Monday, September 27, 2010

Unlike Some People

The show went okay. I knew I could have done better, if I had picked up advices from different people like Mr Loke, Jonathan Lim, my EX (FARHAN), and erm, all the other teacher back in school: READ MORE, they would all say in unison. The problem in this production was that I ahd so much barrier in terms of language. Because of that, I was not able to get the idiosyncrasies and jokes that was so finely sewn on into the scripts and dialogues of each characters.

But that aside, on the last day during the matinee show, as I was looking for a friend who was supposed to watch the show, an auntie with her daughter came to me and told me that she enjoyed the show. I was quite taken aback that she actually brought her daughter along, since the show has so much vulgarities and all. But that wasn’t the reason I remembered her so well. Half way through the conversation, she said she needed to take her leave and she said “Aileen, say bye to uncle.” MY face changed from tat of a full fletched smile to a constipated smile (I learnt the subtle differences while putting up this show). I quickly said good bye to both of them and walked away thinking “FUCK! I need more moisturiser!”

Sunday, September 19, 2010

She made my day...

“If she has nightmares tonight, it’s because of me,” I said to my friend, before going to have some fun with his little girl.

“May I join you?” I asked the little girl as she was having her lunch. She glanced at me briefly, before completely ignoring me.

I sat myself down at the table, plotting my next move.

“Hmmm… I bet your name is… Claire!” I asked.

She looked up, beamed, and nodded her head.


It wasn’t long before she warmed up to me. I soon found out that she’s 6 this year, and she likes pink, and her favourite animal is the unicorn. And because she’s so cute, I successfully resisted the very strong urge to tell her about my favourite animal. (the dad was sitting beside me by then.)

The dad noticed that she was uncharacteristically friendly.

“Must be because gor gor (elder brother) is very handsome right?” he said to her.

She smiled shyly and nodded her head. The dad and I both laughed.

Such good taste at such a young age.

Just to confirm, I asked her again,

“Am I handsome?”

She nodded her head again.

-Taken from TinkerTailor