Sunday, January 04, 2009

How did I end up here?
Why did I let this happen to me?

I used to be so independent
Never needing anybody
Making love was just for fun
Practical was I
Making decisions
Would just revolve around me
And then I guess
I became complacent
Thinking that no one could get to me this time

But I was wrong you see
Someone did get through to me
The smile, that face that glows
Everytime we come face to face
The ruffled hair
The worries that make him
so human and real
i cannot help but to just
let myself fall.

I used to despise clinginess and mushiness
Like i say, i was practical
But now, i am anything but practical.
The thing i despise
They are me now
I need you
I want you
I have you, but that is never enough
I know...

I am now in an unchartered territory
The big mystery that science cannot even explain
I am...
In love.