Tuesday, November 10, 2015

While Looking for inspiration for #Tuah ...

As I search for inspiration for A.D.I Concept’s new play, Tuah, I looked out of my window. I looked at the MRT. Pretty depressing our MRTS are-- All grey and non-shiny and old looking and… NOISY.

Then I took a sip of my tea from the mug that I got from UNISIM. I closed my eyes; almost falling asleep. I breathed hard, in and out and then I repeated this process for a couple of minutes.

I stood up and walked around. I listened to the sound of my fan, blowing hard to cool the air in the room. The sound of wind tends to be harsh at times. Have you ever tried talking over the phone while the fan is blowing at you? It can be annoying plus irritating.

Then I walked over to the toilet. I turned on the tap and put both my hands under the running tap. The water felt cold. I cupped some water and splashed it on my face. I wiped the excess water off my face. I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed a couple more new lines around my eyes. Dang… aging with stress and tiredness of working… they really took a toll on my youth.

Then I walked back into my room and sat on the same chair that I got off from like ten minutes ago. I sat and looked blankly at my laptop. I switched off my laptop and walked over to my bed. End of story.