Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Annoying Taxi Uncle

Adi is in a cab. He is about to be late for his date with his sayang. Throughout the whole journey the taxi is moving really slowly and stays on the extreme left side of the road. A construction lorry overtakes the taxi. Adi loses his patience.

Adi: Uncle. Can you step on it?

Uncle: Cannot. Traffic is busy.

Adi: What do you mean it’s busy? There is so much space in front of you, I swear that even an elephant can leopard crawl its way in between and still be alive!

Uncle: Sir...

Monday, January 16, 2012

Just a Random Thought....

As a muslim, i was told that Allah (God) is characterised with 20 features;

1. WujudFrom everlasting to everlasting existence; No one brought Allah to existence and no one has existed before him.
2. QidamAncientness; before eternity. This character of Allah means, everything and anything other than Allah are His creation. It is impossible for the creation to exist before the Creator who is Allah Subhanahu Wataala.
3. Baqaa'This character of Allah means Continued Existence. Everything out there in the universe will come to an end except Allah. He shall never die.
4. Mukhalafatuhu LilhawadithiAllah is different from events that has already existed or will occur. Nothing compares to Allah. All of the things and events are Allah's creation. Allah's characters are totally different from those of His creations. Whatever comes to your mind, Allah's characters are different from it.
5. Qiyamuhu BinafsihiHe is the Supreme Independent; Allah doesn't need any help from anything or anyone to continue His existence. Actually, all His creation need Allah's help to continue existence.
6. WahdaniahOneness; Only Allah has unlimited life. All living creatures are bound to die, even the Angel of Death himself shall die.
7. QudrahAbility or omnipotence; Allah has absolute ability and absolute power. Nothing can stop him from doing what He wills.
8. IradahWill; everything Allah wants surely will be, and His Words surely go through without obstruction.
9. IlmunKnowledge. Allah knows everything in full details, anywhere and all time. Allah's ilm (Knowledge) is beyond our imagination.
10. HayyunHe is Eternally Living without interruption; He has a different life from ours.
11. Sama'Hearing - Allah is able to hear everything anywhere in the whole world. Allah hears all at the same time and in all languages. The variation in languages and vibration of sounds are clear and never ambiguous to Him. Allah understands every single thing without any doubt and He hears without tools such as ears.
12. BasarSeeing or vision. Allah has the ability to see anything anywhere in light or dark, very small or very big, and nothing can hide from Him.
13. KalamSpeech. Allah always speaks without interruption and we shouldn't ask why or how because His talk is beyond our ability to comprehend. We have limited brain capacity. Allah speaks without tools such as mouth, tongue, etc.
14. QadiranHe is able. He has a powerful and absolute ability. He does whatever He wants.
15. MuridanHe wills and nobody or nothing can prevent Him from doing what He wants, everything is according to His will.
16. 'AlimanHe has complete knowledge of everything, no exception.
17. HayyanHe is the continually living one, with no beginning and no end. He cannot die, get sick, weak or tired. All the characters of Allah cannot be affected by time and they do not change to become stronger or weaker.
18. Sami'anAllah is the ultimate listener. He has absolutely perfect and complete hearing.
19. BasiranAllah has strong and perfect sight and vision. He can see everything anywhere; very clear without doubt and without tools as well.
20. MutakallimanHe is a talker of all time with no beginning and no end.

I can't help to notice that fairness isn't part of his characteristic. In fact, degree of unfairness that has been going around, I'm not sure if i should be surprised about this. My parents said that God is fair, and I have always been thinking "REALLY?"

For example given students A and B. Student A is like rich and popular, but maybe stupid. Student B may be poor and not so popular but am very smart. So on the surface. It does look like everything is fair right? But one may forget student C who is poor and not smart but may be very talented in dance. Unfortunately, cos he is poor, his parents has always wanted him to excel in his school work with the hope that he may get a good education and thus lands a good job. What they fail to notice is that he is not academically bright. So, the parents of student C, will then use all the money that they can save to send student C for tuition, without realising that it is not his true destiny. And student C never go for dance classes or be exposed to any forms of dance.

So, albeit that everything is fair on the surface, that all 3 students are blessed with gifts, it is still unfair, cos student C is never given the opportunity or instances to uncover his gifts. What do you think about this?

Monday, January 02, 2012

The Plan for 2012 (Part 3 of 31st December)

By the end of 2011... Wait. Rather, it was by the end of 2010 that I already knew how my 2012 is going to be like. First of all, I was already approached by Anderson Secondary School to be their director for their Speech Day in 2012. This is funny cos what happened was in 2010, I helped them to direct their play for their Speech Day 2010. In the first place, I was only an assistant director, but due to some complications with the original director for that year, I was then moved to be the director in 2010. In 2011, they wanted me to help them direct their Speech Day once again, but they approached me too late and my schedule was already packed to the brim. So for their Speech Day 2012, they ensured themselves that they will get me as the director, and they booked me down way earlier in 2011… I’m blessed that way.

