Friday, November 16, 2012

Not Written in stones

I thought I knew
But then again, I could be wrong
Cos the future is not written in stones
Neither you nor I would have known.

I’m no soothsayer
I can’t see the future
But I know one thing
If my heart says no,
It’s not meant to be.

It’s not rocket science
I can tell you one thing
Though I know nothing
If my hearts says no,
It’s not meant to be.

Why do you refuse to see
That my decision was flawed?
I can’t have a future that is riddled
With exhaustions and confusions

This is the part that I raise my white flag
I tried, I failed, I surrender…

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Active Imagination

When i am teaching drama to students in school, i always explained to them that as a human, it is great to have wild imagination. I know most parents in Singapore frowned on their children when their children shared their imaginations with them. To these parents, day-dreaming and imagining the impossibles are just waste of tome. Of course many didn't realise how producers, writers and directors all make tonnes of money from just selling their imaginations to the masses. If only they knew...

Anyway, they are not the reason why i'm

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The thing about Choices

And so I lie on the floor
Thinking of stars and the future
Relieving those moments in the past
Regardless of the melancholy nature
And I wonder
If I were to tell a story- my life story to be exact,
How would it be?
Exaggerated or just mild simplicity?
Subtlety… maybe
Choices choices choices
Sometimes we are just spoilt by them.
And so I continue lying on the floor….