Sunday, August 31, 2008

sMS exchange between Adi and Mr H

Mr H:I'm goin club wif my bro, yat. N my bf also will be there but wif his 1st bf. So if u r coming down, see u there k.

Adi: I m goin to Butter factory. Even if I m goin down to tanjong pagar area, i wud oni be goin to Tantrix.

Mr H: U r goin to tantrix with who?

Adi: With a straight colleague

Mr H: if u goin tantrix, let me know coz i m at play

Adi: Okay.

A few hours later...
Adi: I'm around tantrix

Mr H: I'm still at play. i m so drunk.

Adi: oh okie. Enjoy!

Mr H: Ni hairul tau. Where r u?

Adi: Tantrix.

A few hours after that, at ard 6 to be exact...

Mr H: I'm so sori to make you come down. Something happen just now at play. I really feel like shit lor just now. I think i m not fit 2 stay in dis world. N maybe i'm going to hilangkan diri i buat sementara.

At ard 8 am...
Adi: Sorry. Just got your msg. R u alright?

Mr H: Do i look alright to u?

Adi: I don't know. I didn't get to see you. Where you now?

Mr H: Home.i think i need some rest.

And that is the last thing i heard from beloved Mr H.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Alter: Alright. I see you are all smiles. So what have been going on so far?

Adi: No. Actually this smile is as a result of some reflections that i have been doing so far.

Alter: And?

Adi: Do you know how blessed I felt?

Alter: What are you talking about?

Adi: I just realised that all this while I have been blessed with good people around me. You know
people whom i can laways count on. People who will come tio my aid without expecting anything in returns. An example would be these bunch of friends whom i got to know since my poly years. It cannot be denied that we have all quarelled with one another on many occassions, but here we are again. Together.

Alter: And where were these taken?

Adi: It was taken in The Arena. The place there is like super HAWWT! One of the rare occassions where i go to a straight club. We were there to sort of you know let our demons out before the fasting month commences in September.

Alter: And i see some cleavage here.

Adi: (laughs) Stop that. Initially i was in my black singlet, and then the bouncer said to me that i cannot enter unless i change into something with sleeves.

Coincidentally, i had this long sleeved sweater in my bag, so i just put it on and that was how i ended up wearing a long sleeve shirt in a straight club.

Alter: With a plunging neckline may i add.

Adi: It's not plunging.

Alter: Then what would you call that?

Adi: Chest baring? (laughs)

Alter: And then sources said that you made your way to tantrix after that?

Adi: Oh wait! before that, may i add that i just found out that gays are so much of better dancers
than straights. Cos when i was at The Arena, i saw a couple of gay guyz who are so well dressed and their dance moves really stand out from the crowd of straight people!

Alter: And now can we get back to the question?

Adi: Yes. i did go to tantrix later that night cos i promised a straight collegue that i will accompany him and some other friends there.

Alter: But sources also suggested that when you were at The Arena, you were messaging a certain someone that you might drop by to tantrix as HE was at play?

Adi: Ok. That was true. Actually that certain sumone asked me if i was going to play that night. and i told HIM that i might be dropping by tantrix. And HE said drop him a message if i got to tantrix, which i did. I was presuming he might want to meet me there. But when he replied saying he was drunk in PLAY, all i said to him was "OK. Enjoy!" And then from there on, i just made my way home with my straight colleague.

Alter: hhhmmm?

Adi: Ok. IF you are implying that there have been something going on with this certain person and me, i must admit that i had a crush on him but he seemed confused on whether he still wants to patch up with his EX or just move on. And amidst all this confusion, I just don't want to add to the complication. So it's better that i just be friends with him and nothing more. But then again, let's save this to another post. For now, let's just end it with a high note.

Alter: Such as?

Adi: I HAD FUN WITH MY POLY MATES at THE ARENA. yes. we should do this gain after the fasting month.

Note to JY: I like your tag so much and decided to quote it " After all the bitchfest, blogwars, flying walkie talkies, and shouting matches, here we are still as friends."

