Saturday, January 31, 2015

Time and Family

Sometimes, I just don’t understand some people. They have time to go on facebook or twitter and any other social apps- you name it, they’ve got it- but they claim to have no time to spend with their families. Like hello? If you’d spend less time on those apps, I am sure you would be able to spend more time on your family.

And to those who chooses work over spending time with family, I sure would like to see your face when your boss finally lays you off when the economy take a turn for the worse. Who is going to be there for you? Your boss, is it?

Who gives birth to you? Who had spent more time with you? Your boss?

And one final note—if you think all that sucking up to your boss is going to pay off, think again. Just think again. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015


Ok. It’s been a crazy week for me. My birthday has just passed last Monday and guess how I spent my birthday evening? Staying at home and struggling to complete an assignment. Nonetheless, I am thankful for those who took the time to write some well wishes on my FB wall, and sending me hundreds of messages via watsapp mesages, FB messenger, SMS-es and iMessages. Sorry I have not been able to respond to some of the messages. I promise to reply to them soon.


But my real intention of writing this is to tell you how thankful I feel, to be able to live up to such a ripe age (33 years old if you must know) and at the same time to be able do the things I love. Looking back, 10 years ago, I would have never imagined that I will truly be running my own company and at the same time enjoying what I call “work”. Yes, there are hiccups along the way—like forgetting that I have shows on certain days, and getting into tiffs with other teachers, BUT at the end of the day, I am thankful that I am blessed with the graciousness to apologise and an ego small enough to allow me to admit that I’ve fucked up.

And at the age of 32, I managed to fund and produce a full length theatre show under my own company while at the same time funding my degree in English and Literature and funding my Specialist Diploma in Arts Education. Alhamdulillah! (this is loosely translated to thank god or thank Allah).

And of course, all this would never have been possible without the love and support from my family, friends and that significant other. Thank you. Thank you. Here is to many more years of laughters and tears and love. Amin.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Well, let me tell you a story about a boy. There is this boy who never does believe the importance of identity. He has always seen himself as average, nothing spectacular ever happened in his life. In fact, if the aunty mending the stores from where he always buys his food from were to fall, that would be the highlight for his day. Otherwise, it would be the usual mundane routine of waking up, sleep, eat, drink and repeat. He feels that he is a nobody, and therefore he concluded that to the world he is non-existent.

One day, his mother told him, “Please be careful of what you put up online. The world can be very nasty. People can take your pictures from the websites and use it to their benefit/ advantage.” The boy ignored his mother. To him, his mother is old fashioned. He thought: Who would want to take my pictures? I am just an ordinary boy.

That was what he thought. He overlooked the fact that he has nice curly hair. He never appreciated his youthful looking skin. He could never grasp the idea that he is gorgeous. Little did he know, Mr X has taken his pictures and stolen his identity, and by the time he realised it, it was too late.

Every deviant websites, you could find his face plastered on the walls. You can find him, involuntarily endorsing products that could well put others six feet under. And soon enough, the police come knocking on his door. And then he ceased to exist in the world; the cruel, cruel world that he once thought was safe.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ms Universe Singapore National Costume 2015

OH-EM-GEE! Do you know that this year’s Ms Universe Singapore’s costume is finally out. Last year, our Ms Universe Singapore looks like she is carrying a kavadi, which I can understand considering that the date to the competition is relatively close to the date of Thaipusam celebrated here in Singapore. But this! Take a look at this!
I don’t even know where to begin when we talk about this year’s outfit. Is it a sailor moon’s outfit? It looks like our Ms Universe Singapore is set to slay all the other competitors, but honest to god… her outfit ain’t slaying it yo! It is slaying nothing! Probably our police officers can wear this outfit…you know to enforce the alcohol banning shit! Imagine, you are drunk or tipsy, and in that state of drunkardness, you see this outfit. Scary right? You’d be shitting in your pants!

And why get a foreigner to design our national costume? Why?

And by the way, don't feel bad if you hated this costume, cos you ain't the only one!

This was taken from a poll by The New Paper (TNP) on the following website:

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Difference between clients and friends

You know over the years of working under my own company, I begin to observe a trend. Wait, let me do that again. You know, over the years, I’ve met a couple of interesting people. If the saying goes—You can’t judge a book by its covers, I’d say, you won’t know a friend’s true colour till you’ve done business with them.

And so there is this person X, being the good person he is, who has been dealing with a few difficult clients who happen to be close friends. Oh, what does this X work as? Well, it doesn’t matter actually, cos it can happen in any industry whereby your clients who happen to be your friends who then decided to take both friendships and business dealings for granted. But, just for clarity sake, let’s assume that X works as a baker, and comes along client Y who wanted a cake that can be used to promote her make-up business. X asked Y how exactly she intends to use the cake to market her make-up business. Y said that the cake must taste as delicious as her make-up, which of course didn’t make sense. Nothing Y ever said seem to ever make sense. X jokingly asked if she wanted her make-up to be added to the frostings, to which she agreed. Yes, the horror. She didn’t get the joke. She asked X to not start baking the cake till she gets the perfect make-up that could be added to the frostings. Of course, that never happened. Cos Y is always indecisive. She couldn’t make up her mind on which make-up to use as part of the frostings. To make matter worse, she keeps insisting on X to suggest on the choice of make-up to be added in the frostings. As time went by, Y got frustrated with X for not being able to suggest which make-up can be added to the frosting. X then decided to not make the cake for Y. Since then, Y has got some other bakers to bake her the “make-up” cake, which she later used to promote her brand of make-up to Central Channel.

