Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Birthday 2008

Just wanna say a big thank you to those who commemorated the day i was born, for the 26th time. Thanks guyz for the long lists of birthday messages and of course the GIFTS!

SMS-es received...

Diana: Happy birthday love. Have a good Birthday! *hugs*
Haz: Happy birthday Mahat!
Amir aka AMAC aka Darling dearest: We celebrate ur birthday kat lalaland k. C u there. Muacks!
Keng Kiat aka the best SM ever: Happy birthday Adi!
Carol: Happy birthday BIG BRO!!
Jez: Hey hey. Have a smashing and blessed birthday! Hugs!
Nurul: Selamat Hari Jadi Mahadi
Bastard: Happy birthday to you! Mahadi! Yay! You are now on your way to hitting the BIG 30! Hope you have a prosperous and happy time being 26. Now i can see how i can lead my life when i’m your age in 7 years time.
Georgia aka the lamb girl: Hello Mahadi! Merry Christmas! Oops! I mean happy birthday! Have fun k!
Harlie wurlie: Happy Birthday!
Raudha: Wishing you a happy birthday! May god bless you and may you be in the link of health and all your wishes come true!
Rina: Happy birthday. Have a great day yeah!
Audrey: Hey! I’ late! But happy birthday my dear boy and may god bless you richly!

Cut to

The things some of my brothers and sisters at work do to surprise me...

The cakes is YUMMY!

Daddy dearest also have a surprise up his sleeves. He treated the whole family to dinner that night...

And Amir dearest spent time with me the next day...

And the following are some of the er-herm-herm...

The shirt is from Q, Suhaila, Sister Cindy, Firdaus, Zamri..IT is from Domanchi hor...dun play play....

Thank you adik and uda and mak...

And of course the gift from my dearest Amir (i love you!)

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Ladies and Gentleman… Introducing MY SAYANG

Yes. I have mentioned him in the previous post. So I figure, it is time for me to introduce him to you. Ladies and gentleman, here he is MY SAYANG:

Every morning, this is the picture that I will first look at to kiss in the morning. When I feel stressed and worked out, I will find comfort in this picture.

Syg: Why do you like this picture so much? I thought I look better in the other picture?
Adi: I don’t know. I just like the boi-boi look of yours in this picture.

But I guess it is just the way he took the picture. In my most humble opinion, he looks really cute in this picture. The way the lazy eyes just gazed back at you when you look at it… it never fail to make my day every time I looked at it. This may sound mushy, but then again I am just telling you what comes from my heart. In other words, these are the most sincere words that you’ll ever hear from me. Side note: That is why I cannot be sincere to too many people, cos the mushiness might just turn them off and then turn them away.

And if you all must really know, this is the type of face he will give everytime he comes late, cos I think he knows, no matter how angry I am at him for making me wait, I will just come to a simmer whenever I look at this expression on his face. Like the song goes:

And when you forget that we had a date
Or that look that you get when you show up late
Baby I love you, I love you anyway

p.s: Syg… I love you (lots and lots and lots!!!)