok.sometimes u busy i also dont want disturb .iAlso miss u
  291. Ok.i want sleep too cox 2morrow want jogging.good nite.love u!
  292. Dear ,u still work?now i going sleep.
  293. Not very .y
  294. Dont want lah.i got a bit flu.i don want pass to u.u just go homeOk!
  295. U also don sleep late.g nite.
  296. Dear,good nite.miss u
  297. U still got working?
  298. Nolah.i think u tired.just now i just ask.
  299. Then u want come ar?
  300. Wat time u reach here?
  301. When u reach call me!
  302. I don know y i cant sleep!
  303. Good nite.love u too
  304. Not yet.read magazine.y
  305. U stay home?no going out meh?
  306. Ur birthday?when?
  307. How u want i celebrate for u?
  308. I wrap myself then for u!
  309. Dear today i so tired.i want to sleep.2morrow i will msg u .Good nite
  310. Muack...s
  311. Still working? Y so late.u no going gym?
  312. Wat present u want,tell me,i dont know
  313. I cant give my all love for u,but must buy something ma!
  314. I cantgive my all for u.i also don know buy wat.so difficult ar.
  315. I sacred wat i Buy not suit u and u don want tell me
  316. Ok lah.i know lah.i just buy anyting i like.but dat day u working.i cant celebrate for u .
  317. Can dat day is my off day.where u want to go.
  318. Why u treat me.i treat u ma!
  319. So dat day i make some different for u.i treat u.
  320. See how first.now u at home?
  321. Ok.now i going sleep. Good nitE.muack....s
  322. Dear.Morning i miss u!
  323. Just 2 day.i also miss u.
  324. Wat time i meet u.if ur fren celebrate for u ,we don meet.we meet another time
  325. No .u just enjoy with ur fren.i think we don meet today.ur fren more important for u.we can meet next time
  326. No disturb.u finish work?how about ur party
  327. I know.how ur party.u felt happy.
  328. I don know ur fren.if i go there i will boring.if ur fren ask u who am i how?
  329. U tell alreadyAbout me?
  330. U fren know u like boy?ur colleague also know?
  331. Dont tell.now i going sleep.good nite
  332. I just finish work.i sakit.now i going home.nite
  333. Not yet.if u tired u going sleep.nite
  334. Ya.i feel down cox very stress.sometimes i cant sleep.i just recover.
  335. I dont know.i just feel stress.t q ur concern to me.i just relax myself but something i cant ,many thing on my mind i cant control to think.

And after 4 months, and thousands of messages Boy A said he might be leaving for Ipoh. and the following conversation sparked off…

Adi: So, do you want to continue the relationship?
Boy A: I don’t know.
Adi: Do you still love me?
Boy A: I don’t know.

And so sick of hearing the words “I don’t know” especially after 3 months of being together, Adi decided to call it off. Adi finds indecisive other halves to be as good as redundancy…

Monday, February 26, 2007

Of the randomnest of the randoms

I know. It has been months since I promised updates and recaps from the other months. I have been tied down to work almost every day and by the time I reached the laptop, all the strengths that I could ever muster up is only sufficient for checking and replying to mails. But trust me. I would get to it SOONEST. Slow I might be (as usual) but I WOULD GET TO IT. So continue your support for adislayer.blogspot.com

The thing is, somehow, this very night I just need to express the followings. I have been pondering and thinking really hard. And I just have to express this out cos I might just explode with it with time. The truth is, I am confused at the moment. See, like I have said in one of my entries ( though I am not sure which one at the moment cos I am too tired to back-read). It goes somewhere along the line choices are good but too much choices or choices in the wrong things are bad as it can be confusing and it add stress. Sigh. I don’t know what else to say… but you might get the gist out of the poem below…that is if you even bother to understand:

What do you do
When your heart is at a crossroad
Between Singapore and Ipoh?
What do you do
When you have a cake
Do you have it or do you eat it?
Sometimes it seems like
You have an ocean of choices
The truth is, you can’t have it all
Wrong choice and you’ll fall
So what do you do
When you have a choice to make?
One makes you comfortable and all smiley
The other gives you space and ain’t clingy
One is a good kisser, the other is a good pleaser
One is 5 minutes away, the other is 5 stops away
Both look cute to you
Both like you, yes they do.
But you can only choose one
So which one will you go for?
So do you see my dilemma now
It ain’t as easy as coffee or tea
So how now brown cow
Which one should it be?