Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What makes you feel fulfilled?

Recently, I met a friend who has yet to work. All he does is bumming around at home and repeats that 365 days for god knows how many years. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise for me, since I know him to be like even when we were both serving National Service. I thought it was a phase back then, but seeing him recently, I guess he is stuck in that phase. What amazed me is that he has no sense of worries or whatsoever, even being jobless and thus cashless in Singapore.

I mean, for me, I will get worried if there is nothing for me to do that gives me financial rewards. (probably thanks to both my parents, who helped painted this gory mental image of ageing, the amount of money one might possibly have to spend due to osteoporosis, cancer and their terminal cousins). And here is my friend, all smiley and not a single trace of worry, defying the gory images my parents planted in my head.

Or maybe I got my objectives in life all wrong. To blog, or read, or meet my friend is now more of a luxury for me. Of course, I will still make time for my friends, like JY and Hairul and Audrey and Sara and Harlie and Charis and Joyce. They are all still my priority. But if this friend of mine has proven that you can still attain peace without any job or money, then it really makes me feel like an idiot for even trying.

I look at those farmers. Even they have to work to feed their families and themselves. Maybe I should just ask this friend of mine to the secrets in not having to worry shit depite being jobless. And maybe he will provide me with the clich├ęd answer that money is not everything.

If only life can present himself, or herself for that matter, in a tangible form, I would have stood in front, and ask: Life, why are you so ironic?