Thursday, March 19, 2015

Of Good and Evil

You know when I was seven; my ustazah (religious teacher) told us that if we were to do a lot of wrongs in our lives or be a sinner, we would die a slow, torturous and laborious death.  And then she would continue to elaborate that a person who does a lot of good deeds will usually die a quiet, fast and peaceful death. So now, whenever I read the news of people who dies in their sleep, I tend to think that they are good people… you know like our National Silat Boy, Sahrin Shahrudin, who dies in in his sleep. And when I read of news of people whose conditions keep worsening and weakening and takes a long time to heave that last breath—I can’t help but to think that that person might have done a lot of shit in his life. 

Friday, March 06, 2015

Of Death and Eternal Damnations...

Have you guys ever thought what would happen after death? I mean as a kid who goes to religious classes at the age of 6, i've always been told that when, as a Muslim, you die, you will be raised from death, as in you'll live again and you will be questioned on different things;

1. Who is your god?
2. Who is your prophet?
3. What's your kitab?

The religious teachers always told us that failures to answer these questions correctly would result to numerous tortures. And at the same time, you are told that God is almighty and LOVING, and that his live is unconditional... And I was like-- how did that link up to the numerous tortures that are described in the Quran? His live in unconditional amd yet you will face eternal tortures if you dob't behave? Like huh? That is a total flip of the word UNCONDITIONAL, no?

Anyway, i suppose any 6 year olds would freak out at the whole idea of eternal damnations and tortures. It makes the idea of death scary. At that point, instead of thinking about being good and wholesome, i was thinking about not wanting to die!

So i suppose, introducing the idea of death and religion in that light is not really effective in getting the kids to behave.