Friday, August 31, 2007

The thing with Oush

He saw me on Friendster. He took the initiative to ask for my number online. I gave him my number. We chatted on phone, SMS-ed each other. We then dated from June till August. Now it is all just a distant memory with numerous pictures to remind us that we were once dating and ONI dating.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


I lost a friend today. This friend of mine… She is special. I love her to bits. She teaches me the real meaning of optimism. When I look at her, I secretly admire her talents and her zest. At the age of 37, she has the energy that could put an 18 yr old to shame. Despite her shortcoming in terms of health, never once do I see her in pain.

She is always all smile, and she has never been stingy in sharing it with all of us over in Sentosa. When I first saw her, what draws my attention was her scar near her throat. So the following conversation was struck:

Adi: Dok, Why does she have that scar near her throat ah?

Firdaus: I think she told me last time she used to dive a lot. So she has difficulty breathing after that.

Adi: Okay. So she dives so many times and she now evolved and grew gills?

Firdaus: o_0

And so 5 minutes later, Zamri then went over to Clarify with her…

Zamri: Why do you have a scar near your throat?

Monica: Cos I had difficulty breathing about six months ago, so I had to undergo an operation where the doctor had to cut a hole here to insert tube to help me breathe.

The rest: Oooohhh…

Her jokes have always made us laugh. Her antics are uniquely hers… it is definite that no one will be able to replace her.

When I receive the news about her sudden departure, I was too shocked to even cry… Probably cos I was in the middle of a class. I didn’t even cry when I saw her the last time. Even when she is no longer breathing on the bed, I still feel life in her. I still see the last traces of sunshine. She looks so peaceful.

IT happened so fast, so sudden. Life is just so fragile. It was just last week that we performed together. She was still all smiley, even though exhausted from all the medical tests she had to go through. Never once had she complained of pain.

Monica Wee has left us to be in the arms of those who love her more, a place of solace and eternal bliss. May she rest in peace. Ameen.

p.s: her pink panther joke still makes me cry. Just like the way this song has always made me cry… Till now.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

SMS exchange with Shahrizan

Shahrizan: Hi Shahrizan here
Adi: Adi here. Hehe... u have any pic?
Shahrizan: Yup. Exchange?

Adi and Shahrizan mms each other their pictures.

Sharizan: You look cute.
Adi: Thanks. I am flattered.
Shahrizan: Flattered takpe as long as not flattened. Yelah, i’m not blessed with good looks so i like to look at nice looking people. Kalau org tu baik lag ii suka tengok. Hehe.
Adi: I’m not good looking lah.
Shahrizan: If you think you aren’t, at least i think you are photogenic... Hehe... dari me satu ape pun tak der! Only can talk a lot.
Adi: How tall are you?
Sharizan: From my childish face, i’m short. 1.65m. Really fat. U?
Adi: ME too. I am fat.

And so 3 days later they arranged to meet. They had fun talking over dinner and laughing and eat dinner and laughing again. And then suddenly the following exchanges of sms ensued...

Sharizan: Honestly after u met me, do u have any sexual tots of me? U can tell me cuz i dun mind.
Adi: Nope. Y?
Sharizan: Just askin. Like sumtyms after u met sumone, u kinda wank thinking of him... Did u do tht?
Adi: Never. Unless if we had sex on the first meeting.
Sharizan: I didn’t also cuz sumtyms i did when i met some pple. Mayb bcoz our conversation is more fren-based i guess.
Adi: Maybe. Not sure. Why? U interested in me is it?
Sharizan: Quite. Have you ever had the tot of doing it with me?
Adi: Never leh.
Sharizan: Will u like it if u get to screw me?
Adi: well. If you allow it, i dun mind i guess
Sharizan: You would do it real hard rite?
Adi: Yes. I m usually a rough fucker.
Sharizan: You would screw me like i’m ur slut issit?
Adi: If that pleases you
Sharizan: How many rounds will u take me?
Adi: Not sure. I take quite long to cum.
Sharizan: But you’ll fuck me real hard like a slut rite?

Then Adi just dozes off cos sex chat on sms is sooooo boooooring. He prefers to do it physically.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

SMS exchange between Ridwan and Adi

A little bit of background information, Ridwan was someone whom i met over friendster. He messaged me on friendster and then we met once at Starbucks; just chat and laughed and chat some more and then we went home. From the chat, i got to know that he is an alumni from NYP drama club (of which i have forgotten the name). The second time we met was during the NYP annual free performance, which is of course by invite only, and he apparently invited me (i guess it is his way of making the date sort of less official...cos i told him i m not ready to date anyone yet). So the list of SMS exchanges took place after that annual performance was over, and yours truly was on the bed about to turn in for that night...

RID: Everyone thought you were my BF.
Adi: Really? What did they say? Did they say anything about how i look?
RID: Don’t be self conscious la. They didn’t say anything. They just asked if we were together.
Adi: Then wat u said? IS it because some of the girls are interested in me?
RID: Eeee. Perasan jubo.
Adi: So, you’re sayin that i am not ciute enough to be a bf to you?
RID: Ok la. Cute. Yummy.
Adi: Haha...
RID: And i forgot to tell you that you’re hot
Adi: Which part of me is hot to u?
RID: Hhhmmm....i just like the whole look lah
Adi: Really? I don’t think i look hot leh
RID: Well looks is just looks. But it takes more than that to impress me la
Adi: So you’re sayin that you like me?
RID: Well. Yes. I kinda like you
Adi: :)
RID: Hugs to you dude. I am missing you already.

But of course nothing more happened. We just remained friends.