Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I know, I know

Yes. I know. I have been away for like half a year now. Till now, one of the longest break i took from blogging. The thing is I have been really packed to the brim. You can ask Jiayuan and Harlie of how hard it is for them to fix a date to meet to chill and just lepak. Hehehe. The thing is 2007 have been a great year for me. Projects come in like water, and so does the cash. In April and May, I was busy juggling my work at Sentosa, school shows and the Short and Sweet Festival. If you do not know yet, yours truly was nominated as Best New Talent for the festival, AND yours truly performed for the first time in ESPLANADE and ARTS HOUSE. Yes. You hear me right. I performed there.

In June, I worked my butts off covering for one of the full timer who went MIA from Sentosa. Then in July I was busy with workshops in 3 different schools and of course the usual school shows. In August and September I was busy with the Halo3 game launch. Yup. I managed to clinch a lucrative deal for the game launch with Xbox 360.

In October I was busy with school shows. This is the crazy month when all schools try to finish off their budgets with school shows. In November and December, I was busy with rehearsals for a project with Act3International and also TeaterKami. Yes. That pretty much wraps up my 2007.

I am also looking forward to a hectic 2008 as I managed to clinch a lucrative deal with Selena Tan. She is the lawyer turn actress. She acted in Under One Roof as Paul’s wife and she also acted in Dim Sum Dollies. Yup. I will be working with her soon. And I have also manage to clinch another school show programme for the whole eyar of 2008. So altogether, there are about 5 companies which I will be attached to for school shows. And on top of that, I am also looking forward to higher volume of drama workshops. And on top of all these, I also have my Sentosa job to juggle with.

And lastly, I just want to share another good news with all my readers, I am now happily attached to a wonderful, caring and loving BF. I will try and take some time off to introduce my close friends to my BF in person. (of course this might take ages due to clashes of schedules and stuffs… but do be patient, you will get your turn to see him).

And as a closing note: I wanna thank all those who have been giving me great supports through the year 2007. To all my close friends ( with special mention, JY, Harlie, Zamri, Hairul, Ryd), let’s hope 2008 will be another great year for all of us! Cheers!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

SMS exchange between Anthony and Adi

Anthony and Adi met at Raffles City. They had one night stand. But then they kept in touch with one another and remained friends, and of course occasionally they did it. And then after Adi got attached to Amir, aka AMAC, the following sms exchange took place...

Anthony: when you free to meet for fun again?
Adi: Anthony darling...i am so sorry. I won’t be able to do that again cos I am attached liao.
Anthony: Haha...ok...
Adi: So sorry yeah. Keep in touch k.
Anthony: Best wishes to you and your other half. Hope to see you soon.
Adi:Thank you. Sure. We can still meet and hang out.
Anthony: We still very good friend without that thing right. If anytime you need help just call me.
Adi: You too. If you need help, just beep me.
Anthony: I beep you is not asking for asking you out for a movie or coffee. Hee...
Adi: Can also... shouldn’t be a problem.
Anthony: You know why i say no need your help? Cos you cannot help me oso. Hee...
Adi: Why leh?
Anthony: Cos you rejected me just now...hahaha...just kidding...
Adi: Haha...I mean other kind of help, i will try my best to help you loh.
Anthony: Haha... i know. That is why i asking for that too.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Our first outing

this is taken from our very first outing at Cathay!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

the start of a blossoming love

Taken from friendster (22/11/2007):
AMAC wants to brighten your day with a smile. Check out AMAC's profile and send a reply.
A message from AMAC:

And then Adi replied (22/11/2008):
hello back at ya.... hehe

A message from AMAC (23/11/2007):
haha.....btw u cute...haha...
anywae u str8 or...?

Then Adi replied (23/11/2008):
thnks dude..i swing both

A message from AMAC (23/11/2007):
btw...hav u been to pwrhse b4??
cuz u look familliar actuaily....

Then Adi replied(27/11/2008):
nope...nvr been not really a clubber...

A message from AMAC (30/11/2007):
ouh must b wrong person.....soowieee....btw add me...

A message from AMAC (6/12/2007):
btw...senang2 nak mit...........?

The Adi replied (7/12/2008)
Sure. Anything you can just call me at 91******.

Adi and AMAC chatted for a while and then they met on 16/12/2008
They got attached on 17/12/2008.
Then they have established that Adi is Spiderman and AMAC is Jean Grey.

A message from AMAC (19/12/2007):
saaaayaanng! lup u so much!
take care k...
lup u my hero......
jean grey!

Then they further established Adi as MAriah Carey and AMAC as RIHANNA.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Memory recalled

Dear reader,
I was just talking to my colleagues about the production houses in Singapore and also how they measured up against our one and only TCS( Television corporation Singapore). And then I brought up the stupid things that has happened to me when I was attached to Suria. And somehow, it reminded me of the following incident, which happened about two years ago:
Me an assassin?

When I was first transferred to Eaglevision Production Unit, like finally, I was assigned to call up all the places where I think I could find workers working in the graveyard shift. It all went smoothly, till I had to call the people from the ICA building. This is how the conversation went…

Shaza: Good Afternoon.

Adi: Good Afternoon. This is Adi calling from Eagle Vision. I am looking for the person in charge of the cleaners. Is there anyone whom I can specifically talk to?

Shaza: What is it regarding about?

Adi: I am planning to shoot your workers who work in the graveyard shift.

Shaza: (5 seconds silent) Sir, which floor are you at?

Adi: Huh? I am at the first floor.

Shaza: Are you at the security checkpoint?

Adi: Uhhh. Nope. I am at Eagle Vision.

Shaza: (panicky) So, you are not at the ICA building?