Then comes along client K who wants X to bake a cake that symbolises K’s nature of business. When X asked if K had anything in mind, K said,” We’ll go with your expertise.” So X baked the first cake. K rejected it, claiming that it was not what she had in mind. She suggested a few edits to the list of ingredients. X baked a second cake according to K’s specific ingredients. K rejected the cake, claiming that the shape is wrong. So X baked a third cake. K rejected it again claiming that it was too small. K specified the size of the cake, and how thick it is. X baked the final cake according to the specified shape, size and ingredients. K received the cake and told X that she needs two days to decide if this cake is what she wants.

The moral of the story may seem like—If you want to do business, don’t deal with women. However, it is not. I am not sexist in that sense. It is really, don’t deal with difficult clients who happens to be your friends. Heck, don’t do any business dealing with friends, cos if anything  goes wrong, you’d lose more than just a client. Draw the lines. Differentiate a client from a friend.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Fragile Life

If you haven’t already known, this week was the most intense week of my life. School reopens, which means that business resumes and so is my hectic life. And not forgetting still have my diploma course and my degree course running concurrently. To top that off, my mother has just been warded into the hospital. I shall not indulge in the gory details, but when I was there, I begin to realise something: It wasn’t just my mother who was in the hospital. There were many others; people who are loved and precious, people who are young and had their whole life planned ahead of them, people who never saw it coming—They all, however, had one thing in common. They all had their lives halted because of varying health reasons.

I know many of us, especially parents, who would say clichéd things like, “health is more important than money” or “there is no greater wealth than health”, but I suppose with the rising costs of living here in Singapore, many tend to overlook, or rather, we all were more ready to pawn our health just to get a little more wealth. Of course, many never realised that wealth would be gone the very minute your health is gone too. But I guess, when you have a family to support, in your mind, you’d probably think that you’d die just to see your family happy.

That was what my mother had in mind. She gave up her health just for the family. What she didn’t know is that this family would probably collapse without her around. She probably didn’t know that, this family unit is just as fragile as her life.

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Family- Yours could have well be worse than mine

You know how sometimes we love to compare our families with other people’s families and we tend to only be able to look at the negative side of our families and somehow we always only tend to be able to identify the positive side of other people’s families? At that point of time, we’d be wishing if it was ever possible to swap families, and what you’d give to turn that into a reality. That is when I’d tell you stop and that was all a mirage, an outlook that was never reflective of the real thing. It is is the same concept as “the grass is always greener on the other side”. We always yearn what we couldn’t have, and not realise that what we have is being yearned for by others. Our needs are always forever evolving, but what keeps us happy is our mind set. If we keep yearning for what others have, we might lose the treasure that we are already holding on to.

I know. It all sounds so philosophical. Let me just break it down into simple thoughts for you. All families have their own sets of limitations, and strengths. It is easy for us to see the weakness in our own family because we see them all the time, and let’s face it, we tend to remember bad things better than good things. Just like how we could easily have forgotten all the good deeds our own family has done but the bad things they did still lingers in our minds.

The flaws in others’ families might be harder to for us to detect, cos let’s face it, who wants to appear ugly and rude to the world? No one. We all put on a mask, or our best foot forward when we are out in the public. That is why, if you’re wondering, our ministers encourages us to be more vigilant of spousal abuse and always keep a lookout for the tell-tale signs, cos family abuse and all the bad things that happen in a family, usually happen behind closed doors, where no eyes of the public can see.

So, the next time you’re about to wish for other people’s families, think again. Their families could be far worse than yours. 

Thursday, January 01, 2015

2015 and Beyond.....

And so 2014 came and passed. Now 2015 is here. While I am not really a fan of new year resolutions, cos I don’t believe in turning over a new leaf or making things happen in the beginning of the year, I am somehow compelled to just share with you a little bit about my plans for 2015 and so…. Here is my list of things to do in 2015 (minus the I need to lose weight and keep fit shit);

1. Complete my Specialist Diploma- This is something that I’ve been keeping myself very focused at. I want, or rather I must have my diploma done by June next… So that I can move on in life and do other better things--- like produce another play for a year end pantomime.

2. Punctuality—It is something that I let slipped a couple of times in 2012, 2013, and 2014. So this time around, I aim to be punctual, if not 15 minutes early for any appointment.

3. To be thrifty—Yes. I need to be this and save at least… shit… I cannot reveal the amount here. I’ll just write it somewhere at the corner of my laptop probably.

4. Complete 7 modules for my degree for next year. This would mean that I would still have about 7 more modules to complete in 2016, and by the time I reach 35, I would have already completed my degree, and look forward to owning a house in 2017!

5. Work hard and play harder in life—It’s been really a hell of a ride in 2014. And I was telling myself that I need to play harder in 2015. Maybe go for more runs!

And there you go… 5 things I wanna do this year.