Monday, July 28, 2008

Post break up part 2

Through SMS-es...

Amir: Awk. Am i a bad person?
Adi: Erm.. i think you should know yourself better. Do you think you are a bad person?
Amir: I think i am ok jer.
Adi: Ifyou think you are okie, the you are okie loh. Cuma i nak tanya one question. Asal when you got attached you nvr tell me? I tot we made a pact to inform each other if we have moved on so that no one will be waiting for another in vain. But when you got attached, u din tell me. U made me wait for you like a fool.
Amir: Cos my BF said u haf an affair with Daen when we are still together.
Adi: Wat?! Me adn din we r just colleagues. I did not even do anything with him after wat happened last year. I m so disappointed. I tot u knew me better.
Amir: No. Because info dier semua betul.
Adi: Whatever. I hope you are happy with him now.

And then days after that, Amir and his new BF broke up. I guess what goes around comes around...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Anti-Stress Activity

Most people know that when I have an utter disregard for a person, I would usually blog about them. This time around, I decided to move it up a notch by videoing about them. They say a picture say a thousand words, a video contains thousands of pictures. So you do the maths on how many words a video convey...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time, I know i was FAT. Even have the picture to prove it...

Even from a high angle picture, i look fat.

And i secretly wish i could find a miracle potion that would make me look as buff as him

Looking at the above pictures, i suddenly am happy with my situation right now

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

8 things to know about lemons

Fri, May 02, 2008, The Straits Times

1 Lemons are thought to have originated in the wild both in China> and India and have been in existence for at least 4,000 years. They were> taken to the Middle East between 400 and 600 BC and then to the> Mediterranean where food historians say they have been in cultivation from> as early as the first century AD.

> > 2 The next time you have a sore throat, reach for this citrus fruit.> Add the juice of one lemon to an equal amount of hot water for an> anti-bacterial gargle, advises, which also says a bowl of> fresh lemons will add fragrance and colour to a room for days.

> > 3 The lemon is very low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. It> is also a good source of folate and potassium, and an excellent source of> vitamin C, according to

> > 4 A medium lemon (about 60g) contains just 15 calories, which> include 5g carbohydrate, 1g dietary fibre and 4g sugars.

> > 5 You can store lemons at room temperature for about two weeks. They> will keep for up to six weeks in a plastic bag in the refrigerator,> says.

> > 6 Lemon juice is often cited as a good stain remover. For rust> stains from clothing, moisten the spot with lemon juice, sprinkle with salt> and leave in the sun for a couple of days, advises>, which has a list of other tips on the uses of> lemons.

> > 7 Lemon juice helps in cleansing our body of impurities. Its vitamin> C content helps prevent diseases and believers in natural remedies favour> it for treating asthma, colds, coughs, heart burn, liver complaints, fevers> and rheumatism. It helped prevent scurvy in navigators of old.

> > 8 The lemon as a fashion statement? During the Renaissance in> Europe, fashionable ladies were said to have used lemon juice to redden> their lips.

This story was first published in the Mind Your Body supplement on Apr 30,> 2008.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The thing with Iz-tahi

There is this person, let’s just call him Iz-tahi. Adi has been noticing him around during clubbing sessions with a few friends. Adi then expressed his interest in this person through a fren this fren then went to inform Iz-tahi. And so he messaged Adi one day and...

Iz-tahi: Hi Adi.

Adi: Hi. Who is this?

Iz-tahi: Izwan. Gab’s friend.

Adi: Oh. You are juz friend also right? The one who teaches malay dance? No class

Iz-tahi: No. My class cancel? U?

Adi: Oh. Me ngah work pat sentosa now.

Iz-tahi: Ok. Tak teach drama today?

Adi:Nope. Now me oni teach every Tuesday. Btw how are you?

Iz-tahi: I’m ok so far. Doin good. But quite busy. Hehe...

Adi: Busy with wat?

Iz-tahi: production

Adi: Oh i thought busy finding bf.

Iz-tahi: Eh eh...ish tak dapat seh...heheheh. u? Tak cari?

Adi: Tak ah. Malas nak cari but there is sumone I fancy.

Iz-tahi: Haiyo. Sape? Kepo eh. Hehehe

Adi: It is juz’s and gab’s fren. He is a maly dancer and he teaches malay dance to skuls also.

Iz-tahi: Ok. So the person dat u like is sumone i noe...i think...hehehe

Adi: Yup, i think u know him very well.

Iz-tahi: Hmmm...let me ask that person first aite.

Adi: oh dat would be great!

Iz-tahi: OH. Actually can tell u nw... the person has told me the story long time
ago...he said dat he was interested in u quite sumtimes ago.

ADi: Really? Then how come he never say anything?

Iz-tahi: Maybe dia malu ker? Or maybe u ader bf at that time?

Adi: Actually i also have been liking him for quite sumtiems, but i shy to say to

Iz-tahi: ye ke? That person think u r cute. Bt he da perasan u quite long time ago... Since at powerhouse in December.

And so the mushy messages went on for a bit, but then suddenly Iz-tahi just went silent. Adi did message him things like ”good morning” and “how are you?” but he didn’t reply. He just went DEAD. That is until end of June when he suddenly messaged...

Iz-tahi: Hey, how r u? Sorry for not msging u coz i was really really busy. It’s okay if you don’t want to reply back. I understand.

And so Adi called and the following conversation followed...

Adi: Ni Izwan mana eh?

Iz-tahi: Gab’s fren. Malay dancer.

Adi: Oh. Lama tak dengar khabar?

Iz-tahi: Eh dah lupa ker?

Adi: No. It’s just that I never ehar from for so long, jadi macam lupa sekejap.

Iz-tahi: Sorry ah been busy.

Adi: Just a question. You slalu ajar kat skola u naik aper?

Iz-tahi: Bus?

Adi: Slalu journey kat dalam bas berapa lama?

Iz-tahi: Depends ah. Sumtimes 45 minit, sumtimes1 hour plus. Asal?

Adi: Abeh dalam bus tu slalunyer u tak buat ape ape kan?

Iz-tahi: Tidur?

Adi: Oh. Tak. Cos iw as wondering. Slalu nak reply message will take about 3 minit
ah paling lama kan. Jadi kalau busy un tak kan lah dalam bas tu tak leh spare 3
minit of ur time to reply my messages kan?

Iz-tahi: (laughs, uncomfortably) Tak lah. I reall sorry for not replying to ur messages.

But by this time around, Adi just think this guy is just in it for the fun of it, to boost his ego, So that he can tell his crew that he has sumone liking him. Adi thinks that no matter how busy a person is, it only takes a few second to message sumthin to show that u care. Adi is just as busy u know... But he does have time to reply messages... If he din, it means he is pissed off with u.