Adi: No. I am not at the ICA building. Or I would have done the shoot already. (losing my patience of the stupid questions)

Shaza: (silence)

So I hang up the call, thinking that she hang up on me. I called her up again after a minute or so and her colleague called Rin picked up…

Rin: Good Afternoon.

Adi: Yes. This is Adi. I called juz now, but you hang up on me.

Rin: Sir, What is this really about?

Adi: Okie. This is Adi calling from Eaglevision. We are doing this new show called after 12, and I am planning to do a shoot of your cleaners who are working in the graveyard shift.

Rin: Shooting? As in filming?

Adi: Yes.

Rin: (laugh like a mad banshee) (After 2 minutes of laughing) This is Rin. Actually my colleague called me over to answer your call cos she was panic strickened juz now.

Adi: Panic?

Rin: Yes. She heard you said “I am goin to shoot your workers to the grave.” So she thought you are s0ome kind of an assassin from the JI”.


p.s: If I am really an assassin, why would I do the following things:
a) Say my name
b) call from a registered phone
c) tell her my whereabouts


Saturday, December 08, 2007

The explanations to the long disappearance

Adi: Good Afternoon.

Alter: This time, I am not going to be the one explaining to the readers on our mysterious absence for three full months. ( continues to mumble some more)

Adi: (clears throat)

Alter: Yes? You need more of those RICOLAS?

Adi: Err... We are already online.

Alter: We are?

Adi: Yes.

Alter: Oh. As I was saying, Adi was supposed to come up with an explaination for our three months absence. I know a lot of readers out there were agitated with the “NO UPDATE” for the past three months. So yes. Would you like to say anything about that?

Adi: Actually I can only attribute all this to busy schedule. It’s like almost everyday, my schedule starts as early as 9am and ends at around 10 plus at night. And by the time I got home, I will be too tired to even think about anything. To complicate things further, there were new crushes, dates and porn addiction.

Alter: Woah! Okay. Let us get to the details of each of them. First, porn addiction, I mean, what was that all about?

Adi: Okay. There is this one night, I chanced upon this site (I shan’t mention which one, for fear that I might get someone else to be addicted to porn). And since that night, I have been addicted to the site. So even if I do have a bit of time to update the blog, I would end up not updating it, and instead I’d be using the time to watch porn. And the fact that I now have wireless connection from the convenience of my own room, which by the way could be locked, definitely do not help. So I kinda have to discipline myself, and try to avoid the internet as much as possible. It is just like back then when I was in JC.

Alter: you have pon naddiction in JC?

Adi: No. But I have addiction to the computers and internet. So like every break time, I will try to get my hands on computers that are not used in the library. Back then I always log on to online games like Magewar, Alien Adoption and Neopets.

Alter: And so back then what did you do?

Adi: Cold turkey loh. Same thing. Try to avoid the internet as much as possible. Log on only when there are assignments to be completed. It is like going through self-rehabilitation. But back then it was easier, cos right after JC, I was enlisted for NS. And you can’t find internet connections in the camp, can you?

Alter: Right. But I am sure the readers will be asking why there are some entries which were backdated up to a point that it seems like the blog have been updated quite regularly.

Adi: (smiles) This is the thing. I dod update my blog, but on pieces of paper, when I am bored at work that is. There is no wireless connection on the island itself, plus you can’t expect to find a laptop in a kampong. So I end up scribbling bits and pieces on papers hoping that one day, I would be able to type all the entries into the blog. And I hadn’t had the opportunity to do it till today. Or rather, when I do have the opportunity back then, I would squander it on either porn or some crazy dates and dinners.

Alter: Yes. Talking about dates, tell us more.

Adi: (laughs) It is not so much of dates. Only about three of them so far.

Alter: I thought there were more than that?

Adi: I wouldn’t consider those as dates… you know the type where you had dinner and then some naughty deeds, a.k.a one night stands. I don’t keep in contacts with those people. Even when they do message me, I would tend to ignore them.

AlteR: But why?

Adi: Let’s just say they don’t really give satisfaction. I mean cute faces are one thing but if your strokes don’t synchronise with my likings, then I think it is rather pointless, if you know what I mean. (smiles)

Ater: You are rather smiley today. Any reason why?

Adi: Aiyah. Nothing lah. I will tell when the time comes. Anyway, can you don’t deviate; we are on the subject of dating.

Alter: Oh yes. Three dates. But I thought you already talked about those dates.

Adi: Oh yes. I did. Then what are we supposed to talk about today?

Alter: Let me double check the script. ( flip through script) On yes. You are supposed to talk about the outcome of that call back you had in malay.

Adi: Aiyah. I didn’t get it. It was quite lucrative cos one of my friend got it. And he is now somewhere in some resort in Malaysia doing the shoots. Bleah! Anyway, I think there are blessings behind every rejections, cos up my way is another offer. But I will not talk about it till everything is finalised.

Alter: I see. Does it have anything to do with a one year contract?

Adi: (laughs) I promise I will talk about it straight after everything is finalised okay?

Alter: And how is the experience of being a freelance drama workshop conductor been for you?

Adi: I still have a lot to learn. But so far so good. And the pay is not too bad either. Only the waiting is a bummer. And the kids are really cute!

Alter: So what do you really work as now?

Adi: Actually I have no idea. But I told most people that I am a freelance performer. The workshop thing is just some sidelines I do to gain experience in teaching. You know, for the just in case scenario. Like maybe I need to do a career switch or something.

Alter: Alright. That about sums it all for this time round.

Adi: So that is it?

AlteR: Yup. This is Alter signing off.

Adi: Ciaoz!