Saturday, June 30, 2007

Another SMS exchange between the BASTARD and ADI

Bastard: Dear Mahadi, Firstly I would like to apologise about last night about the air con controller. It is my fault to hide the air con controller and not allow others to change the temperature. I shall not hide it neither shall i even touch it to change the temperature what so ever with it. I'm sorry. I was selfish. Hope you can accept my apology even when i know i shd call you or meet you up but am sure you would not want to either way cause you are angry at me. Am sincerely sorry. Secondly, thank you for the ticket even when i kniow you are not happy and wished that your pass is not exchanged for a ticket that links to me. P.s: if you are still angry at me and can't accept my apology, then its okie. We can talk things out that is if you are willing to.

Adi: Dear *insert name here*, Apology accepted. Dun need to thnk me for the tix. Anyone who is NOT obnoxiously selfish would have done what i did: 2 allow my pass to be exchanged 4 the tix 4 sumone else's relatives.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

An Interview about the so-called trilogy

Adi: (laughs) A trilogy?

Alter: Yes. I would like to assume so, cos the first one titled Reflection at 2am (Part One), you ended the entry with a “to be continued”. So I supposed there is a continuation to it. Furthermore, there are only three such entries that was written in such a manner.

Adi: what kind?

Alter: Well, you have bits and pieces of conversation and excerpts from different people and sources and you pieced them up perfectly to come out with a point.

Adi: Huh? What point?

AlteR: Like the first part, you were driving at the turbulence and the difficulty you are going through in different relationships. Then in the second part, you nailed right through that the difficulty accelerates when you actually got into the guy-to-guy relationship. Then in the third part, you re-evaluate the whole thought process and discovered that both gay and straight relationship in the same. The thing that you find difficult to handle is trust. There are times that you trust someone so much, that you are taken advantage of, and that there are times even you find it hard to convince someone to have faith and trust in you.

Adi: Woah! Is that just deep or just deep?

Alter: Sorry?

Adi: No. I mean, when I first wrote it, I didn’t really have any concept to it. It’s just that after I wrote that first entry, Reflection at 2 a.m, I just thought I enjoyed writing about those kind of reflections. And trust me, at that point of time, I really did a lot of reflections about my life. Cos it was required of me to do so for the play I did, entitled 4 seconds, directed by Christina Sergeant. However, at that point of time, I was had a lot of trouble putting all those thoughts into words that this laptop of mine can understand and transmute it to the internet and thus landing it into this blog. And that is why the second part only comes one month after the first part.

Alter: On the bright side, Lord of the Rings took one whole eyar before they come qith the sequel, and Terminator 3 only comes like a decade after Terminator 2.

Adi: Thank you. I feel better about the delay now. Anyway, it was only in June that I managed to finish up the third instalment to trilogy. I started writing it somewhere in May, but somehow I just didn’t mange to find an ending to it. It was only recently that I managed to find an ending to it, and then publish it up online by the 26th.

Alter: So to all of you who have missed The Trilogy, do check them out on the following links:

Reflections at 2am (Part 1)

Bitchy isn't it someone? (Part 2)

Trust (Final Part)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Trust (Final Part)

H: So what kind of guys do you usually go for in a relationship?

Adi: I don’t know. To me as long as can click I just go for it.

Cut to:

Adi: I don’t go for looks in a relationship.

F: Really?

Adi: Yes and if my other halves happen to look good, it is purely coincidental. Cos I don’t go for looks.

Cut to:

N: so why do you like me?

Adi: Cos I feel really comfortable with you. Your childishness and sense of humour… it puts me to comfort.

Cut to:

Adi: That is when I realised that it is not really love that I felt for her.

R: And then you ended it?

Cut to:

R: A lot of people warned me about getting into a relationship with you.

Adi: People like?

R: Fadhil and Audrey.

Adi: What did they say?

R: That you are a commitment phobe

Cut to:

C.P: This freedom-holic and commit-ophobic. (Quoted from Lullaby)

Cut to:

Adi: but if I am a commitment phobe, I wouldn’t even take up the presidency.

R: I think they meant it in a relationship wise

Adi: And they based this on?

R: Your relationship with Natasha.

Adi: But that is not fair. Cos they don’t know what I have been through with Aisyah and Nurul.

Cut to:

N: I don’t like the name Aisyah. It sounds so like wanita terakhir, when in actually fact, they are like the devil in disguise.

Cut to:

Adi: she taught me a lot of things when it comes to a relationship. Honesty and she is like the only girl I know who acts like a man, in a way that she don’ expect to be pampered, and she likes a person to treat her with respect, rather than a girl. What I meant by this is that like for example if she carries bags, she don’t want me to carry it for her. She will carry any bags that she can carry and if she needs help, she will ask me to help. She doesn’t like me to like see her as the weaker sex, like most girls who expects to be pampered and like be treated like a lady. I find these girls so ironic, cos they want equal rights and at the same time, they expect to be treated like a LADY. I felt that if you want EQUAL RIGHTS, then you should expect to be treated like HUMANS rather than a LADY!

