Friday, November 06, 2009

Sleepless Night

Honestly speaking, I am damn sleepy. You know how sometimes when you do something out of…erm… random? Wait. That’s not the word. Erm… passion? That doesn’t quite fit the thing I had in mind. Erm… impulse? Not really the exact word, but I guess it would do for now. Words are really eluding me faster than the MRT. Sigh. Anyway, to get back on track (MRT and tracks...get it get it get it?), yes, I went out for a movie with Hairul and Suhaila and Gab and Afwan. Here is the story, I made plans with Hairul like days before today to meet. But it was all tentative and nothing was so called firmed up. Then today, while I was in Jag’s car- he was supposed to be driving me home. While the car was nearby Vivo, I called Hairul, and that was when he reminded me of the meeting today. I dropped off at Seah Imm, the hawker center opposite of Harbour Front Shopping Center.

We were undecided on where to go though. Somehow, in the end we decided to watch Jennifer’s Body( which I don’t recommend anyone to spend money on). Movie ended and I was home at 3am. I need to wake up by 5 to get out of the house by 5.45am to get to Chai Chee lane for a 7.30am show.

So that explains why I am unable to sleep and has therefore resorted to blogging instead. I need a better life. Are those eye bags I’m seeing underneath my eyes. Sigh.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Dusting it up...

*smiles* The one thing that is so nostalgic to me. A reflection of how much I have grown ( or otherwise). A collection of thoughts and bitchy-ness over the past years. From poly years to working years. To be honest, I missed blogging, and even though there are new ways of expressing thoughts and expressions, i.e shout outs in facebook and twitter, I just prefer to go back to where it all begins. Blog.

The intention to go back to blogging has always been in my mind. IT’s an intention that takes a little bit of time to realise, cos of time constrains. A lot has been happening. Good times. Bad times. So far, I have always been sharing lots of thoughts with my sweet. But recently, there have been times, that I had some difficulty to express what I’m really feeling inside. I guess that was the thing that made me stop blogging. I thought I no longer need to express myself online cos everything that I want to say falls on attentive ears of my sweet. Not that he has been listening any less now, it’s just that, I have a harder time trying to express myself out nowadays. Words seem to elude me. *smiles* And plus he seems to be busier these days and I don’t want to burden him with my incessant yappings.

And also, back then, when I stopped blogging, I thought I had sort of found myself. Okay. This si the part that I have to go back a little behind time and explain the very main reason why I started blogging, apart from the fact that I was encouraged to do so by my MRS. One of the reason I picked up blogging is because I felt the ened to put my thoughts into writings so that i9c an go back to reading it, and thus have a better understanding of what I was thinking/ reflecting back then. So, in some ways, itn was my very own personal way of finding myself, finding my exact identities. As actors, your self indentity some times gets diminished, by playing the lvies of other people. And thus confusions and depression. I mean there were all new to me back then cos I was never an actor and performative arts were new to me in poly. Wait. I think I just created a new word there, or so said the dictionary in words XP. Back to the point, I thought earlier this year, I kinda found myself again, but then now I realised, that maybe I didn’t really find myself, and thus the need for me to go back to blogging now. It may seem a little complex. But to cut things short, I think it is best for you to know now that I just need to go back to blogging for some complicated issues I am facing right now. Let’s just leave it at that for now.

And as I am typing this, I just realised that the time registered 11:39. That would mean, I will need to apck up now and make my way down to Qiaonan Primary School, for an assembly show. Call time: 1200 noon. I am 20 minutes away from location. I need to pack up now. Shutting down…and GONE!
p.s: I didn't have time to run the spelling and grammar check. Read with CAUTION!

Monday, May 11, 2009

To my beloved sweet

When it rains, I miss snuggling under your armpit,
When it gets warm, I miss the hands that wipes away the perspiration,
When at night, I miss the warmth from your body,
In the day, I miss your sunny smiles,
When it gets tough, I miss your reassuring voice,
In happy times, I miss your laughters,
I miss you with every breath I take...

Adi Jamaludin

Thursday, March 05, 2009

I kiss a GIRL...I mean grannies?

Came acroos this today and I just thought of sharing it with you guyz...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Panic... GASP!

It is less than a month away. Everyone is talking about it. Dinner and Dance 2009. To be held at Suntec Convention. Theme: Shanghai Decadence. Everyone else have gotten their costumes. Be it rented or bought. They have already gotten it. Everyone except me. Sigh. What the hell is DECADENCE? Wait. I already know the meaning of it. What I don’t get is what is so decadence about Shanghai?

It was easy last year. Look at what I was wearing...

Monday, February 23, 2009

This bathroom at a certain somewhere seems really empty when i looked at it today. Hmm,...i wonder why?

*hint hint to someone*

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Have I...?

Have I told you how much I love you?
The silence might be a killer for some
But not between the two of us
When we are not talking
I just like looking at you
Wait! Let me change that
I love gazing at you
Every creases on your forehead, between your eye brows
When you are stressed with school work
And then the signs of relief
After every completion of assignments
I am secretly kept on an edge when you have that frown
But the anxiety eases
With the relaxation of your facial muscles
Which without a doubt would
Turn into a smile
And then it would put a smile to my face too
As juvenile as this may sound
I love you, with all my heart
I do

Sunday, January 04, 2009

How did I end up here?
Why did I let this happen to me?

I used to be so independent
Never needing anybody
Making love was just for fun
Practical was I
Making decisions
Would just revolve around me
And then I guess
I became complacent
Thinking that no one could get to me this time

But I was wrong you see
Someone did get through to me
The smile, that face that glows
Everytime we come face to face
The ruffled hair
The worries that make him
so human and real
i cannot help but to just
let myself fall.

I used to despise clinginess and mushiness
Like i say, i was practical
But now, i am anything but practical.
The thing i despise
They are me now
I need you
I want you
I have you, but that is never enough
I know...

I am now in an unchartered territory
The big mystery that science cannot even explain
I am...
In love.