And towards November 2011, I was also booked down for a touring road show sponsored by SMRT. 33 shows in 4 months. AMAZING!

And in December 2011, I was also approached by a director to act in a production: Sonnets for an Old century, and the concept is interesting! It will be a THEATRE BY THE BEACH in Sentosa! On top of that, I have also booked a few slots of erm… a course that I had been planning to take all these years, but had only managed to put it into actions in October 2011.

My boyfriend, being my muse at the moment, has also inspired me to further improve my qualification, in paper temrs that is, and so by April 2012, I am hoping to have gotten a place in a local university.

With all that in mind, I have also decided to pen down my resolution in 2012:

a. To read 30 books.

b. To watch 30 movies.

c. To watch 5 plays.
d. To increase savings in the bank.

e. To set up a company/different blog with a different direction.

f. To get a D***** L******

g. To be involved in 3 productions

Of course there are other things that I want to achieve, but at the moment, I was not able to quantify the goals, and therefore I shall not put it into my list of resolution for I will not be able to gauge if I had accomplished it, or otherwise. For example, to be a better boyfriend to my other half- you can never really quantify that, neither, can you safely tell yourself that you have been one, cos once you become a better boyfriend, you’d still want to stretch yourself to be better than better. If you don’t even bother to stretch yourself, then I guess..erm.. I’m not even going to go there. I am not a relationship expert anyway.

So there you have it. 2012 for me. While others think of the end of the world, I decided to just think about life and how one can make it better….

Sunday, January 01, 2012

The Forming up of Resolution 2011 (Part 2 of 31st December)

So in 2010, I decided to take charge of my life again. This is of course not the first time that my life took a turn. In 1999, I was watching Backstreet Boys’ concert with my GF. She went goo goo gaa gaa on that guy, whats-his-name-again? The blonde? Oh yes. Aaron Carter.

I looked at him.

Yeah. He is cute. But I am also cute. The only difference is that he is much slimmer, so when he wore those baggy jeans that expose his boxers, he actually look like a man oozing with sex appeal. When I did it, I looked like some round pimply teenager who just took a dump in his pants.

So I changed my lifestyle. No eating after 8pm and jog every weekdays from Jalan Bahar Camp to Jurong Point and back. Unfortunately, by the time I saw the result, the GF is no longer by my side. Broke up.

The other life changing turn in my life was when I broke up with my third ex-BF. He said nobody will ever find me sexually attractive anymore. So once again, I changed my life and get my fitness regime back in place, and got the body that I wanted.

So back to the story. 2010. No job. No idea how to sell myself cos I have never took charge of my life for a very long time. I was very complacent. No. Wait. If Oxford ever invented a word to describe the state of beyond complacency, they would have put my name in their dictionary. Word of the year for 2010. I guess.

But one thing for sure, I am always thankful to God for blessing me with the strength to always just carry on forward. I wrote in to my dear friend, and also my boss, Danny Jow, telling him that I have finally left Sentosa and is now freelancing as a performer/ drama trainer. He did rope me into a couple of jobs, and I managed to land myself into a few shows that year. It was my first time working with The Big Show Company. And I was definitely thankful to be given such an opportunity. Yes. This is the same company that brought to you the Cranberries Concert!

And in 2010, I have also decided to start a list of resolutions I have for the year. I didn’t quite managed to accomplish all of them, but at least, I did try to put in the effort.

In 2011, I had another list of resolutions. Among them are the followings:

1. To read more books.

2. To have a savings of erm…a certain amount!

3. To improve my craft

4. To be involved in 3 productions.

5. To venture into a field that I am foreign to.

And throughout 2011, this same list have given some purposes. An aim. Some goals. In short, I am more grounded and I now have a direction on where I want to steer my life to. And to be honest, for the longest time, I have procrastinated my desire to hold a driving licence.

By the end of 2011, I have done the following:

1. I have read a couple of books; including Rant and Tell All by Chuck Palahniuk, Juliet Naked by Nick Hornby, Good People (2007), Fundamentally Happy (2006), Off Centre (1994), all by Haresh Sharma, and a couple of other books that escaped my memory now…

2. I have also attempted to broaden my perspective in life and love and what not, by watching more movies.

3. I have reached my targeted goal of savings this year.

4. I was involved in 4 productions:
a.Swordfish +Concubine: Fall of Singapura, directed by Johnathan Lim and written by Tuan Chye
b.Cold Dish, directed by Joanne Tay
c. ICA musical- Directed and acted by yours truly.
d. Jen’s Homecoming- produced by Skinned Knee Production.

5. To venture into a field foreign to me—I tried picking up dance. It was half way attempt, but am planning to pick it up again in 2012

6. To improve my craft—I am venturing into directing and writing this year. I’ve written a mini musical for Marsiling Primary and adapted Raden Mas for Chung Cheng High and Swordfish Story for Rivervale Primary.

All in all, I guess I did pretty well in sticking to my resolution for the year.

And now, I shall move on to tell you about my plans in 2012…

To be continued-