Saturday, November 08, 2008

What we do when we are bored? ?(Re-edited)

I realised that the last time i tried to upload a video on October 15, it was not able to play. So here is the re-edited version of the last entry. Enjoy!

Side note: It's in malay. So you might need an interpreter

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Pretentious – Political Stance

Was sitting at Starbucks one night with a certain someone and overheard some conversation in the background about some office politics.

Stranger 1: If she is so f***ing unhappy with the whole environment, she should have just move on to another place!
Stranger 2: Yeah. I really don’t get her you know. Complaint so much.
Stranger 3: she should have just move to the office in Hong Kong, and then she would know how to appreciate things here.
Stranger 1: Such an ungrateful b****!
And the conversation went on and on and on...

That was when it suddenly struck me on the politics between artistes. Usually, politics between artistes are more under wrap and less obvious. All thanks to their ability to “act” and cover up their hatred and despise for one another with lots of smile and read-between-the-lines-kinda-conversations. It is similar to that of gay politics. In fact, the only thing that ever comes close to artistes’ politics would be of those between gays. An example would be of such:

Gay 1 and Gay 2 bumped into each other outside a club called, Play. they talked...

Gay 1: Hey.

Gay 2: Oh my god! Long time no see. (Oh my god! Of all people, fate made me meet you?!)

Gay 1: How have you been? ( Please tell me that you’re not attached and that you’re leading a miserable life!)

Gay 2: Oh. Life is okay. As per normal. ( I hope you’re life is more miserable than mine)

Gay 1: You’re here alone? (Considering that you’re dressing up like a slut and looking desperate, i bet you’re oh-so-pathetically-single)

Gay 2: No. I am with my boyfriend. (That ought to have wiped off your fake smiley face bitch!)

Gay 1: Where is he? (You’re such a liar!)

Gay 2: Oh just give me a minute. I’ll go and get him. (Where is that fucking bf of mine when i need him). There the one is red. (My BF is soo cute, you would just have to admit that your life is now more miserable than mine).

Gay 1: Which one? ( i hope it is that bald and fat-bellied man or that scrawny ill-nourished geek).

Gay 2: Sayang. Some over here! (Asswipe! What is he doing at the counter taking drinks for himself only!)

Gay 1: Oh. He is the lucky one. (Oh my god! you’re so cute!! And yet so unlucky to be stucked with a bitch.)

Gay 2: Oh I love to talk more with you. (NOT!) but i really need to go somewhere. (I rather have sex with a cow than talk with you, if you know what i mean?)

Gay 1: Where are you heading to? (To hell i hope, and please leave behind this cute hunky guy that you are so undeserving of as a bf)

Gay 2: Oh. We are heading to cinneleisure to watch some artsy movie. (Anywhere would be better than being stuck here talking to you)

Gay 1: Oh okay. Keep in touch. (Yes. Keep in touch so that i can grab my hands on your cute little bf whom you so don’t deserve!

Gay 2: Yeah. Keep in touch. (Whatever bitch!)

Gay 1: See you around. ( I am so gonna snatch your bf one day and hope to see you when i am attached to him!)

Gay 2: Yeah bye. (Fuck off bitch!)

Just a side note: The words in green reflects what they are really thinking about.

Saturday, November 01, 2008


When I opened my mail today, this is what i saw:

15 Nov show in brunei.. .available? (Go on 15 nov, return 16 nov.) all expenses paid for including meal allowance.


Unfortunately I have made an appointment on that day. So I had to reply:

Sorry Kien. I am not available on that day.

Side note: Oh well, one opportunity gone, there will come another. Just have to have faith. Insya'allah.