Cut to:

Adi: You know when I first started out on a relationship with a guy, I always have this conception that it is going to be so much easier than having a relationship with a girl, cos first of all, I don’t think a guy will like “merajuk” and expect you to comfort them whenever they get angry. I thought only girls will be clingy and have issues of being insecured. And instead of me being the one who always be on the giving side, I thought when I get into a relationship with a guy, I am the one who gets pampered and showered with love. I was so WRONG. In fact, being in a relationship with a guy is far worse than being in a relationship with a girl. Do you know how insecured my first X-BF was, and he was more clingy than a girl, and when he throws tantrum, he is worse than any of my X-GF. Like oh my god!!

F: Welcome to my world.

Cut to:

R: There is no difference being in a relationship with a guy or a girl. Both sides need love and warmth and care. Both sides crave for all that. Doesn’t mean you get into a relationship with a guy, you give him lesser love than your x-GF.

Cut to:

R: In the relationship, I felt like I was the only one wearing the pants.

Cut to:

Adi: Have I told you how many times he cried in the middle of the road whenever we quarrelled? Sial lah! Like girl sia!

Cut to:
Adi: He always threatened to kill himself one lah.

A: But Adi, what if this time he really does it?

Adi: Trust me. He is worse than a girl. He doesn’t even have the dick to end his pathetic life.

Cut to:

Z: Actually I wanted to tell you this. We tried to call Kalvin to come down to surprise you on your birthday. But he refused to come.

Adi: It’s okay. It wasn’t a big deal anyway.

Cut to:

Adi: You know the person whom I love so much, when I lost my phone, he didn’t even try to comfort me. No hugs, no nothing. No words of comfort. All he could say was “have you reported it?” He didn’t even offer to help or anything.

Z: Yeah. Last Haz jugak yang tolong.

Cut to:

Z: Are you sure he is the one?

Adi: Yeah.

Z: But why?

Adi: what do you mean why?

Z: Is he rich? He’s got to be rich rite, that’s why you go with him.

Adi: No. He works full time at TCC and he still lives with his parents. And trust me; he is getting lesser than I do.

Z: The why are you going out with him?

Adi: Why?

Z: Precisely why?? I thought he is going to be cute. ? I am so disappointed.

Adi: Oh come on. I don’t go for looks and wealth. Looks can change anytime. And wealth, I am already well-to-do, thank you.

Cut to:

Bukan harta jadi ukuran, (Wealth is not a measurement)
Bukan rupa jadi sempadan (Look is not a barrier)
Kerna budi bahasa (Cos of mannerism)
Kerna tutur dan cara (Cos of good nurtured ness)
Membuatku tergoda (took my heart away)

(Taken from Amelina’s song)

Cut to;

A: The gay world is a bitchy world. Everyone bitches behind each other’s back. It’s very hard for to be able to trust anyone.

Adi: Doesn’t that apply anywhere now?

Cut to:

Excerpts from Desperate Housewives:

Trust is a fragile thing
Once leaned, there is prize ultimately uncovered
Once lost, can never be found
But in the end, you’ll only trust yourself,
Cos that’s the only way you’ll never get hurt.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

An sms exchange between Annuar aka Jerry Nanaki and Adi

Annuar: Hello. Jerry Nanaki here.

Adi: OH hello. Adi here. Ni dah mandi ker belum?

Annuar: 20 this year...belum...hehe

Adi: Aiyo. Patut ah busuk sampai kat sini boleh bau.

Annuar: Nak tlg mandikan ker? Hahaha

Adi: So are you single or what? What is your real name?

Annuar: Baru nak Tanya. Saya Annuar, masih bujang tulen

Adi: So what is ur plan today?

Annuar: Today pick me up? Hehehe

Adi: I m not kempt today.

Annuar: Nak kena neat and groom ke to meet me?

Adi: What are you doing right now?

Annuar: Me working...pick me ok?

Adi: Where?

Annuar: Just forcing...

Adi: Okay. Juz text me ur working place k.

And so Adi met Annuar that night. Quite cute, but rather too passive. What a bummer.

Note: Q said he looked selenger... Kwang kwang kwang

Monday, June 18, 2007

An SMS exchange between WAN KG and Adi

WAN KG:Tengah buat ape tu?

Adi: OTW alek.

WAN KG: Hehe. Me later have place. My mum n dad nak keluar

Adi: Really? So you wanna invite me over?

WAN KG: Keep you update later.

Adi: Okay. Should i go and get the protection and lube?

WAN KG:Don't need. I have them.

Monday, June 04, 2007

An SMS exchange between a Bastard and Adi

Bastard: Having such a terrible birthday this year... Sigh...

Adi: Why? I tot a lot of pple want to celebrate with u mah... With all those parties
and so many pple wanting 2 wish u a happy birthday, i'm sure u muz nw feel dat u r center of attraction, no?

Bastard: No. It all did not happened...i don't want to be center of attaction la. But i really admit it this year's birthday is the suckiest in my life sigh. I'm crying in the toilet now... sigh...

Adi: Huh? I really dun get it. U told me dat u always celebrate it urself every year. WAt maeks it worse this year?

Bastard: Cause its 18! Sigh...

Adi: And? WAt happened 2 the chalet plans? I'm sure they can't cancel it at the alst min

Bastard: I don't know...Sigh

Adi: Awww. Don't worry. I am sure all you MANY other halves would celebrate it with you!