Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What we do when we are OH_SO_BORED

Disclaimer: This video is an impromptu work. Any form of personal attack is unintetional.

Note: At the moment, I have forgotten how to add the mute button to the flash banner on top of my blog. So if you want to listen to the video, You might have to wait for the song to end first.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Someone must do it...

I did what i had to do
I know it's a risk. I might be the next one to be X-ed.
But enough is enough
Someone had to do it
And since no one took the step
I lept
And i did it
Now awaiting for judgement.
No matter what the outcome is,
I have faith
that GOD is fair
And HE knows better.

Friday, October 03, 2008

5 things that annoy me about Raffles Place and City Hall MRT stations

1. People who squeeze into the train even before I’m able to get out. Fine, this happens in every station. I normally just walk into them and take pleasure in knocking them backwards. They get a rude shock while I pretend not to notice.

2. People who try to squeeze (or worse, jump) into the packed train even though there’s clearly no space for them. Okay this happens at other stations too. If they make the mistake of trying to squeeze right beside me, I won’t budge a single bit for them. In fact, I’ll shift a little to fill up the space they’re attempting to get occupy, so that they quickly become conscious of the futility of their endeavour as well as their immediate need to exit before the train doors interact with them. If they’re pretty, however, I gladly help them in like a true gentleman that I am. Unfortunately the pretty ones are usually too shy to squeeze beside me.

3. People who decide not to get on the train, but stand right outside the train door preventing me and others from getting in. This happens a lot, and I can never understand why. I really feel like knocking them over on my way in. It’s not like the train is packed. Sure, there aren’t any seats left, but there’s still plenty of standing room. But they prefer to stand outside. Nincompoops.

4. Taking the escalator down to the wrong platform. Which means I have to locate the escalator to the right platform, which means that I would have missed the earlier train by then, or if I’m lucky, I’d catch the earlier train, but I’d be blocked and annoyed by those mentioned in #3, before getting squashed and annoyed by those mentioned in #2.

5. Taking the escalator from the bottom (basement 3) platform, and ending up only in basement 2 instead of basement 1 where the exit is. Which means I either have to crawl up the stairs, or locate the (distant) escalator to basement 1, which is also another annoyance, adding to the annoyance mentioned in #1 which I experienced just before taking the wrong escalator.

Maybe someday I’ll also blog about Dhoby Ghot Doby Ghaut Dhoby Ghout Dhoby Gaut another station which I can never spell correctly and can never locate the right exit.

Disclaimer: This is not an original entry from me. I got it from Tinker Tailor