Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Aging or Jadedness--- My Last Entry for 2014

This is me, jogging my ass out on this last day of the year. It's only minutes to the new year and I am at home, feeling really sleepy. Gosh, is this the effect of aging or jadedness. I am not sure. 

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Searching for Words

Anyway, I've just created a new entry on packaging your words here.

Well, this is somewhat similar but not really the same entry. It is more like me lamenting about the woe in writing. You know how sometimes, when you're in the bus, ideas sometimes just flood your fucking mind, but when you're in front of your laptop, no ideas wanna come and pay you a visit.




Yes. If you think this entry is going to be filled with a lot of repeated "ugh"... you're right. That is till I am stuck by an idea. You know they say if you repeat certain things enough, you will get inspiration coming out from that routine. And I suppose that is why I am always feeling so inspired when I am on the toilet bowl. Or in the bus looking angrily at some PRCs who stank so bad... that...that... yeah. Just bad.

And here are random pictures of me.

Oh, do you know that I tried applying for AdSense, and Google has decided to reject me, on the basis that my blog has not enough materials. Yes. I repeat. They claim that my blog has insufficient materials. They also say that videos and pictures are not counted as materials. So the list of pictures showing my transformation over the last 7 years, are apparently not materials... They are just... erm... I don't know. I just wish they would reveal a number to me. You know, like 500 words per entry to qualify for their AdSense program. Oh, and poetry and prose are also not counted. Ugh.

So now, my search for words continues. Hopefully I will be more inspired tomorrow.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Thank you. I love you...

Those days, I did not eat after 8pm. I was so focused. I was very disciplined. Slept at 10pm and woke up at 6 am to start my day. I could live with just $800 a month, and still chipped in $300 to the household income. Every day, I would either gym or run or do some physical activities. I would even put my love interest to the side if he/she was in the way of my routine. To me, nothing was more important than taking care of my own body, my career… in short, taking care of myself.

But then I met you. And gone are the days of eating before 8pm. No more gym. I have the sudden need to splurge and spend. Gone are the abs and muscular arms and a well-defined jaw-line. But I am still happy… that is what is important, right?

You taught me the value of life and the value of taking care of self in a more fun way.

More importantly you’ve helped to uncover the best of me that has remained hidden. I’ve got my driving licence in 2012, a self-run company functioning in 2013, a self-produced production in 2014 and soon… a specialist diploma in June 2015, a degree in Literature and English in 2016--- All thanks to you; you’ve been such an inspiration.

I love you. Here is to many more achievements!

Monday, December 22, 2014

It’s All About That Choice

Before I proceed, let me just alert you on something—there is nothing personal about this post. If you think I am talking about you, well, think again. I know this kinda sound paradoxical, but.... oh well, whatever.

Now, that is cleared out, let me begin. Choice. I have always believed that everyone in Singapore have choices. These choices that are presented to us Singaporeans range from food to eat to places to sleep. I know some of you might argue that when it comes to National Service, you are not given a choice, as it has been made compulsory. However, if you think hard enough, there are other available options. For example, you can declare that you’re a manic depressive—you will be given a psychiatric evaluation and if you are manic depressive, chances are, you will be exempted. Or if you make yourself handicap or run to Indonesia and never come back. My point is, there are always different choices to be made in our lives—some are pleasant and some are not; the bottom line is no one is left without a choice. So I find it quite intolerable when someone say things like “I’m sorry, but I had no choice.” No 1, I don’t feel that you are sorry. No 2, saying that you have no choice, is utterly bullshit. Please refer to me analogy at the top.

Anyway, when someone says things like “Oh, I am sorry I couldn’t attend your event, cos I am broke”, it really pisses me off, cos you could have said “I am interested but got no money” and I would have tried to figure out a way to accommodate you. When someone said “Oh, have to change cos after calculations, I realise I don’t have enough funding for it”, it pisses me off as well. Because, shouldn’t you be doing your fucking finances/ budgeting before you agree to something? It’s not like as if I am going to judge you if we need to go on budget travelling. (ps, I am not talking about the BF here.) The thing I’m trying to bring out here is that everyone has a choice. You should never tell me that you had no choice cos money was an issue. Hell NO! Money should not even be stopping you from making the correct choices or decisions.

And lastly, when someone pulls out of an event at the last minute because they say they have no choice but to work; all I can say is—Been there done that. You’ve got a choice, and you choose work over spending time with people whom thought that they mattered to you. Well, lucky for me, you don’t matter at all to me. Never have and I pray to god, never will.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

RIP Kitties of Cuddles Cat Cafe... All 7 of you...

3 years ago, before I met my BF, I was very much allergic to cats. No, wait. Let me take that again. 3 years ago, I was allergic to any type of pets that have furs or feathers. I remembered that in my house, the only pets that we could ever keep were either terrapins or fish- Goldfish and luohan. If anyone were to ever bring a cat or a bird or even a chick home (cos back then we are asked to take care of chicks as part of our science project), I would sneeze my fucking nose out. My hose was so sensitive, that I would be affected even if the so-called pets furry/feathery pets were to be 5 meters away.

I remembered visiting my friend during Hari Raya in 2004. She had 9 Persian cats and I respect her love for cats, but her house… like OMG. I can see fur-balls rolling in the deep! That night of the visiting, I got asthma attack.