Note to Suhaila: Though i might have changed a little towards becoming, in your words, "party animals", you can rest assure that i am still me. I know my limits. I will stick to my policy of no drinking and no smoking. And i promise not to take work for granted!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Adi: Before we start today’s session, I just wanna take this opportunity to say Happy Birthday to Audrey. I think she is absurdly worried about reaching 30 in 4 years. So my advice is, enjoy now, worry later. If anyone is suppose to be worried about getting 30 first, it should have been me. And I would have no qualms at all sharing my experience with her about being 30, 7 months before she does.

Alter: So what did you do for her birthday?

Adi: We just had dinner together. Or rather they had dinner together and i joined them later for the cake cutting session. It was simple yet very fulfilling. Oh yes, could someone please remind me that I have not gotten Audrey anything for her birthday. Erm, make it a whole list of people added to that.

Alter: And i heard sumone's EX was there?

Adi: Oh yeah. We were cool about it. We atlaked as per normal, asking one anotehr how we are doing and stuffs.

Alter: The usual formalities i see?

Adi: it's not that. It's like we are over it. She is happy with her partner, though she seemd a little shocked when i told her that i am single and that i just broke up with my BF last March.

Alter: Uh-huh.

Adi: And i finally got to meet Lyana, her current other half.

Alter: And?

Adi: Well, they seemed happy. And Lyana is a very nice person to talk with and hang out with. And considering that this relationship, i think is her longest, i am sure she is happy, and i only wish her the best in life. (smiles)

Alter: How about you?

Adi: What?

Alter: When are you goign to get attached?

Adi: Truthfully, I have no idea. When the time comes,i guess it will just happen. For now, i just want to concentrate on work.

Alter: Sounds very much like a textbook answer.

Adi: Really? whatever it is, here are the pictures from that night. Enjoy!

Adi: I just realised that i didn't have the group pictures. Whoeevr who have it, didn't post it up in FACEBOOK! bluek!

P.s: See Jiayuan, if you invite me and i said i will come, it means i will come. You didn't invite me to your birthday loh, so not my fault that i didn't turn up for it....hehehe

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Eat some more, eat some more

Alter: What a title for today's posting?

Adi: I know. But todays' posting is all about eating.

Alter: Really?

Adi: Yes. Some of you may have already known that I have this craving for durian mooncakes. The only reason why for em to look forward to mooncake festival is because of the mooncakes. Does that make sense to you?

Alter: Uh-huh. Move along now.

Adi: And so every year i am always on the lookout for buddies to bring along to satisfy my mooncakes craving. and This year I have my beloved sister, Cindy, to accompany me. Just a little note here, last year, it was with JY. And if last year i went to Swensens to relish in ym cravings, this year me and Cindy went to Goodwood hotel.

Alter: And speaking of Cindy, i heard she even blogged about the whole experience. Let me have the honour of quoting this woman from her blog, Fly

hey hey..tis is 'sister' at work..look at his huge muscles..ummm..abit cannot see liao hor..haha..he treated me to goodwoods's durian mooncake and durian crepe which were sedap!!!we aso had mango choco n cappucino..he refuse to let me see e bill but i know its nt cheap lo..hehe..its suppose to be a high class place but hoho..we were making a hell lot of noise..totally no image at ever..had so much fun!!!hehe..1st time there,a bit mountain i asked e waitress quite abit of qn..feel so paiseh..but mahad says its ok..e waitresses are trained to ans qn, so we should ask em as many qn as possible to let em flaunt their talents!!!hahah...we cont to ask more qn!!!anyway it was eric khoo outside e glass panel..we keep waving to him 'TALENTED ACTORS HERE AVAILABLE FOR USE!!!!' we were so excited to see him n we count it to destine for us to see him..but later mahad suddenly realise tt goodwoods is the hotel of his father..hooo..MAhad!!!you still owe me treats!!!!

Adi: Yes. that reminds me, i still owe her one last treat after that day.

