Thursday, June 30, 2016


: Before I lose my sanity, I need to write this down and let it off my chest...

Here is a conversation I just had via SMS...

Me: According to the flow that was given to me, there was this thing about Sang Nila Utama that has to be included before he recollection. And since now you're telling me that that the flow can be modified, does that mean that I can remove the Sang Nila Utama part?

She: The flow can be modified but still have to include NDP recollection.

Me: So I'll remove the part on Sang Nila Utama?

She: Can I call you now?

Me: Sure.

She called and the next part of the conversation is a phone conversation.

She: Hi. Adi. This is regarding the National Day performance ah.

Me: Yes. I am asking if we can remove the part on the...

She: You wait. I can't hear you. It is very noisy here.

Me: Oh, in that case we continue our discussion via SMS?

She: Wait wait. Now a bit quiet already.

Me: Ok, so I was saying...

She: Adi, I can't hear you. It is very noisy here.

Me: Ok. So you want me to SMS you instead.

She: ok. You were saying just now....

Me: yeah, i wanted to know if it is okay.

She: I think today we rehearseon the recollection first lah hor