Saturday, August 13, 2011

5 reasons to break-up

I just thought I'd pen-ed 5 lines one can attribute a break up to;

#5- "Looking at our skin colours, I can tell we had a lot of differences that we cannot resolve."

#4- "My mother in law is a monster in law."

#3- "My wallet is not a bottomless pit. I cannot afford to be with someone who is the epitome of Gluttony."

#2- "You reminded me of my mother/father."

#1- "I am allergic to bullshit"

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Himbotic Me

Adi is seen busy doing some work on his laptop and getting himself almost cross-eyed going through his schedule for the month. His iPhone rings.

Adi: Hello.

Nannette: Adi? Nannette here.

Adi: Hi Nannette.

Nannette: I want to talk about your last class tomorrow...

Adi: Tomorrow?

Nannette: Yes. Your last class tomorrow at Tampines North Primary School. I need you to...

Adi: (cuts in, slightly annoyed) Nanette, my last class is on Friday, not tomorrow...

Nannette: Adi. Today is Thursday..

Adi: (very annoyed) YES! And?

Nannette: And after Thursday is Friday. So your last class IS tomorrow.

Adi: Oh.

Insert SFX: Kwang Kwang Kwang

Sunday, August 07, 2011


I don't understand half of what is sung by them, but this music video is HOT!

Friday, August 05, 2011


For those of you who wants to know more about HALAL way of slaughtering animals, you can view the following video...

p.s: I got to know about this video from Alex Chai Su Haw....

Thursday, August 04, 2011


Scenario 1:

Andrew walks in, limping. He has sprained his right ankle. Mother walks in on stage. Andy, who is Andrew’s brother is busy playing games on his laptop.

Mother: Can you help me get a bottle of ice lemon tea?
Andrew: But the shop is quite far.
Mother: It is just a few minutes walk.
Andrew: But my ankle is hurting.
Mother: Are you a man or what?
Andrew: Why can’t you ask Andy to buy it?
Mother: He is having fever. I don’t want his fever to get worse.
Andrew: And it’s totally okay for me to walk to the shop with my injured ankle?

Scenario 2:

Andrew and a newspaper auntie are stranded in middle of the sea. Andrew’s parents came to the rescue with a speed boat. Andrew is about to pull himself onto the boat.

Father: Andrew, I am sorry. The boat can only take one more person. You have to let the auntie step onto the boat .
Andrew: What?
Mother: She has to be rescued. We need our daily morning paper you know…

Scenario 3:

Andrew and a house agent are running from GODZILLA. Andrew’s parent came to the rescue with a helicopter. Andrew is about to pull himself up the helicopter.

Father: Andrew, I am sorry. The helicopter can only take one more person. You have to let the house agent be rescued.
Andrew: What about me?
Mother: Well, if you die, all your money will go back to the ESTATES, i.e. US, which then makes the purchasing of the house in Malaysia easier for us. And that is why we need the house agent to be rescued.