Fast forward this to the year that I met my BF. A few months after we met, he revealed to me that eh ash a cat. THE HORROR! I was concerned at first. I mean, how was I ever going to spend the night over at his place?! Nonetheless, I still spent the night at his place. The first night was bad. I couldn’t sleep at all. I spent the whole night sneezing and wheezing. I thought I was going to have another asthma attack. BUT thank god, it didn’t escalate to that. And because of my love for the BF, I took my chance and spent more nights at his place, and I think soon enough, I managed to build some form of immunity to his household cat’s fur! Congratulations to me! But it didn’t stop there.

After being immune to his cat, I began to become more adventurous and started to play around with some of the cats around his community and now I’ve become one of the cat lovers.

With that said, I am deeply affected to find out about Cuddles Cat Café. If you were not aware of what was going on, let me tell you—7 cats have died since the opening of the café. Causes of death ranged from feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) to complications from sterilisations. How could anyone be so selfish as to put the business ahead of the welfare of these cats? I still couldn’t understand it. And to make it worse, the owner is going to sell off the café! Sigh….

If I were to have my own bungalow, I would go and adopt all those poor kitties there. Hopefully, I would be able to afford it one day: A bungalow to shelter all those poor kitties out there. Amin to that!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Legend of the Mice in Bukit Batok

Once upon a time, a certain agency had this smart idea of eradicating cats from the streets. They call it culling, but to me, it just means killing which equates to MURDER!

Now, thanks to that smart idea, we have few cats remaining on the street. And to make matters worse, because of the said agency’s actions, the general masses or citizens now thought it is okay to kill cats, or abuse them! This has drastically reduce the number of cats in most parts of Singapura.

And we all learn, that with every actions, there are reactions or consequences. If you upset the food chain, the food-chain is going to upset you. So if you get rid of the cats, then guess who will come out to play? If you still have no idea, below is a video clip to show you one of the consequences of getting rid of cats.

Like the saying goes, when the cats are away, the mouse comes out to play! Good luck to the residence of Bukit Batok! Time to demand your constituency to do something about it hor….

Friday, December 12, 2014

Insincere Conversations

Don’t you just hate insincere conversation? What do I mean by insincere conversation? Well, it is something along the line of like… you know when people asked you how you are, but they are actually not really concern over your well-being; and instead it’s like their opening line to let you listen to the sordid details of what has been happening in their lives (details that sometimes you don’t even want to listen). Below are some examples of such conversations, which I have been encountering the last few weeks;

Person 1: heeeey.

Adi: Hey.

Person 1: how are you and your boyfriend? I hope you guys are good.

Adi: Yeah. We are good. My BF has recently been very busy with…

Person 1: (interjects) Actually I just want to tell you about my life, you know (blab la bla) and he is very (blab la bla)…

And the next 15 minutes will be this person 1 talking while I was forced to listen.

And here is a second example…

Person 2: How is the problem between you and your mother?

Adi: We are still working it out. Things have been complicated and…

Person 2: Yeah. That’s the thing with mothers right? My mother and I recently have this problem and (bla bla bla) and I’m so frustrated with her… (bla bla bla)  and she is really not being understanding.. (bla bla bla)…

And the next hour is dedicated to you having to listen to this person’s 2 problem who is not really even interested in your problem.

To these kind of people… here is my two cents worth—FUCK YOU!

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Monday Night Conversation

BF: She is sending 2 kittens to Ubi. They rescued the kittens in Tuas. And her friend was bitten hard by one of the kittens.

Adi: OMG! There are so many chemical plants in Tuas. The cats could be carrying mutated genes. And then her friend kena bitten. I think she might be infected with the mutation. She might just turn into a catwoman.

Monday, December 01, 2014

Refection (part 1) -Thank god

You know what I’ve realised? Nowadays, I rarely blogged about myself; I keep blogging about what I read on the news and giving my two cents worth and then move on to reading the next article. That is how seemingly boring I have become. But trust me, in reality; my life is far from being boring.

I’ve just produced my first full length play under my own company—A.D.I Concept. Yeah…I know right. It’s self-absorbed, as in the name of the company, but I feel that when you set up a company, you should make it personal and relatable. And not be pretentious by going with names like Genesis and all. Only pretentious people will think of such names. So, whenever I go for a meeting, the conversation will go something like this;

Person 1: So, you are the trainer for A.D.I Concept?
Adi: Yes. My name is Adi.
Person 1: Oh. You’re Adi (awkward pause) … and the company is A.D.I Concept.
Adi: Yes. I am the director, owner, trainer of the company. I don’t believe in just assigning the jobs to other trainers. I set up the company so that I can train the students according to the way I feel is most beneficial to the students. I don’t like the idea of seeking approval to customise lesson plans from people who are not even on the ground to understand the students. So that is why I set up the company. Not to let go of my responsibilities as a trainer, but more so to allow me to have greater control of what I am teaching to the students. And hopefully to allow them to have greater understanding and appreciation of what drama is.

I am not trying to be pompous. I am trying to be real here. I mean I used to take up assignments from companies who are more interested in making money than giving the best to the students. I thought I could live with that, but as time went by, I guess my conscience got the better of me.

Anyway, back to my first full length full play, if you hadn’t already known it yet, it is called Tanggang: The Unfilial Son. It was about a son who was cursed to become a stone, cos he did not want to admit that Deruma (who is his mother) is his mother. The response from the audience was encouraging and… the best part is, I was able to pay my crews and actors. No one worked for free under that production, except for those who volunteered to be my Front-of-House. The rate was not great but it was descent.

And guess what? I am going to produce the second and third full length play in the next two years! At this point of time, no words can help me express my happiness and how thankful I feel.

Alhamdulillah. No, this is not some religious words that I am trying to impart to you. It just loosely means—Thank god.