Sunday, August 16, 2015

Late Night Musing

As I move along in my course of study, I now find it increasingly difficult to focus. I get bored very easily. Not that I think highly of myself. No. Neither do I think myself above the texts that are found in the piles of books supplied at the request of the different course administrators. No. I don’t know. There seems to be this hateful relationship between me and texts. There is not a single more terrifying death I could ever imagine than being bored to death by texts. Of course this is not to diminish the pains others had to go through when meeting with deaths. It is just a personal belief.

A wise teacher, dismayed at my disliking of texts, once suggested that I may learn as much if I learn to observe; of which this single activity could be done via people-watching along a busy street or careful observance of the different drama series and movies. Needless to say, I was confused. I didn’t know what he meant. That is until a year ago.

I have tried to replicate this method through my teaching.

Of course, one may ask, how is this related to the beginning of my rambling, or ranting, whichever you may prefer to call it. Truth is, I have no idea. I just got distracted. Yet again. 

Friday, August 07, 2015

Rights to Love

Now that the whole argument on the gay marriage has died down a little, let me write my thoughts on it. Being in a 4 year relationship, I did, once upon a time, wish for a wedding with my partner. But that was when I didn’t quite grasp what my relationship needed. Though these 4 years, I realised that I do not need a marriage or a wedding. Instead, I actually yearned for something else. So what do I wish for?

I wish for my parents to stop worrying about me not getting married. I wish I could tell them that I’ve found my soul mate, who would take care of me even when they are both no longer able to take care of me. I wish to narrate to them of how my soul mate held my hand as I checked myself into A&E in 2013. I wish I could tell them how I crumbled and cried on my partner’s shoulder whenever I felt so helpless.

I found my soul mate. I just need the rights to love. And the rights to love don’t necessarily have to equate to the rights to get married.