Monday, June 29, 2015

this is nothing

this is nothing
there is nothing noteworthy
tomorrow will be the same
and next week we will still be here.
when everything is new and keep changing
and changes are constant
we end up looking at the same new thing
till one day ideas run dry
and we can no longer come up with new things
what will happen then?
will we dig up the old
and reminisce what we missed?

Friday, June 12, 2015

Life is about sharing....

I wrote this entry based on a recent conversation I had with my partner. It’s going to be a long entry, but if you don’t feel like reading on, just know that the take-away that I want you to have at the end of this entry is that Life is not all about making money and meeting sales target. Life is about sharing and making the world a better place for others to be able to do the same. And that’s why, whether you’re straight or gay or female or poor, you will always talk about equality—the equal opportunity to share; be it in the form of responsibility or bliss.

There are a couple of reasons why I set up A.D.I Concept. One of the reasons was because I truly want to inspire students to chase their dreams and passion. I have been freelancing as a drama trainer for a number of years working with different companies—They all promise me one vision, and that was to serve the students, improve their lives and give them hope. However, throughout the years, I began to realise that it was all fluff. Most of these companies, they only care about meeting their sales target for the year and bringing in the cash.

I set up A.D.I Concept so that I can teach students in schools at a rate that don’t cost them an arm or leg. For years, my parents have been nagging at me to get a job that pays better. Others laugh at me when they find out how much my company makes in a year. Yes, it is definitely easier for me to just sign on to a company that pays me a monthly salary with a fat bonus along with numerous health benefits, and topping it with CPF, AWS and all the financial acronyms that you can ever think of, while at the same time turning you into a mindless money making drone who only thinks about money and work and money and work. However, that is not how I want to run my life. I want to inspire. You know, every time my students go up on stage to perform and the audience applaud for them, I… I don’t think I would ever be eloquent enough to even express how I feel. When a student decided to stop playing truant and attend school because of my drama classes, do you know how ecstatic I feel? How do I even explain all these feelings to my parents or people around me? Where do I even begin?

Last year, I got ambitious, and decided to hold a production so that my students, who are mostly from not-well-to-do families, can have the opportunity to perform in a proper theatre space. You should have seen their faces. I didn’t manage to receive any forms of funding or grants, and end up making a loss of more than $10k, but those faces that I see on stage… Those faces made it all worth it. And of course, I wouldn’t have been able to do this, without the help of people who believed in me- my fellow collaborators and my life-time partner. From the bottom of my heart, I thank all of you.

And of course, this post is not for me to garner sympathies, nor donations. All I ask from you is to remember that life is not all about meeting sales target and making money. Life is about sharing- the joy, the sadness, the anger, the responsibility, the bliss. And if it is not too much for me to ask, do keep me in your prayers too… pray that I will continue to have the health and courage to do what I do right now… To inspire students to chase their dreams and passion, always.