Monday, August 30, 2010

Took this off from JY's blog without her permission of course...

Harlie: One day, I may have to pay $10,000 worth of taxes loh...

Me: Will you still talk to me if you have to pay $10,000 to pay in taxes?

Harlie: What do you think I am, a snob?

Me: It's not a matter of whether you're a snob or not. It's a matter of whether you'll have the time next time...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

IT has been such a long time…

….since I last wrote a composition, also now commonly referred to as fictional narrative. BUT, due to a new assignment that I have decided to undertake, I now have to reacquaint myself to writing composition again. And this time, it has to revolve around…. (drum rolls)


And after 5 weeks of teaching students from this particular school, I was horrified to finally look at their final product. So I took the liberty to alter some of their works. The problem is, I am torn between making it sound flowery or straight to the point, but with an impact. And after much pondering, this is what most of their stories would sound like:

“Run! Run!” the crowd were screaming at the top of their lungs as they scattered
in search for a safe place away from the volcano.
Volcano eruptions have
been very frequent around the areas. It is probably due to global warming. The
change in climate must have completely changed the eruption patterns for these
At that point of time, John and I were still sleeping in our
bunkers. He was wearing a flowery pyjama, while I was just wearing singlet and a
pair of shorts. Our hair was messy and greasy from the night training. We didn’t
have the energy left after the training, so we did not bother to wash our hair
before going to bed. I was awakened by the screams from the crowd. I woke up. I
felt groggy. I looked around. Something is unusual.
The smell of ashes was
strong as houses near our bunkers. I got up from my bed quickly. I rushed to my
window and looked in horror as nearby houses were slowly burnt down by hot lava.
The air in the bunkers began to get stuffy and hot.
I tried waking John up.
He didn’t move an inch. I had no choice but to carry him on my back. He was
heavy. I could barely run properly with him on my back. Still I struggled on to
get both of us out of the bunker. I continued running , trying my best to
concentrate on getting us to a safe place. I tried not to look back. Somehow I
knew that the lava would have reached the bunker and burnt everything down to
ashes slowly. My breath become heavier and slower as I slowly began to feel
exhausted. My knees were about to give way. “Just a few more meters,” I told
myself. The lava is still hot behind my heels. I tried to run faster. In my
head, I was thinking of all the ahppy times I had with John. I continued running
till I saw a high ground. I began my slow uphill climb. The lava still flowed
persistently behind me. The higher I get, somehow, the cooler I felt. When I
looked back, I realised that the lava is slowing down to a stop.
ensuring that we are both at a safe place, I dropped John on the ground. He woke
up. He looked dazed. He asked me what happened. I told him that I would narrate
the whole story to him, once I caught my breath. I collapsed to the ground as I
slowly tried to catch my breath. In front of me, the houses are all still
burning. I was just glad that we were both safe.

Funnily, I was glowing upon the completion of the stories…. I have no idea why.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

What have I learnt?

With every year of Ramadhan, I will try to look back and see how much I have grown. Apparently, not much. There are still too many things that I have failed to understand. Too many things that I thought I knew, but I don’t. Too many things that I thought I had it all figured out, but I wasn’t anywhere near.

I still remembered coming home almost every night, being on the verge of tears, feeling stupid. Months back, when Jonathan Lim was asking for suggestions on what to stage for the 2nd production of Young and Wild, I suggested that we should try to stage a play which deals heavily on relationships, thinking I would be able to ace it without much difficulty given the record of the many relationships/ flings/ dates that yours truly has been through. The keywords are “I thought”.

In actual fact, this 2nd production is one of the most challenging production that I have ever been in. As mentioned, things that I thought I knew turned out to be all wrong. I know no shit about having a relationship. It’s of no wonder that after two years, he wouldn’t want to hold back, when I said I wanna a break up.

Looking back, I guess I was the asshole in the relationship. Yes, I cried foul, saying that he was focusing too much on his work, and I felt that the relationship is getting cold. On the flip side of things, could I have been too clingy?

I still remembered snapping at him on many occasions, just because he failed to text me. Couldn’t I have closed an eye to that?

I still remembered snapping at him cos he changed our plans at the last minute, and that we had to change vacation plans. Couldn’t I have just re-arranged the plans? After all, if we were planning to have a lifetime relationship, we would have many more years with each other to carry out our vacation plans, no?

I still remembered snapping at him on so many occasions, most of which I don’t even have a good reason to be snapping. I could have tried to just be a little more understanding.

I don’t wish for a patch up. I just wished he would listen to me, when I said I’m sorry… Cos I really mean it this time…

Now that I am given a new chance to be in love again, I told myself, treat this as a new experience …totally…no comparisons, cos no two persons are the same. Just like in drama trainings, every class/ productions, you learn new things. You just need to be open to situations, and re-act accordingly.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Character Flaws

I am listing all the flaws that I have…

. too big an ego ( I quote an ex saying “If the world is put next to your ego, the world would look so small”)

. always want to prove that I am right, and could never come to terms with the fact that there are times that I can be wrong

. always tend to be very competitive

.very clingy

. always feeling insecure of the his other half

. can be quite a workaholic

. have a hard time coming to terms with adjusted plans

…one might wonder, if I ever would make a good boyfriend.

I hope I could be one to Alex Chai Su Haw.