Alter: Oh. Can you bring me along the next time you are eating with this talented lady?

Adi: How do you know that she is talented?

Alter: IT takes one to know the other

Adi: Are you saying that you are talented?

Alter: Waht do you think?

Adi: Well. I am not going to argue on that fact, cos as they say, birds of a feather flock together. and that is why we are doing this Adi and Alter show together.

Alter: You've got a point there.

Adi: Oh yes. And after the food fiesta, we went over to Seoul Garden where we both eat to our hearts content, of course joined by our beloved Zamri, Suhaila and Hairul, where we not onyl eat, but eat and bitch at the same time, while oogling at cute guys and gals. IT is just too bad i didn't have any pictures yet, cos most of the pictures were taken by Suhaila and Cindy. Adn Suhaila have problems posting it up on FACEBOOK cos this is suppsoed to be a hush hush thing.

Alter: which part of it is supposed to be a hush hush thing?

Adi: the whole thing about us eating together at Seoul Garden cos not many people knew that we planned it way before in July.

Alter: But you are blogging about it?

Adi: Oh yeah.

Alter: So now the cat is out fo the bag?

Adi: i don't think so. and i am keeping my fingers crossed. not many people read my blog anyway.

Alter: God forbids.

Adi; and before i let out any more cats from the bag, i think we should just end
today's episode here. this is Adi signing out.

Alter: See you in another episode of Adi and Alter.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

What if...

what if god was one of us
just a slob like one of us
just a stranger on a bus
tryin to make his way home

OOps. Wrong songs to use i guess.This posting is nothing about god. IT is just about something which i used to wonder. Anyway i m sure i am not the only one. i am pretty sure some people always wondered what would they say or do if they were to be struck by an incurable or a terminal disease like cancer, or worst AIDS.

I always thought that if i should ever discover that i had contracted AIDS, i would just ignore it and just live normal and you know keep everything wrapped up within myself. I will not tell anyone. And i will not even bring it up to anyone's attention for fear ostracization.

But not anymore...

Cut to
Adi: You know, I went for an anonymous HIV testing.
Audrey and JY: And?
Adi: What?
Audrey and JY: The result?
Adi: Negative. (smiles)
Audrey and JY: (gives otu a sigh of relief)
Audrey: Adi. If you should ever found out that you have AIDS or any other terminal disease for
that matter, you would come and look for me and tell me, right?
Adi: OF course i will
Audrey: Promise?
Adi: Promise
Audrey: I don't want you to become like one of those loners with no one to tell about their sickness. We will all be ehre for you, you know that right?
Adi: I know that, and that is why i feel so blessed.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

What do you say to help a colleague reject someone

The following is an exchange of the SMS between Adi and Mr R; Adi helping Ms D to reject Mr R.

Mr R: Hi Bro. What you doing? Still working at Sentosa?

Adi: Work is normal if not boring. You still studying?

Mr R: Ya. I'm still studying...decided to retake my O level. So how are the rest? how is Diana?

Adi: She's ok. Still single. Y? U fancy her eh?

Mr R: Have always been, but she thinks i m too cheeky though i m not. How is Beep by the way?

Adi: He still in NS. So r u goin to court Diana?

Mr R: Trying to, but i can only date her after my O level exam. Can you help me with that bro?

Adi: I'm sori bro. But she no longer like guyz.

Mr R: What?! you mean she is a lesbian?! Oh my god! That Ex of ehrs must have screwed ehr the wrong way!

Adi: I'm afraid she has turned to liking girls now.

Mr R: Shit! she is a lesbian now! life has always been such a bum for me. Btw, how is Q doing?

Adi: She is attached to a ranger in Sentosa.

Mr R:DAmn it! never mind. if she was meant to be mine, she will be mine!

Adi: Bro. I gtg. Show abt to start soon.

Mr R: Okay. see you guyz around.

Note: Girls, if you wanna shake off any guyz from your tails, just claim yourself to be a lesbian.